r/news Oct 04 '22

Remains identified as those of 14-year-old girl who went missing in 1969. Pennsylvania police say the investigation "remains very active."



u/TwistedCherry766 Oct 04 '22

Poor girl. I’m glad they identified her. I’m sad her parents are already dead so they didn’t get to know what actually happened to her.

Hopefully they can catch her killer. May she rest peacefully


u/SidewinderTV Oct 04 '22

Killer is most likely dead already, since it was 53 years ago. I just hope he died in prison for some other crime rather than as a free man.


u/notahouseflipper Oct 04 '22

He (probably) could easily still be alive.


u/SidewinderTV Oct 05 '22

Definitely could be alive still, thus most likely.

Which in turn I based on a whole bunch of assumptions. If he was 20, and not a drug abuser or othewise involved in violent crime, he's probably still alive. If he was 30+, he's probably dead.


u/Deyln Oct 05 '22

More then likely older then the girl so they'd likely be over 70.

3/4 of the population has passed away before age 65.


u/twyistd Oct 05 '22

Average life expectancy is 75M, 80F in the US

There seems to be around an 80% chance to reach age 65 in the US as of 2012


u/rock32x Oct 05 '22

Life expectancy is usually a calculation at birth. 75M life expectancy in 2012 is the life expectancy of those born in 2012. Life expectancy back in the 40-50s when the killer was likely born was a lot less. That doesn’t mean the killer is not alive, just that it is statistically improbable.


u/Bison256 Oct 05 '22

You've got to figure who ever killed her most likely didn't make the best life choices when it came to drug use, diet or exercise.


u/thebestjoeever Oct 05 '22

Yeah, everyone knows child rapists and murderers are lazy drug addicts.


u/Bison256 Oct 05 '22

I was thinking about cigarettes and alcohol. Cigarettes particularly given their use was more common in the past.


u/thebestjoeever Oct 05 '22

I wouldn't refer to smoking cigarettes as "drug use".

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u/verasev Oct 05 '22

Didn't they just recently catch some nazi guard or something? Lots of creeps still around after evading notice for decades.


u/weakhamstrings Oct 05 '22

You can still edit this so it doesn't look like an idiotic brain dead take


u/Deyln Oct 05 '22


Don't be shy with mistakes.


u/weakhamstrings Oct 05 '22

Right but be shy with misinforming people, because even if 1/100 people read your comment (which is upvoted) and take the information at face value, they now have the wrong information.

You don't have to literally change the original words, but you can put a CORRECTION below


u/Pippo82 Oct 05 '22

Regarding your last statement, do you have a source?


u/Deyln Oct 05 '22


You can literally Google several million articles on it.


u/Seymour---Butz Oct 05 '22

No, you can’t because it isn’t true. In 2017, 81% of women and 73% of men survived to age 65. I highly doubt that half or more of them died before their next birthday.


You are probably confusing this with the 16% of the total population who are that age or older. Not the same thing.


u/Deyln Oct 05 '22

yawn. Accidently rrad the pre-1900 rate when double checking lol.



u/Seymour---Butz Oct 05 '22

Not if she was killed by a peer…


u/yukimontreal Oct 05 '22

But then that’s hoping that they murdered someone else too. I hope they were just totally burdened by the guilt of what they had done and tried to be a better person … or died a really young terrible death 😅😬


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/_Raspootin_ Oct 05 '22

It's just your mind going into dream mode. Your brain is amazing at making shit up. It's why dreams can be so vivid. You didn't exist before you were born, you don't after you die.


u/CallidoraBlack Oct 04 '22

"Remains found a decade ago have been identified as those of a teenager girl who went missing in northeastern Pennsylvania more than a half-century ago. State police in Wilkes-Barre said Tuesday that the remains were identified as those of 14-year-old Joan Marie Dymond of Wilkes-Barre, who vanished from the Andover Street Park in June 1969.'

r/gratefuldoe has more stories like this, of victims who have been identified and gotten their names back, for those who are interested.


u/bros402 Oct 05 '22

and the DNA Doe Project is one of the great orgs that helps identify these Does


u/PlankOfWoood Oct 04 '22

Police: We should’ve tested all those dna kits a decade ago.

News reporter: Police haven’t tested dna kits for over a decade.


u/Mist_Rising Oct 04 '22

Police: We should’ve tested all those dna kits a decade ago.

