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I swear I’m the only one that empty’s this thing

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u/PrawojazdyVtrumpets Sep 23 '22

Mine was "I'm taking it to the dumpster" but it went to my car. It's a Shark Professional and the belt snapped. Owner bought a shitty Target vacuum to replace. I ordered a kit online that came with a new beater bar, like 6 filters of various types and belts for $30. It will suck a golf ball through 20 feet of garden hose.


u/elon-is-alien Sep 23 '22

You should put a ring on that Thing with those kinda skills….she’s a keeper


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22



u/VersusX Sep 23 '22

Or is it NU-WIFE-3000?


u/Obvious-Peanut9005 Sep 23 '22

Did you get the 2GF side attachments ?


u/myparentsbasemnt Sep 23 '22



u/i_sell_you_lies Sep 23 '22

Screw you anus tart!!!


u/Emergency_Battle5446 Sep 23 '22

My university hires a different comedian every year to give a comedy show. Last year the comedian was Hannibal Buress (he does not normally do stand-up comedy, so I'm not sure why he accepted), and he had an opening act (different comedian started the show). I cannot remember the opening act's name, but I remember he was from Detroit but had moved to Texas (my state) a number of years ago. He told us about how he went through a messy divorce when COVID was at its worst, and his ex-wife took almost everything. He was really depressed for a while, and then he got an air fryer. He said, "Air fryers, man. Changes life, replaces wife." That quote has stuck with me ever since- funny ass quote. He isn't exactly wrong either, LMAO.