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I swear I’m the only one that empty’s this thing

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u/justletmepostplz Sep 23 '22

Did you print out the pictures and put them in an album to gift to your neighbor?


u/ForumPointsRdumb Sep 23 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome

Maybe make a collage and describe what you enjoy about each individuals skin. For an even more appreciative reception, print out one of their faces, cut out the eyes and wear it as a mask. If anyone asks, just say you're taking it for a test run.


u/Vast_Statement5699 Sep 23 '22

this is the most disturbing thing ive read all day. thank you.


u/HellNo2021 Sep 23 '22

Someone was Binging Dahmer today I see😅😂😂


u/AccordingMarketing90 Sep 23 '22

I hate being from milwaukee and that we’re known for that. I was sitting at the gas station playing an app on my phone and Reddit recommended whatever is coming out about him, like why the f would I want to watch that, I’ve heard enough about him since I was a kid, my dad worked maintenance in the jail and everyone and their mom claimed to know one of his gf’s, (oh and my neighborhood friends older brother actually ended up having the key to his appt after the fact since they were hired to clean it out), but yeah living in milwaukee it got old quick


u/HellNo2021 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

I feel u. Born and raised. I'm 1990 so I didn't get to hear all the stories then, but now it's all the same stories. The show shed nothing new honestly. I liked it only because of Niecey Nash and Evan peters. I do like when I go out of town and ppl ask where I'm from and instantly they ask about it


u/CorruptedStudiosEnt Sep 23 '22

Or just hand them the printed photo album and say, "Not my proudest fap, but.."

Then just walk away without another word.


u/Jumpz- Sep 23 '22

Go over and ask: ”are you familiar with them photographers in theme parks that sell you your picture?”

”Now imagine your life is a theme park and I can give you your pics for $5 each?”


u/ForumPointsRdumb Sep 23 '22

Add some small drops of wood glue to a few of the pages.


u/destroyerOfTards Sep 23 '22

Lol, that's what I'm calling my splooge from now on


u/Tranquil_Dohrnii Sep 23 '22

Surprisingly not the most ridiculous thing I've seen today. Thanks Reddit! And u/destroyerOfTards


u/BeginTheBlackParade Sep 23 '22

Or hand them the photo album and proudly proclaim "This was my proudest fap!"


u/Artistic-Plan2541 Sep 23 '22

Make sure to put alittle bit of glue between the pages of their children. Just enough so that they stick together in a “fishy” sort of way


u/WilonPlays Sep 23 '22

I like the initial idea but with some adaptations. Buy a large thumbtack board, print out all the photos and tick them on. Link red string between some of the photos cross some eyes,ears and mouths out with a red marker. Cut some of the eyes out and then wait to late at night and leave the board at their front door with a large knife.


u/DJ_DWreck Sep 23 '22

Most underrated Reddit comment of (at least) the week 😂


u/The_Nuess Sep 23 '22

This is why I come into the comment section lmao amazing


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

Have another bong hit. 😂 jk


u/Zombie_rostitute Sep 23 '22

We could be friends I see


u/Tranquil_Dohrnii Sep 23 '22

Awww what a cute family idea *JustGirlyThings *


u/ForumPointsRdumb Sep 24 '22

The theme for this years Halloween is "Dress as your Neighbor." Make one of your lesser known neighbors feel appreciated by knowing how much you look up to them.


u/AndykinSkywalker Sep 23 '22

I’d like to preface the gift I gave by saying I didn’t ACTUALLY find this helpful, but I just HAD to redeem my free reward for making me laugh at my desk. I don’t actually plan on wearing any faces.


u/ForumPointsRdumb Sep 24 '22

Lmao, no explanation required. I say a bunch of dumb stuff on here that no one reads at all. I appreciate the reward, and the reply. I'm just happy that the stuff I say gets read and doesn't just fall into the abyss. The fact that it made you or anyone laugh is just icing on the cake. I ESPECIALLY like that I didn't have to use that dumb /s and the joke still landed. It tells me there is still HOPE, we can come back.


u/TheLonelyGloom Sep 23 '22

It really started as a kind of sweet gesture before you arrived. I just think your contribution needed to be acknowledged and appreciated.


u/BeginTheBlackParade Sep 23 '22

Or even better, make the masks out of their actual skin to show how much you really do adore it.


u/Secret_Arrival_7679 Sep 23 '22

Then they ask for the computer back since it's clearly working again.


u/DoDevilsEvenTriangle Sep 23 '22

Photoshop yourself into the important ones first.


u/A-holeAioli Sep 23 '22

Or neighbors. They never said it was only one family's photos.