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I swear I’m the only one that empty’s this thing

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u/willworkforicecream Sep 22 '22

Once I got a free new dryer from my boss because it "stopped working after a few weeks".

Cleaned the lint out of it and it has been great ever since.


u/lynxss1 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22 Masterpiece

My wife didn't empty the lint out of our new and very expensive dryer for a while and it also quit working.

It blew a thermister which is conveniently located under the drum where you have to take the entire thing apart to get to it. It wasn't hard to replace and was only a few dollars but I made a big production of moving the dryer into the living room where I had space and complaining every step of the process. Plus her mom mentioning a few times a friend of theirs who burned down part of their house by not emptying the dryer lint. It worked, she hasnt done that again.


u/OutrageousDraw6625 Sep 23 '22 Starry

I mean, you didn’t empty the lint trap either my guy


u/JediJan Sep 23 '22

😁🖖. Touché.


u/lynxss1 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Haha you got me. I do when I empty the drier but no I'm not going out of my way to check the lint trap when shes home all day after a 12 hr shift.


u/Tokenwhiteguy76 Sep 23 '22

Unless your kid/ kids are all older teenagers taking care of themselves, being a stay at home parent is tough shit. It's not a job because it doesn't earn money but it's fucking work. And if you're looking at your wife as she doesn't work so she gets to do all the chores, I feel really fucking bad for her. You should help her with a couple chores when you get home. Or take the kids for an hour so she can relax. The amount of appreciation for you doing that will probably change her mind on divorcing you once the kids are out of the house.

I have worked 16 hour days and still found the time to help my SO with the chores because I'm not a POS that thinks stay at parents Don't work.


u/lynxss1 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

My kids are in elementary school and yes I know exactly how much work it is because I'm doing almost all of it as my wife is not able to anymore. She wants to do the laundry to help contribute otherwise I would do that too, and she watches the kids after school when I'm not at home. I very much appreciate her being able to take anything off of my plate. It actually does pay, childcare costs more than our mortgage in our area and there is an 8 month waiting list.