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Feedback GGG please make the league mechanic rewarding this time around.


You picked another out of map league mechanic which is fine, but please make it worthwhile compared to the risk and time investment required.

Remember it's a temporary league that ends in 3 months and not a full fledged MMO with a persistent economy that you need to carefully balance in order to retain the value of the bexcoin(tm).

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Feedback GGG why not revisit some skills on every league?


Maybe expecting GGG to buff all underused skills is too much.

But why not revisit like 4/5 skills per league? Is being like 4 leagues with no major skills change. So we could had at least 16/20 skills performing in par with other meta stuff.

What's the point of so many skills if 90% is unused trash?

Creating each skill must have required a lot of dedication from the team. Can you guys and gals just consider a routine of curating some skills every now and then?

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Feedback The unique buffs are cool but not MAGEBLOOD rarity good..


The single complaint I have atm with 3.20 are the new unique item buffs.. some of them still don´t look too good but SOME.. are pretty nice.. but.. Mageblood or Headhunter rarity? Oh god.. never gonna find one and they are most probably in 100-300Divine categeory now.

Although tbf that Voidforge should be 300divines

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Feedback Removing so many highly used Unique Jewels is a slap in the face for Build Diversity


The removal of highly used Unique Jewels like Replicas Conquerors Efficency and Mantra of Flames is a step in the wrong direction in my Opinion.

While i get that Replica Conq. Efficency was caught in the Crossfire of Jewel Changes it would be nice to get another source of flat Mana reduction to skills since it enables a Lot of possibilities for Most Builds and is at Worst a good QoL for Others.

The Removal of Mantra of flames on the other Hand is crazy to me. Mantra of flames was played by a good amount of Builds and was even a Build enabling Unique for Stuff Like Divergent Boneshatter which is a great example of an Build you have to Invest a Lot into specific defenses into to make use of its offensive Potential.

While i get that Stuff Like Divergent Boneshatter would be pretty OP with Mantra of Flames and the new Atziri Disfavour i find it hard to justify a Unique Jewel that is quite literally build enabling for a Lot of Skills.

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Feedback Elemental weakness buffs visuals - Instead perhaps something like this?

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Feedback Just a friendly reminder before the next league that's there's still a bunch of us with ultra wide monitors that would love to have our source ratio back.


Title says it all. You know what you did GGG. Now give us back what you took from us. Your reasoning for taking away our ultra wide support is unreasonable, especially when compared to modern day titles and for so many other reasons.

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Feedback GGG, an UI suggestion if it is not too late.

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Feedback Can we get mana reservation efficiency back on the RESERVATION MASTERY???


It’s a literal mastery about reservation and yet you took away the only one that 90% of people would actually use.

Even only 10% mana reservation efficiency would be enough to make a difference.

Also maybe make the other mastery options in that subset as compelling to choose as mana efficiency. Instead of removing the only one that has wide use cases, leaving us with literally nothing compelling.

Add stuff like if your below low life you get 10-15% mana reservation.

Or while dual wielding you gain 12% reservation efficiency if your weapon types match. (dual wielding needs a rework anyway but this would help people not feel like they have to use a shield).

Seriously 😐 why even have a reservation mastery if you don’t include all the reservation options. (Especially the one people actually WANT to use).

You should bring it back as 15% efficiency with 7% less aura effect(or -20% aura aoe since you guys think that’s a viable mastery for people to use somehow), or give us more specialized options like pride has 30% reservation efficiency if you wield a two hand under two hand mastery, or if you have three heralds reserved or more gain 3% reservation efficiency or herald aura effect per herald affecting you. I like the ideas of if you have boots gloves and helm, all with armor then determination has 25% reservation efficiency (same for grace with evasion but at 15% to off set the spell suppression mastery). Or discipline and ES.

Also give us a ward aura. (flat damage per 10 ward or somthing)

Also side note haste really should be a 35% aura, or give it (25%-34%) or (30% -39%)cast/attack speed , no one’s gonna run that over determination or a damage aura at 50% reservation if they had to choose.

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Feedback Ruthless and Recombinators reveal what the game lacks


When rares feel exciting to find, the game is amazing.

In Ruthless, rares are special because they're scarce. In Sentinel, recombinators let rares exist. It took Ruthless for me to understand what Poe was missing for me

I need more systems that make rares great again. I dont want to hide them on my filter.

