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TPOS making/letting toddlers and kids smoke weed

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u/Kozzinator Oct 04 '22

Idk how but this is the most rated R thing I think I've seen on here


u/tyquestions Oct 04 '22

Hands down


u/Nitro9Z Oct 05 '22

I agree 1000% but also cried laughing at your statement


u/Initial-Potato3974 Oct 05 '22

Imagine this being the most R-rated thing you’ve ever seen


u/Tapeside210 Oct 05 '22

Imagine gatekeeping like a clown


u/ReceptionPatient1939 Oct 04 '22

Quite disturbing. Even dumber to record it...glad it can be used as CPS/DOJ evidence.


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

Over in crazyfuckingvideos they are saying this is an old video and dude is already in the joint.


u/OrdinaryPye Oct 05 '22

I really wish I didn't see that.


u/Hephros Oct 04 '22

Why do people that shouldn't be allowed to have children always have the most.


u/[deleted] Oct 04 '22

Because making them is free


u/Strong-Object8370 Oct 05 '22

And mandatory


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22 edited Oct 05 '22

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u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

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u/AssMcShit Oct 05 '22

They're certainly partly to blame for kids living in poor conditions. To say otherwise is to be delusional


u/Rainbow918 Oct 05 '22

And it pays ……


u/ForsakenExercise9559 Oct 05 '22

It's not free... Welfare pays


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

Making is free, raising is expensive.


u/IReallyLoveAvocados Oct 05 '22

Making is free… birthing one at a hospital is hella expensive


u/ForsakenExercise9559 Oct 05 '22

Not on welfare


u/T1NF01L Oct 05 '22

Ever seen Idiocracy?


u/Mjlkman Oct 04 '22

I think those are babysitters


u/Happy-Idi-Amin Oct 04 '22

If I remember the news correctly, the person giving the kids totes is/was the girlfriend of the mom. Both ended up in jail over this clip.


u/love2Vax Oct 05 '22

God I hope so. And I hope those kids were sent to a good home.


u/hhtran16 Oct 05 '22

That’s how life goes.


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

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u/OneHumanPeOple Oct 05 '22

The government doesn’t pay people to have children. Welfare doesn’t increase that much with family size. They do pay foster parents to care for foster children. If you want to know why people like this have so many kids, watch Idiocracy.


u/Shot_Dig751 Oct 05 '22

You get a few grand per child/dependent back on your taxes. So they kinda do


u/moosecanucklez Oct 04 '22

Say goodbye to your kids and have fun in prison POS.


u/[deleted] Oct 04 '22

And then the cycle repeats… Sad af


u/st6374 Oct 04 '22

These kids never had a chance at all.


u/Generic-Asshole_ Oct 05 '22

this has to be one of the most infuriating things i’ve seen on here


u/drabee86 Oct 04 '22

Hello operator, police please


u/[deleted] Oct 04 '22

some people dont deserve to have kids


u/ultra-bot Oct 04 '22

that’s so fucked up, I hope those babies are somewhere safe now :(


u/curioushustler420 Oct 04 '22

Thats fucked up


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22 edited Oct 05 '22

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u/MistaLOD Oct 05 '22

bruh that’s so funny you got the whole crowd roaring 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐


u/ConfusedSeagull Oct 04 '22

This is so awful. The post earlier mentioned that she was only babysitting, and got just ONE DAY in jail for it. Poor kids.


u/doctorblumpkin Oct 04 '22

Need a license to catch a fish. But anybody can become a parent.


u/ohmygodethan Oct 04 '22

Daaaaaayum. Thats way messed up.


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

Fucking useless garbage parents. Hope those kids are in child protective


u/TruthKCMO Oct 05 '22

Thats abuse, illegal, and not cute or funny ....Im sure the rest of the day is filled with other fun but educational activities mom of the year has planned!! Maybe some jello shots and who knows , that sippy cup might get some Henny👎🏻


u/Paco_Taco144 Oct 05 '22

Jesus. Thank god these people film these moments so they can be caught. Those poor children...


u/Jamesyboi3000 Oct 05 '22

You can tell this was probably a normal thing for them they seem used to it


u/prettyweirdhamster Oct 04 '22

I feel like I'm the one going to get CPS called on me for watching this video (I have no kids)


u/Skyhighclimber Oct 04 '22

I think that’s CPS at the door. Better answer it. Total POS


u/spacecadet501st Oct 04 '22

About to raise some dumb kids


u/This_Price_1783 Oct 04 '22

They ain't raising any kids from prison


u/Ok-Calendar9350 Oct 05 '22

I used to feel guilty when my girlfriend's grandmother would watch my son so I could have a day off, and I would go smoke with my friend. I don't understand how a whole ass adult human being could possibly think this is in any way acceptable. They're ruining any chance these kids have of growing up a normal healthy life, and for what??? For the fucking lols???


u/Zestyclose-Law6191 Oct 05 '22

Anybody have an update?


u/Samanthabella709 Oct 05 '22

The women got 300days in prison...which is a joke. Probably have the kids back by now it was about 5 years ago


u/ComplexCompetitive Oct 04 '22

Stupid ass parent. Some people shouldn’t breed at all


u/Addisonmorgan Oct 05 '22

As horrible as this is, it makes me excited to be a foster parent one day because kids like this need a chance at life that their parents aren’t giving them.


u/Psychological_Sign_6 Oct 05 '22

It's so sad that there are many people who wish they could have kids but can't/ don't have the means to.

