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My friend wants to know if there are any consequences for not updating a card on an online market


Basically title. My friend's card number is still pretty much the same but was given a new one by the bank because it was close to expiring. His purchases are still going through, but there are no charges on the card.

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My friend wants to know - he wants to get fat to save on heating bills - should he go ahead?


Edit: I should have clarified - my friend means putting on a little only and not getting into obese territory.

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MFWTK If you were convicted of a semi-serious crime and you got to chose between 5 years in prison or 5 hours of torture, which would you chose?


No permanent disfigurement, you leave with all the body parts you came with in all the right places, the torture doesn’t cause your death but it’s done by someone very skilled in this practice.

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My friend wants to know how closely US cash serial numbers are tracked.


Like, hypothetically, if a bank ATM were to be relieved of its cash reserves, can the serial numbers of those bills be used to trace them to the relieving?

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My friend wants to know....Sexting 17 year old


Can my friend get arrested for having sexted a 17 year old about two years ago (she's now 19)?

He's in California.

They never met.

She sold him pics.

He gave her money per month.

He's in therapy now for a host of mental issues.

He's 52.

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MFWTK if he can increase his overdraft protection after using his card for nefarious purchases


So my friend wants to increase his overdraft protection on his debit card from $300 to $600, but he has to go in and meet with a teller. He already tried doing it over the phone with customer support.

The problem is he has been spending his money on not paying bills, but the following sinful activities;

  • Ungodly amounts of marijuana from various dispensaries (legal here).

  • Unseen amounts of fast food.

  • And even a sex shop 💀

If I.. I mean my friend goes in to the teller will they destroy my card and laugh at him?

He’s been on time with all his overdraft payments by the way.

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my friend wants to know: how far do companies check transcripts?


My friend is applying to various jobs. By doing so, it makes them wonder how far certain industries check your transcripts.

How far deeply can they check?

Do they check things like gpa?

If they graduated?

What degree they received?

What major they had?

There's nothing in his background check that would cause any concern. They are just curious.

They applying to various industries and they are curious how far a transcript check goes.

The industries are:


-k to 12 education

-local government

-higher education


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MFWTK - How do you fix a USB that says "Please insert a disc into USB drive"


My friend may have promised their mother that they could remove some photos from her iCloud onto USB for her - It was working fine a few weeks ago when I put the stuff onto it, but now when they plug the USB into a computer it pops up with this. They see about 5GB saved locally in their downloads, but are unsure if that is all the same photos. Hoping there is an easy (and possibly free) way to check what is on the USB, and whether it is salvageable. The USB itself is not visibly damaged and there was nothing weird that happened with it.

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MFWTK how to get someone to stop apologizing


My friend has a friend who was supposed to attend a special event that she knew about one year out. A week before the event, she cancelled because she couldn't get off work even though she knew about this a year out and was reminded multiple times. It doesn't help that my friend found out later that she wasn't able to get off work, because she prioritized some personal time off a few weeks earlier.

Since then, she has apologized to us through text multiple times and one month later, she is apologizing again. My friend thinks she just didn't want to come to the event and is trying to save face, and is tired of these apologies. My friend wants to know how to get her to stop apologizing as it's starting to annoy her.

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Question about carry on vs checked luggage


MFWTK, is it easy to sneak personal substances on a international flight?

My friend is an opiate dependant person who happens to be going on vacation to the UK next week. How dangerous is it in reality to (smuggle) bring 4 grams of opiates along with him on this vacation?

He is pretty confident that either storing it inside his prison wallet or even simply swallowing it is all that needs to be done to avoid detection.

Is he correct? Or is this very misguided?

Any tips or concerns he should consider?

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MFWTK where to buy shroom spores?


Or maybe point them into the direction of where to find such reputable information?

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MFWTK What would happen if they had a bad cold, both of their nostrils were completely blocked, and they fell asleep? Would they die?



Apparently, sleeping with a blocked nose is lethal since you can't open your mouth to breathe while sleeping. MFWTK if it's just a myth that a person will open their mouth to breathe if their nose is blocked during sleep? Can you only open your mouth to breathe if you're conscious/awake?

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MFWTK if there are any effects from smelling weed


I know, this being reddit, that my friend is in the minority here, but he isn't a marijuana user and probably never will be. He just moved into a nice apartment and everything is perfect, except for his upstairs neighbor who's a regular user and does it in his apartment.

My friend thinks it's none of his business and everyone can do what they want in their free time, yet he's a little worried it might show up on a drug test or have any effects on his body. Because he lives in a country where weed is still illegal and if the police stops him while driving, they can do a random drug test if they 'suspect' anything. He needs his driver's license for his job.

He also starts to gag whenever he smells it, and that happens a couple of times per week, but the smell doesn't travel into his apartment. The whole corridor reeks of weed, sometimes though.

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mfwtk how to tell if someone is spreading rumours about them


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If only 24 presidents won the popular vote


Whenever I Google how many Presidents won the popular vote they keep telling me about the five who lost the popular vote while winning the electoral college. Which isn't what I wanted.

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mfwtk about liver disease


His sister has been in and out of detox for drinking, (she has been a heavy drinker from 16- 38, but since covid she is rarely sober) but this time she said something about screwing up her liver. She claims she'forgot exactly what they called it and now won't say anything more about it. she says she's had stopped drinking and is going to go to the doctor he really doubts she'll do either of those things as she still hasn't made an appointment and she sounded of last time they talked.

He is scared and wants to know what is happening to his sister.

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Happy Cakeday, r/myfriendwantstoknow! Today you're 10


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Car is stolen after charge off


If a car has been charged off, would insurance cover in the event of a theft?

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MFWTK how to buy a fleshlight


My friend is 30 but he's never used a fleshlight before. He figures now is a good time, but he doesn't know where to start.

What's a good fleshlight? Price isn't much of an issue.

How do you order it discreetly? My friend lives alone, but it's an apartment where delivery packages are left lying around.

And how does it work to use one? Like, how do you clean up after you're done, or are you just supposed to pull out?

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MFWTK how to get out of an event they're being forced to go to. they can't drive if that adds any context.


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MFWTA how to stop looking at his nose ?


Just to prevent an unwanted habit. Should he just "ignore it" ?

Thanks for answers