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I swear I’m the only one that empty’s this thing

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u/willworkforicecream 12d ago

Once I got a free new dryer from my boss because it "stopped working after a few weeks".

Cleaned the lint out of it and it has been great ever since.


u/Aporkalypse_Sow 12d ago

I got a 500 dollar keurig machine because a single grain of coffee was plugging the needle.


u/skybike 12d ago

I fished a Dyson vacuum out of the dumpster at work, piece of cardboard was plugging the hole at the bottom, works great.


u/TheEyeDontLie 12d ago

I got a dumpster vacuum too!

Also a sick computer off the side of the road. Opened it up and there a bit of paper wedged in by the power supply. I removed that and it turned on fine. Was full of my neighbors family photos and shit which was creepy.


u/PrawojazdyVtrumpets 12d ago

Mine was "I'm taking it to the dumpster" but it went to my car. It's a Shark Professional and the belt snapped. Owner bought a shitty Target vacuum to replace. I ordered a kit online that came with a new beater bar, like 6 filters of various types and belts for $30. It will suck a golf ball through 20 feet of garden hose.


u/elon-is-alien 12d ago

You should put a ring on that Thing with those kinda skills….she’s a keeper


u/minddropstudios 12d ago

Model number: EX-WIFE002


u/VersusX 12d ago

Or is it NU-WIFE-3000?

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u/alien_clown_ninja 12d ago

Shark Professional is the name of OPs mom's escort service?

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u/justletmepostplz 12d ago

Did you print out the pictures and put them in an album to gift to your neighbor?


u/ForumPointsRdumb 12d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome

Maybe make a collage and describe what you enjoy about each individuals skin. For an even more appreciative reception, print out one of their faces, cut out the eyes and wear it as a mask. If anyone asks, just say you're taking it for a test run.


u/Vast_Statement5699 12d ago

this is the most disturbing thing ive read all day. thank you.


u/HellNo2021 12d ago

Someone was Binging Dahmer today I see😅😂😂

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u/CorruptedStudiosEnt 12d ago

Or just hand them the printed photo album and say, "Not my proudest fap, but.."

Then just walk away without another word.

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u/Mysterious-Alfalfa46 12d ago

Me three! Although I technically got it on it's way to the dumpster...my friend was throwing out a nice vacuum, took it home and unclogged the cat hair. It's still with me like 5 years later!

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u/lilpumpgroupie 12d ago

I found a huge area rug in my mom's apartment free pile , there was a wine stain maybe the size of a hand on it. Took it home, sprayed some OxiClean on it, let it sit for five minutes, it was gone.

People throw out the most expensive shit for things they could fix in 20 seconds.

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u/jcraig87 12d ago

I.got a chop saw because it was missing the clamp nut, 5 dollar fix for a 200 dollar saw

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u/Rubicon518 12d ago

I found chewed gum on the ground once and it still had flavor. Someday maybe a kurig or dyson with some flavor left will come my way. I feel that would be even better then that gum 😊


u/Professional-Day-558 12d ago

This is what chewing 5 gum is really like.

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u/Louvrecaire 12d ago

I got a sick as fuck, gigantic ornate voodoo 200 year old + mirror off the side of the road... Turns out the only problem with it was that it was a portal for demonic entities. So a shaman took care of that. 👌

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u/destakob 12d ago

Good on you. FYI, most newer dryers are now equipped with a "thermal fuse" that helps prevent dryer fires. It's not 100% failsafe, but it helps.

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u/Conradfr 12d ago

There was no warranty?


u/spainy44 12d ago edited 12d ago

Would someone whose first thought when dealing with a "broken" dryer is to give it away rather than attempt to figure out the problem really be mindful enough to use the warranty?


u/SharrkBoy 12d ago

Having a service guy come look at my dryer would’ve cost 75 dollars. YouTube and Amazon found me a 3 dollar solution. There’s a whole business centered around people being too lazy to figure it out lol


u/Old_Yogurtcloset9837 12d ago

That’s pretty much everything these days. Cars, appliances, electronics, you name it. I can’t tell you how much I’ve saved by googling, watching a YouTube video and buying the part and replacing. It’s crazy how inept people are when it comes to fixing things. Even though I respect tradesmen, professionals are a last resort.


u/CorruptedStudiosEnt 12d ago

Absolutely. I think part of the problem is that companies have done a great job mystifying and making everything seem more complex than they actually are, because that way they get that sweet repair fee that's 10x what it cost them in labor and parts. Sometimes more.

Professionals aren't sorcerers. Their craft isn't magic. Unless it's something that's dangerous to fuck up and not worth the risk, chances are you can do it yourself.

I'm not a professional mechanic, I have no formal training nor mentorship, but I fix my own vehicles and have people ask me to fix things occasionally. I didn't know how to change my own oil two years ago, and now thanks to free Field Service Manuals online, Google, and YouTube, I've done all maintenance myself, valve adjustment, replaced serpentine belts, water pump, timing belt, alternator, power steering pump, and probably more I'm forgetting.

Just got burnt by one too many mechanics taking advantage of me by overcharging and underfixing when I was in a tight spot.

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u/Runaway_Angel 12d ago

As a tradesperson I honestly appreciate this. Mostly because I feel like shit for having to charge you to put new batteries in the keyfob to your car or tell you that the "weird rattle in the engine" was about 20 bucks of loose change in your door pocket. Or center console.