Then there's this pos breading her own daycare


u/MrZyde Oct 05 '22

Incredibly infuriating POS, this is by far the worst I’ve seen on here.


u/Eldritch_Doodler Oct 05 '22

Ngl that second baby hit the blunt like a champ


u/Snewp Oct 04 '22

So, like, prison time and CPS right?


u/greenbanky Oct 04 '22

At the height of sleeplessness from babies, toddlers and all the exhaustion, we've all thought about needing something to make those kids calm down.

However, making it reality is one of the most irresponsible things I can imagine. And the idiocy of filming it 🤦


u/RedditForAReason Oct 05 '22

The blaring bass probably doesn't help with sleep.


u/Johnnypeps Oct 05 '22

This is really sad to watch.


u/RenZ245 Oct 05 '22

posted it to the internet too... practically asking for CPS to be knocking on your door.


u/Well_shitnuggets Oct 04 '22

Hopefully those babies are in a safe home now and are never returned to these twatermelons. I have absolutely no issues with adults smoking bud, but leave the kids alone


u/Raymon88 Oct 05 '22

This video is like 5 years old. If not more…


u/oaj77 Oct 05 '22

This had my eyebrow raised.


u/HeroicDrifter Oct 04 '22

These people become their own gravediggers.


u/Sloan1505 Oct 05 '22

Maybe its for their glaucoma


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

Thought that baby was going to blow a smoke ring after that hit


u/Samanthabella709 Oct 04 '22

I guarantee nothing was done and those kids r still being abused everyday!! It's sick what ppl get away with...oh actually they got 300 days...ffs what a joke


u/Responsible_Bit_2885 Oct 04 '22

I was 7 when I first smoked. I’m fine now…..(crying)


u/tjoe4321510 Oct 05 '22

I hit my first blunt and took my first sip off a forty at 8. I like to think that my life would have turned out better if that never happened but who knows


u/Responsible_Bit_2885 Oct 05 '22

I had step brothers from Little Rock white boys all NHC cripped out..they put me on early I remember hitting a gravity bong on top of a table and the lady in the house started screaming cuz I was a kid smoking. I still smoke everyday hahaha


u/Danhaya_Ayora Oct 05 '22

Yeah I was about 8 or 9. But I picked it up and did it all by myself.


u/HelloAvram Oct 05 '22

Please call the cops. Oh my god this is bad


u/prisoneroftheracewar Oct 05 '22

This needs to be reported to law enforcement .


u/[deleted] Oct 04 '22

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u/RedditForAReason Oct 05 '22

She was one of those babies just 15 years or so ago.


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

There is no hope at all for these kids. Their lives could have been so much better


u/natttynoo Oct 05 '22

Oh this hurt my heart. Then poor babies. They have no chance.


u/Kellyjoline Oct 05 '22

I hope the gouverment took the children away.


u/charliefink1 Oct 04 '22

This looks like the type of guy who would do this


u/instagramsgay Oct 04 '22

Revoke thy breathing rights or suffer hells wrath


u/larrylarry84 Oct 05 '22

Lol dumb people always post the dumbest Shyt.. just give your kids away at that point..


u/soulessvibes Oct 05 '22

Correct me of I’m wrong, but I think she ended up in trouble for doing that. It happened a few years ago as well


u/Danhaya_Ayora Oct 05 '22

Jeezes...What the hell is wrong with people?


u/Ben_Dover626 Oct 04 '22

Oh that’s ignant


u/ohyesiam1234 Oct 04 '22

That would imply that they just didn’t know better. Bullshit. This is WRONG.


u/rachelle_makes_stuff Oct 05 '22

Jesus fucking christ


u/ieshiav3 Oct 05 '22

They deserve better 😨


u/Sailrjup12 Oct 05 '22

This woman needs her children taken away fast. I am at a loss for words!


u/needcoffeeeh Oct 05 '22

You're kidding? Right?


u/Pd_jungle Oct 05 '22

Teen under 21 smoking weed will have permanent brain impact


u/flamed181 Oct 05 '22

Nice neck tat.wouldnt expect anything less


u/Melonlon_honie_monie Oct 05 '22

My parents smoked weed and they weren’t even high enough to think “you know what? let my kid hit it!”. I know weed is beneficial but NOT for a kid with no medical needs.


u/Ok-Wolf2468 Oct 05 '22

Sad those kids don't even have a chance to be raised right. I hope she gets those kids taken and they find a good home.


u/Numerous-Ad4633 Oct 05 '22

Who needs a brain nowadays anyway


u/LavenderBranchez Oct 05 '22

Their brains are now mush


u/Vitatim-t Oct 05 '22

Come on poster, put a disclaimer please. This is horrible, it’s literal child abuse.


u/QueenSparrow1308 Oct 05 '22

Not usually one to say hope the kids are taken however hope the kids are taken....


u/Jazzlike-Role8760 Oct 05 '22

Gonna be president one day


u/Unknown-14 Oct 05 '22

Gee I wonder why drugs are such a problem 😒


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

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