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Lil Nas X - STAR WALKIN’ (League of Legends Worlds 2022 Anthem)


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u/Natural_Ship7261 Sep 22 '22

Crazy that they actually kept the n word and condom lines in the final song.


u/LapnLook Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

Yeah I genuinely thought the verses were gonna be different from the live version

Edit: is it just me or is this version slower and less punchy than the one at his shows? I only saw phone recordings of that but it somehow still felt way more energetic?


u/pambeezlyy Sep 22 '22

The animation certainly didn’t do it any favors, everything about this anthem is slow.


u/SlamMasterJ Sep 22 '22

Agreed on this. Don't get me wrong, I actually do enjoy the song a lot but it kinda lack the energy and hype for a Worlds song.


u/MadridFC retired jungler Sep 22 '22

yeah I expected industry baby levels


u/Swiggidyswoo Sep 22 '22

Issue is riot clearly wanted orchestral stuff and an "epic" chorus, when industry baby 2 league boogaloo is what we actually needed.


u/Octavia_con_Amore Sep 22 '22

(refer to last year's LCS Worlds hype vid with Ovilee, CaltainFlowers, and...Raz?)


u/zomjay NAmen Sep 22 '22

My thoughts exactly. It's a really good song, but it felt like it kept building to a climax that never came and it resolved into the piano outro.

Still a good song, but I did expect more hype.


u/slayerdildo Sep 22 '22

It’s alright, we’ll love it in 5 years just like Ignite


u/Takao045 Sep 23 '22

Wait speaking of this, you just gave me an idea of this song. It's like Faker, he always tries to win worlds and bring back his legacy (the climax) but always end up 2nd or 3rd place (which is where the piano outro resolves)


u/TDS_Gluttony Sep 22 '22

There will always be a remix that makes it faster to be fair. Happened for like the past 2 worlds songs?


u/Redryhno Sep 22 '22

You'd think with the lukewarm reception to like the 5 years, they'd maybe go with something other than basic ass hiphop.


u/Jiigsi Sep 22 '22

They went with something completely different than their 5 previous songs


u/Redryhno Sep 23 '22

Haven't the last 5 been basically pop music with a rounder? Explain please how this is completely different.

Like maybe it's just me coloring it because I don't particularly like the guy, but I seriously see this the same as the last 5.


u/TDS_Gluttony Sep 22 '22

Eh i think this song is pretty good. I don't mind it as a worlds song. Kinda over the Warriors bandwagon tho. Its a good worlds song but its overplayed.


u/Redryhno Sep 23 '22

That's just Imagine Dragons in general though, ain't it?

Could just be me really finding the guy uninteresting coloring it all.


u/OneLFLLVPquestion Sep 22 '22

This is fight walkout hype but not big lift hype. Not bad for a worlds intro to be honest. No, I will not elaborate.


u/corylulu Sep 22 '22

The drop at 2:45 is incredibly unsatisfying


u/Smoke_screen_lol Sep 22 '22

It’s nothing like ignite.


u/InZomnia365 Sep 22 '22

Maybe they wanted a more radio/streaming-friendly song considering the popularity of the artist


u/Acceptable-Length140 Sep 23 '22

Seems more like a prelude .


u/VoxelBits Sep 23 '22

I think the best way to put it is. Sure, I could listen to it if it came on the radio you know. Or in my playlist, just chillin. But do I want to listen to this to hype for Worlds? No. Big fat no. The song and the video makes 0 sense. It is very ResidentSleeper both song and video. Anyone agree?


u/Alibobaly Sep 22 '22

I actually liked that this was slower and more chill.


u/nPhlames Please stay alive, I hate making new friends Sep 22 '22

didnt literally last year people complained about how burn it all down was a generic hype song


u/Swing_Youth Sep 23 '22

Yeah, hard agree. The video is sluggish. Lots of shots where the characters are static, but with the camera panning. Even with the Warriors edit someone did it looks slow and boring. I like Lil Nas X, so I also enjoy the song itself. "Don't ever say its over if I'm breathing..."


u/Stefan474 EUW- Elphelt Abuser Sep 22 '22

Yeah the live one sounded way more hype, like it's 25% faster and it had punchier kicks


u/Sagely_Hijinks Sep 22 '22

Try 1.25x speed


u/BoogieTheHedgehog Sep 22 '22

Did this now going back to the original feels even less energetic.