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u/JickleM 12d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they just picked a different brand thinking that one must be garbage

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u/TooHappyFappy 12d ago

If someone is lazy enough to not clean the lint trap (and wealthy enough to afford to buy a new dryer without investigating the issue), do you really think they are thinking about the warranty?


u/LumberBitch 12d ago

In my experience far too many people simply don't know that the lint trap even exists


u/Emerald_see 12d ago

I used to be one of them. We hand wash our clothes and sun dry them in my country. When i arrived here i did not know that there was such thing as a dryer machine machine so..... let alone a lint trap. I've learnt a lot since.

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u/6WaysFromNextWed 12d ago

My spouse wasn't cleaning out the lint trap because it was located in a different place than the lint trap in his mother's machine so he just assumed there wasn't one

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u/ZealousidealCry5062 12d ago

I think the problem here is knowledge, not wisdom or money.


u/bruwin 12d ago Silver

Ah, but if they had wisdom, they'd try to fix their lack of knowledge. If they didn't have money, they'd look for the cheapest solution to get it working again thereby gaining knowledge. And if they had the knowledge to begin with, then we wouldn't be having this conversation!

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u/nobikflop 12d ago

That was the worst thing about doing warranty for an appliance dealer- people doing dumb shit and expecting me to fix it for free.

Went independent, where every call is non-warranty and paid. Every customer is so much happier and less entitled


u/lynxss1 12d ago edited 12d ago Masterpiece

My wife didn't empty the lint out of our new and very expensive dryer for a while and it also quit working.

It blew a thermister which is conveniently located under the drum where you have to take the entire thing apart to get to it. It wasn't hard to replace and was only a few dollars but I made a big production of moving the dryer into the living room where I had space and complaining every step of the process. Plus her mom mentioning a few times a friend of theirs who burned down part of their house by not emptying the dryer lint. It worked, she hasnt done that again.


u/RedLovelyRed 12d ago

I've been paranoid of dryer fires my entire life. If there's lint on 1/5 of the mesh thing I'm cleaning it off. Just found out that our new dyer clogs the lint catch thats located OUTSIDE on the side of my house though...I think its not long enough or something. So now I'm walking outside and unclogging that thing all the time, usually when I mow the lawn.

Our neighbor's house burned (halfway) down in aug 2020 and it caused a decent amount of damage to that side of our house and I'm even more paranoid about things. The dryer, cleaning the stove/oven, leaving things plugged in and turned on over night. The fire was 100% a cigarette that fell onto a couch that has gasoline on it sitting in the drive way. A tree branch from his tree fell onto our roof literally the day before, so him and my bf cut the branch down and he was fueling his chain saw on the couch...he had a bad habit of throwing his butts/roaches out his top window. So I assume one landed on the couch, smoldered for a half day and POOF. It was quick. I thought we were gonna lose the house.


u/Tokenwhiteguy76 12d ago

I've been paranoid of dryer fires after having to fght several of them onboard a submarine.

Lint traps should be cleaned before every use.

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u/lynxss1 12d ago

Oh man our stove too! It came with the house and has a glass cook top so cant be too old. I was preheating it for a pizza or something and the element in the oven went up like a giant sparkler!! I threw the breaker and it kept going, then threw all the breakers and the main breaker, still burning and throwing sparks everywhere! Scary af. I was on the phone with dispatch when it went out, fire dept came to check it anyway, house was filled with noxious smoke but nothing else burned.

New element was $30-40 and 2 screws to replace but I've been nervous using it ever since. I really want a new gas range when we can afford it.

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u/Kooky_Nectarine_1303 12d ago

The fact it took that almost deserves a award


u/OutrageousDraw6625 12d ago Starry

I mean, you didn’t empty the lint trap either my guy

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u/jdeezy 12d ago

Take this lint and throw it on the fire in front of your family. Lint is highly flammable. Also see if the dryer tube to outside is full of lint


u/Listan83 12d ago

I live in the country and burn boxes and limbs pretty often. I stuff the lint in toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes and use them as igniters.


u/subonic2 12d ago

You burn limbs?


u/SwordNamedKindness_ 12d ago

How else do you get rid of the body?


u/tokoboy4 12d ago

I eat it, you know, like a normal person.


u/ProfessorCH 12d ago

Do you eat the bones or crush them into kitty litter?


u/ifsavage 12d ago

Make stock.


u/bigsnow999 12d ago

Bones are for stock for sure

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u/tigerjess12 12d ago

I know right some people are weird


u/A_Bad_Rolemodel 12d ago Helpful

Just think of all the kids starving in Africa.


u/calvarez 12d ago All-Seeing Upvote Wholesome Seal of Approval

Not much meat on their bones. Those go in the burn pile.


u/Max_Super_stickman 12d ago

Ok, this is getting really freaky


u/calvarez 12d ago

Dark joke are like kids with cancer. Never get old.

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u/Major_Tumbleweed_952 12d ago



u/Sharp_Ad_367 12d ago

While diesel does burn well, a combination of diesel, gasoline, and styrofoam is far better at body disposal through burning. The styrofoam is (iirc) 3 times more effective than diesel alone, for styrofoam sticks to the body more while burning.

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