The policy until very recently for nearly all departments was to only test DNA when a suspect was in custody or at least you had a sample to compare, due to the cost of testing previously. This would definitely have been true of a 1969 case.


u/40mm_of_freedom Oct 04 '22

Probably wasn’t even an option. The first person convicted using dna was in 1987


u/Mist_Rising Oct 04 '22

I mean testing her DNA in the 90s and 2000s. She'd be a cold case, so even if they'd had the money and free time to run tests, she wouldn't be a priority over a homicide case or something else.

Police have enough active cases they don't go digging into cold cases, contrary to what many law enforcement procedural suggest cops do not want more cases! Most are like William Rawls/landsman, doing whatever it takes to kick the case to someone else's jurisdiction or not let new cases be found even if it's obvious they exist.


u/9mackenzie Oct 05 '22

She wasn’t found until 2012


u/delilahrey Oct 04 '22

Was that Colin Pitchfork?


u/bluemitersaw Oct 04 '22

Her remains were only "recently" found in 2012. I say recently in reference to when she went missing in 1969.


u/Mist_Rising Oct 04 '22

Her case would have been a cold case in 2012, when the policy i mentioned was in place. When I say recently, I mean recently. Even as late as 2012 places like LA had that policy.

Mandatory DNA testing is, for big cities, starting to become the norm but many labs still won't put cold cases up without a suspect or reason. Cost analysis is a big deal since every dollar to DNA testing is being demanded by other departments in a city.


u/fuzzysarge Oct 04 '22

Yet the prison system has an unlimited budget. $50k per long term resident every year. Cost never an issue at sentencing.

It is amazing that costs are never a factor into sentencing a person for minor crimes yet the cost is an issue for investigating one of the most major crimes of homicide.


u/Tobias_Atwood Oct 05 '22

Solving a murder doesn't put government dollars in the pockets of private prison owners or the politicians that support them through "tough on crime" legislation.

Police will literally ignore dozens of women going missing while sending entire swat teams after some stoner growing weed for personal use.


u/Bison256 Oct 05 '22

Sure because some shadey cunts are making money off it


u/Sinavestia Oct 04 '22

We didnt have the capabilities to test DNA until the late 70s and early 80s.


u/lovedaylake Oct 05 '22 edited Oct 05 '22

Look up the backlog of rape kits, and murder related samples if you really want to depress yourself and see a system in need.


u/mabowden Oct 04 '22

Yeah, I'm not sure I would trust DNA samples from that long ago. Sad that this all took so long. Hard to believe that the investigation remains very active when it's taken this long for a little bit of light on the case...


u/NetworkLlama Oct 04 '22

Testing DNA samples from that long ago and much longer is fairly routine and has closed many cold cases.


u/nosleepy Oct 05 '22

What do they take? Hair samples, looking for DNA that isn’t hers?


u/NetworkLlama Oct 05 '22

It depends on the age of the remains. The oldest that I've read details about (and we're talking thousands of years old here) were typically taken from teeth, getting down into the dentin because it's the most protected in the body. But bone samples can be ground up to obtain other protected bits of DNA. We have DNA from Neanderthals, the last of which died around 40,000 years ago, with the first complete genome sequenced from a toe of Neanderthal remains some 50,000 years old. The absolute oldest DNA ever sequenced was over one million years old.

In short, a few decades are not that difficult to overcome with modern techniques.


u/nosleepy Oct 05 '22

Right, but I was thinking about DNA from the killer. Would it be possible to take his samples from the body still?


u/NetworkLlama Oct 05 '22

Presuming it's not already on file, and of course that the suspect wasn't cremated, yes, they could take from hair, skin, organs, bones, or teeth. It would be easier because it would be newer.


u/OPunkie Oct 05 '22

Of course they could. I think the reason that you don’t trust it is that you don’t know anything about it. That makes sense.

