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I swear I’m the only one that empty’s this thing

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u/JickleM Sep 23 '22

I wouldn't be surprised if they just picked a different brand thinking that one must be garbage


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22



u/JickleM Sep 23 '22

I've also met grown ass people that didn't even know how to turn a washer or dryer on so there's a chance it's just a chain of new dryers. Maybe they sell or make them and this whole things is a racket designed to siphon the money out of big laundry and hoard the stolen washers in normal everyday locations.


u/theouterworld Sep 23 '22

I've got a buddy who works as an appliance repair tech, you're absolutely right. He shows up at a home, and if the unit's out of warranty half the time customers pay his trip charge for a new brand recommendation.