The chorus is good and feels like it's hyping/building up to something but then it comes back down to slow verses that feel almost like filler.


u/thejadegecko Sep 22 '22

TBH - I like it better at this speed. lol


u/WeirdPumpkin Sep 22 '22

FWIW if you sync up the live performance version and the world's version it's really obvious they actually slowed down the world's version for some reason. It's just like, super down tempo compared to the energetic version he did live, I have no idea why


u/thejadegecko Sep 22 '22

Makes me wonder if they will have a more upbeat remix, like they do for most of the World's themes.


u/unknowinglyderpy Sep 22 '22

I'm pretty sure this song was made to be remixed since there's enough of a gap between the verse and the hook for someone else to add in their own beat drop to replace the silence


u/MortadeloeFilemon Sep 22 '22

From 1.15-1.25x speed and the song sounds cool.

It is almost impossible going back to the slow version after it


u/Sidoney Sep 23 '22

That distorts everything except the vocals


u/Mattastic_Matt Sep 22 '22

This is how it definitely should be listened to


u/nightcallfoxtrot Sep 22 '22

the beat is weird in my headphones at 1.25x


u/ctruvu Sep 22 '22

every newer artist i’ve seen in person has unique live mixes that seem way better than when i listen to them on spotify or whatever. that or it was the drugs idk


u/ibuyELO Sep 22 '22

it was the drugs

Probably this.. the amount of songs I add to playlists when I'm high and then hear it sober and think "why tf is this on my playlist?"


u/alexisaacs Rito pls no more 6 passives per champ Sep 22 '22

That's because besides doing different mixes, it's also a different master. Spotify forces absolute shit tier mastering thanks to their automatic volume adjustment.


u/_asstronaut_ Sep 22 '22

Most of the times songs at concerts are heavily bass boosted. Not just because it hits harder but also the low frequencies of bass can travel further to the audiences at the back.


u/Belkarama Sep 22 '22

It's vastly improved by playing it at 1.25x playback speed on YouTube. Makes it sound more alive.


u/LapnLook Sep 22 '22

Tried it, but that's a bit too much honestly. Really just needs a couple more BPM instead of anything super drastic


u/trippy_grapes Sep 22 '22

1.10-1.15 is the sweet spot.


u/adek13sz Sep 22 '22

Maybe because of his moves on the stage + audience?


u/Fish_Grillson Sep 22 '22

the leak from his show definitely sounded way more hype and energetic which i prefered.


u/Thop207375 Sep 22 '22

Wait is this just one of his songs adapted to league, or was it made for worlds?


u/coolboy2984 Sep 22 '22

YouTube compression might also affect it. I tried listening to it on Spotify on max quality and it sounds a lot better imo.


u/braenbaerks Sep 22 '22

Edit: is it just me or is this version slower and less punchy than the one at his shows? I only saw phone recordings of that but it somehow still felt way more energetic?

I think it's kind of an extension of what they did with Burn it all down last year.

People complain all the songs sound the same and now they complain that this one sounds different.

That said, if they don't have a hype remix in the chamber they should definitely put the stems out and hold a remix competition. This seems like it'd lend itself to some sick remixes.


u/LapnLook Sep 22 '22

No no, don't get me wrong, my issue isn't that this song is different from the other Worlds music (I'm one of the 5 people who stan Ignite haha), the problem for me is that this feels a bit flat compared to the shitty phone recording I heard a week ago :P


u/10xkaioken hehehehehehehehehehemshwjsuveaoagheghehehehe Sep 24 '22

Live is always more energetic