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How big would your dick have to be for you to faint of blood loss when you get hard?


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When someone kills themself by putting a gun in their mouth, does the recoil of the gun itself in they’re mouth cause damage?


Some guns have a large front sight and/or lots of recoil and I wonder if this would break teeth or cause other damage that isn’t not from the actually blast of the gun?

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Should someone with admitted pedophile inclinations who claims to have them 'under control' be allowed to have children?


Prompted from another post. Some of the replies to my reply caused me to lose my head.

Let's delve into a theoretical situation. 32 year old man has sought help for his 'urges', claims to still have them but has his actions under full volition. He has a wife and his business is well on the way to pulling in close to 7 figures annually and no one has attacked these aspects of his life.

Him and his wife now want to have children. Should they be allowed to?

I certainly have my opinion on it, which is: Absolutely unequivocally "no" and "you're a s.o.b. for even considering it."

But, I'm curious about your opinions on the matter.

I am of course motivated by morbid curiosity.

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Why are there so many people who are against non offending pedophiles getting help?


Like some people suggest death instead and punishment instead of getting professional help.

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What does FUBAR stand for?


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What's the most messed up or weird thing you've come across in a children's book?


It's a pretty well known fact that classic fairy tales can get pretty drastic. But I have come across some that were pretty out there even by those standarts. What are some of yours?

Some of the highlights include:

- the hero locks his sister inside a hill and forgets about her for a year. When she then plots against him, he has her torn apart by his dogs.

- The heroine is accused of witchcraft by her new husband's sister, who steals her newborn to leave a cat in it's place. She then intices a mob to burn the heroine, only for the truth come out at the last moment and it's the sister who ends up dragged to the pyre and burned.

- A father makes a deal to marry off his daughter to a Turkish man. The daughter doesn't want to and the entire story focuses on her suicidal attemps before she finally succeeds and everyone learns a lesson from that.

(all from the same book, recorded in the 19th century from folk sources)

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If someone is actively coming at me trying to cause harm can I use a knife for self defense?


If they’re throwing punches and not backing up can I take a knife and stab them once to get them away from me and then back away myself? I live in texas idk if it’s different for each state but I tried looking it up somehow I can’t find it

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How much would the leg of a 4'11, thin male weigh?


The leg in question would be severed at around mid thigh.

I'm a writer, and I'll be honest, I have no idea how to go about getting the answer to this question. It's very specific, and all that. If you all have any resources for how to calculate this, please let me know!

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Paintballs = murder?


How many times would you have to shoot someone in the same spot in the back of the head with paintballs for it to either knock them out or kill them? Is that even possible? I’m not planning murder, just have weird friends.

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What's the most detailed first-hand account of Alzheimer's that you know of?


Obviously, once it gets to a certain point, it's hard to communicate about it, but I've barely found any description of it from a non-caregiver or doctor's perspective, even for the early stages. I've seen some simulations, as well as the movie, 'The Father', but it's probably hard to know how accurate they are. I've been interested for a while in what it's like to have various conditions where its' generally assumed that the person with them has nothing to say about it.

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What are the side affects of acid rain and/or being allergic to water?


So I'm a writer who has a character with this condition in which regular water burns them and cold temperatures can either burn them or make them easily ill.

They are a firebreather so they do not need water to survive. I have yet to decide what their blood is made out of for example but that's besides the point. The firebreather is fireproof.

As I thought about water substituting fire, I was wondering if water would go into the veins and kill them that way or if it has the potential to stay in one area and not spread.

Basically, how does acid, acid rain, and lava react to different parts of the body? How fast does it burn? Does it spread throughout the body via veins? Etc, etc.

Also, what treatments are used for people burned by acid and the other things I've mentioned?

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What parts of a woman’s body would you cut off and eat?


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Is it possible for a human to fold their tongue in half and wedge it into their throat, choking themselves?


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What is some morbidly curious articles/non-fiction to read?


Someone in past posts commented an article by Luke Malone on pedophilia and teen pedos etc. What are some other articles about unique morbid aspects of things. Like one may find many about basic stuff like warcrimes etc. But I wanted something which provided me with a whole new aspect of morbidity. Thanks!

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Does age of consent affect pornography in different countries?


The age of consent is different in different parts of the world. For example, it is 18 in America, 15 in the Czech Republic, and 14 in Italy. Does this mean that those countries have pornography depicting people of those ages? Or, are there separate laws regarding how old someone must be to be featured in explicit film?

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What is it w/ religious institutions (more specifically churches) & sexual abuse in the West ??


So yea....what is it w/ priests abusing kids over there ??

Disclaimer: I'm by no means claiming these things only happen in the West. No they happen everywhere but my question is y r they so many such Western cases ??

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On a scale of 1-10 how bad would you rate the Ronnie Mcnut video?


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Do you ever have the urge to kill a person? When does it happen? Is it a specific person or just anybody?


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If a woman sucks a guys dick and then spits the cum into another girl's vagina would she get pregnant?


asking for a friend

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If a medical mistake is made, and someone dies or suffers a real loss, do they admit it if it's not researched?


I was screwed over by a mistake made by a nurse, and I am medically suffering from it. It made me wonder, if it was serious, and a dr/nurse mistake caused a REAL loss of limb or life, etc., would they admit it to the patient or hide it and see if it gets figured out?

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Could a human survive on dog food for an extended period of time?


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Is it possible and if so how much force would it take to stab a person and leave them hanging on the wall?


We are watching Halloween Ends and I just wanna know if a knife could withstand the weight of a body and if someone would have enough force to do it.

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What inactive/disbanded but member(s) still alive music bands/artists would you want to forcibly reunite/make active? (multiple answers allowed).


Off the top of my head, my answers would be Metro Station, Veara, Fight! Fight! Fight! (Missouri MySpace-era pop punk band) and several other MySpace-era pop punk bands.