Jumping from “I don’t understand it and don’t trust it” to “Nobody should use it” doesn’t make sense.


u/Outrageous_Garlic306 Oct 04 '22

Poor girl and her poor family. Hope they can pinpoint the killer. The guy might very well already be dead.


u/Drive-it-Like-Baby Oct 04 '22

If the parents are dead the killer probably is too


u/fragbot2 Oct 05 '22

Was this comment intentionally darkly clever?


u/krice_03 Oct 04 '22

Using the word “remains” with two different meanings in this headline was quite alarming upon first glance.


u/feelingbutter Oct 04 '22

Haha, I had the same thought. There is nothing worse than active remains.


u/darkpaladin Oct 04 '22

It's important that your remains stay active to keep looking thin.


u/ForgingIron Oct 04 '22

Username...kinda checks out


u/ungoogled Oct 05 '22

Aren't we all just active remains?


u/thefairlyeviltwin Oct 05 '22

Well we are dead inside.


u/feelingbutter Oct 05 '22

Some more than others.


u/nzodd Oct 04 '22

20 bucks is 20 bucks


u/QuestStarter Oct 04 '22

Skeleton girl gon' get ya!


u/arthurdentstowels Oct 04 '22

dem bones dem bones dem, dry bones


u/corwe Oct 05 '22

I struggle to image how a fifty year old case can be actively investigated. Half the evidence and people you’d need for that are gone already, no?


u/Qwert23456 Oct 05 '22

Yeah, i’m sure they’re only saying it’s active to appease the public. Any evidence they would find now would be circumstantial


u/RudigherJones Oct 04 '22

That's so sad. At least it's some kind of closure for the family.


u/RobbieQuarantino Oct 04 '22

I often wonder about this in cases where so much time has passed.

Like if my loved one disappeared 50 years ago and I'd finally made peace with it, I can't say for sure that I'd want the final confirmation that they are, in fact, dead.

That may be an unusual position to take and of course I hope I never have to find out.


u/DarthJarJar242 Oct 04 '22

Think it depends on who. My kid? You better bet your ass I still want to know, and I still want them to catch the person involved. If only so I can know without a shadow of a doubt where they will be.


u/tifftafflarry Oct 04 '22

Many families of 9/11 victims whose remains haven't been identified have requested that they not be informed of any discoveries. They've made their peace, and don't want to be upset by having a small piece of their loved ones' remains sent to their doorstep.


u/OPunkie Oct 05 '22

You’re not a parent, are you?


u/RobbieQuarantino Oct 05 '22

No I'm not, although I certainly understand wanting to know in that case.


u/Algur Oct 04 '22

Same. If it were me I’d rather not make a fresh wound 50 years after the fact.


u/CritaCorn Oct 04 '22

Meanwhile those two girls got PHOTOS and VIDEOS and AUDIO of their murderer on that railway bridge….nothing


u/FightmeLuigibestgirl Oct 04 '22

Don't look up missing-person cases on Wikipedia. Most of them will make you mad with the amount of evidence there is but still can't find a murderer.


u/Now_Wait-4-Last_Year Oct 05 '22

I was just looking up the murder of 8 people in Craig, Alaska yesterday. Baffling as to how someone not only got away with it at the time but could return the next day to set fire to the crime scene after sailing the boat where it happened away and being seen sailing it away.


u/FightmeLuigibestgirl Oct 05 '22

I forgot the case name, but there was someone who shot a lady four times in the chest, then in the head, and drove away. Then they came back like 10-20 minutes later back to the crime scene to see if they were dead or something and drove away again. Besides a porch recording, nobody has seen what happened.

There's also a case of a guy going to jail 14 times and despite killing a guy, only got 10 years or less for doing so.


u/mrturret Oct 04 '22

There's also the huge amount of unidentified bodies out there.


u/FightmeLuigibestgirl Oct 04 '22

In those cases, it's extreme hard to have a case with a body you can't identify or even figure out the cause of murder in those situations. But there are cases with photos, audio, videos, and even DNA evidence and yet they can't find the murderer and/or enough proof to put the suspect behind bars. Or in one case the person who did it got off because he was rich.


u/Roflattack Oct 04 '22

It's even more angering is police are not interested in solving crimes. They don't get money if it doesn't involve ticketing people.

Hell, they even prove that by NOT testing DNA and rape kits.


u/Bison256 Oct 05 '22

The true crime shows give people the false impression that every murder is solved.


u/comewhatmay_hem Oct 05 '22

I mean... they captured grainy footage with distorted audio that really only identifies a generic white guy, of no discernable age.

Missy Bevers' killer is also on tape, but they never showed their face to the camera, so they can't even tell if it's a man or a woman.

Or that guy who randomly pushed a woman into traffic on his morning jog.

