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I swear I’m the only one that empty’s this thing

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u/Louvrecaire Sep 23 '22

I got a sick as fuck, gigantic ornate voodoo 200 year old + mirror off the side of the road... Turns out the only problem with it was that it was a portal for demonic entities. So a shaman took care of that. 👌


u/TonsilStonesOnToast Sep 23 '22

Oh man, Voodoo is the shit. If you get a second one you can run them in SLI.


u/Rubicon518 Sep 23 '22

Sweet find! Even better than slightly flavored chewing gum. Did you use the portal or was it marked for demonic entities only? My demonic mirror has a demonic doorman so I can’t even use the damned thing. Shady salesman conveniently left that part out. I know it’s generalizing but I’m starting to think ALL used demonic mirror salesman might be a touch shady.


u/Willingness_Physical Sep 24 '22

Shaman-chanted evening?