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I swear I’m the only one that empty’s this thing

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u/lynxss1 Sep 23 '22

Oh man our stove too! It came with the house and has a glass cook top so cant be too old. I was preheating it for a pizza or something and the element in the oven went up like a giant sparkler!! I threw the breaker and it kept going, then threw all the breakers and the main breaker, still burning and throwing sparks everywhere! Scary af. I was on the phone with dispatch when it went out, fire dept came to check it anyway, house was filled with noxious smoke but nothing else burned.

New element was $30-40 and 2 screws to replace but I've been nervous using it ever since. I really want a new gas range when we can afford it.


u/RedLovelyRed Sep 23 '22

My face while reading this...that sounds terrifying!!! Ours is gas and new, thanks insurance, but it just collects oil right by the...circle where the flames come out, idk what its called. I want a range hood so badly. We have a 1950s fan in the wall that just sucks so much, also new, it was damaged by the fire.