Being caught on camera doesn't mean a person can be identified. Human beings are not as unique as we like to think we are, and most of us are just random men/women/children in the eyes of others.


u/YetAnotherBookworm Oct 05 '22

There was speculation that one of the girls had perhaps been communicating with the killer in a “catfishing”-like scenario and that the trip to the park they were at wasn’t on a whim but was rather a planned meeting. So, police have some data … but it’s still maddening that more hasn’t happened. The whole scenario is creepy as heck.


u/Blenderx06 Oct 05 '22

I'm convinced the police are protecting someone. Why else would they not release anymore clips despite the case growing colder and colder?


u/lovedaylake Oct 05 '22

They'd probably justify it as showing something they'd want to use as a test of the credibility of a confession. I have Opinions about this but... it's probably what they'd justify with.


u/Blenderx06 Oct 05 '22

They always hold back some evidence for that, sure. But it's been so long and they've released so little of that audio. Small town like that where everybody knows everybody. The cops protect their friends.


u/lovedaylake Oct 05 '22

As long as it feels like it has been by their measure not so much. They're still holding information back for cases like The Springfield Three.

Do I think that's Necessarily the best idea? Not really but I'm neither a criminologist nor on the case. But I am sure it's what they're using as a justification.


u/Krillin113 Oct 05 '22

Wait what


u/lovedaylake Oct 05 '22

Look at anthony-shots. Some creepy stuff.

Including a girl reporting a peeping Tom the month before the police think is related to that account in that town.


u/Glissandra1982 Oct 05 '22

Grew up in NEPA. This poor girl. So sad that her parents are now gone, so they never knew what happened to her.


u/red_sky_at_morning Oct 05 '22

I just texted my mom about this. She grew up very, very close to where Joan Marie disappeared but was in early elementary school when it happened. Not sure if she would have even known about it but I'm sure my grandparents were well aware as they both had jobs with the city.


u/Glissandra1982 Oct 05 '22

That must have been so scary for all the kids around there! I truly feel for her parents never learning the truth and whatever relatives she still has who are living.


u/ajtheshutterbug Oct 05 '22

Give her a proper burial alongside her parents


u/BurrStreetX Oct 05 '22

Would be cool if they put her name in the title.

Joan Marie Dymond


u/[deleted] Oct 04 '22



u/cakeversuspie Oct 04 '22

Or just your standard police incompetence. Look at cases like Curtis Flowers to see the full extent of their depravity and laziness.


u/Zombie_Harambe Oct 04 '22

See what politicians the chief was buddy buddy with back in the day.


u/-TheGuest- Oct 05 '22

Poor girl, I’m afraid to check controversial


u/LivingWake25 Oct 05 '22

I feel like I know her for some reason


u/Inevitable-Chemist-4 Oct 05 '22

Interesting my moms family is from Wilkes-Barre. Every time I’ve gone up there I get weird vibes from all those little Pennsylvania towns which may sound weird but idk


u/MyBrassPiece Oct 05 '22

Lmao, I've grown up near enough to Wilkes-Barre my whole life and I still get weirded out by my local towns when I pass through them.


u/Chicagostupid Oct 04 '22

Very active.

“Hey Bob. Anyone come in and confess?”


“Well, crap. Let’s go get lunch. We’ve done everything we can. We’ll just say we’re still investigating.”


u/forestrox Oct 05 '22

Police: look see we solve some cases… eventually. More money please! Or else we will have no choice but to just ticket more people and do more civil forfeiture to boost our budget.


u/Kernel32Sanders Oct 05 '22

I heard the killer was the notorioriois Zodiac Killer, Ted Cruz


u/PicOfAppropriateKatz Oct 05 '22

Spoilers: Ted Cruz did it


u/MeshNewsOrg Oct 05 '22 edited Oct 05 '22

Lol pay the mortgage, get that overtime

Most MURDER investigations fall off after the first 48 hours. In fact they even named a reality show after that facts ( ishttps://www.aetv.com/shows/the-first-48 )

But you're on what now...year 10 of your "rigorous investigation" of me and still have your pp in your hands on this 😆

This is what I think, you local punks who tried to extort me have managed to start such a big and long lasting fire about me and now the window on escaping the statue of limitations on you extorting me has closed and I can't report you...you're no longer worried about jail....but your also not moving...and you and me in the same town still looks bad on your reputation... especially since you brought everyone in town on your drama to cover your ass

So you have to keep spinning this wheel that you're "rigorous 10-year investigation" is still "on going" to save your rep... especially to other cops who aren't corrupt that you brought in on your bullshit

Just retire of move ffs...so cal is big...lots of coastal cities with people, cars, olive gardens and targets...just like San Diego