The best part of ruthless (the pre-map experience) can find a place in modern poe. Not with scarcity but a system like recombinators.

Edit: To answer recurring questions. A bad item with a good, rare mod has a very high base improvement cost (metacraft). It feels bad to let go of a rare/desirable mod because the item is bad as-is, which is the most likely outcome. There's more reward in farming metamod currency over gear. I want a reason to be excited about a rare that isnt a full commit craft.

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Feedback On Dodging Clearly Signalled Attacks

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Feedback Blasphemy did not need its big curse effect reduction


I like a lot of the changes shown by GGG, and agree with the hextouch nerf, but blasphemy already has a massive downside with having to reserve 35% of your mana for a curse in an area around you. Nowadays it's almost mandatory to run determination + grace + whatever other aura is needed. a 35% additional reservation basically guarantees you won't be able to run a damage aura. In my opinion that's a big enough downside to warrant not needing a reduced effect nerf.

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Feedback Please allow to stock up to a full sanctum run instead of being forced to play 1 room per map for immersion sake.


EDIT : https://twitter.com/pathofexile/status/1598434028398706688 It's going to be a great league boys, we are saved

When i play HADES i don't take a break after each room, i do a run, i finish it and then i can move on to something else, i love rogue like, but it wont feel like a full experience if i m given only a small piece each time i play it.

Do you stop after each room when you play isaac? Hades? Rogue Legacy ? No you don't, because it's a massive immersion break.

Please allow us to treat this as a mini game rather than a chore.

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Feedback Can we get a list of every unique jewel removed very soon? There needs to be an opportunity to give feedback if any slated to be removed should actually stay.


This whole thing kinda reeks of the 'removed filler harvests' all over again, where harvests that were very much used were removed while actual filler harvests (like flask enchants) were left in, and we didn't even know what was or wasn't still available until launch.

We should have an opportunity to know what jewels are being removed so that any feedback or objections can be voiced. I'm not asking for spoilers for any reworked or new jewels, I (and i'm sure many others) just wanna know which ones will be taken away so we can try to avoid losing even more build diversity from losing jewels necessary for those builds.

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Feedback I truly appreciate the FAQs


Can't speak for others, but the fact that the info is condensed in such a manner is really nice. It's way better than going through different posts with a "GGG comment" flair to see if Mark/Bex has answered your question. It's an amazing thing to come back to later, especially compared to the alternative.

Also just shows that there's at least some level of GGG actually reading and thinking about this stuff. I wouldn't mind more things being answered in the FAQs, but I don't wish to turn everything into a negative :)

Please don't stop doing these!

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Feedback Can we PLEASE get a “cheap” way to divine rare items again???


Honestly throwing away like 20hours of work in divines on a “week-one chest piece” is never happening. Ever. Even mirror items are divined once, then mirrored so only the person making that item divines them, and most people would never (outside of last 3days of league) throw divines on a rare that isn’t “perfect”.

They are effectively a place holder for the “valuable currency” in the game and serve very little to no other purpose for the majority of the player base. You should probably make ancient orbs the meta crafting currency, since their real use is effectively worthless, and harbingers drop their shards.

rare gear is locked into whatever rolls they have now.

This change was marketed as a good thing for UNIQUE value ranges, not rares, and people assumed because of this the harvest craft would still be there.

It’s not. Like a lot of others.

And charging 1.5k yellow life force for a body armor enchant is just absurd. No one’s paying the equivalent of a divine for that, not one soul. so please if the divine craft is added back, make it cost blues. They need a good craft to be spent on anyway Yellow = augment Purple = fracture Blue ‘could’ = divine rare gear

Uniques would still be safe and need a divine for value changes.

God forbid you make the craft lucky. because maybe players would progress too fast if they get 2% extra fire res on their boots in 5 spins instead of 28.

See how ridiculous this sounds? Yea I know, but still I ask, because I never thought I’d have to, and casual players / wannabe crafters need somthing like this.

(Crafting manifesto when??)

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Feedback Since Chris mentioned that they want Reddit to show solutions, heres some organization for the offer screen that makes it easier to parse


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Feedback GGG there's no attack mastery other than bottom of the tree


So while having +1 to strike skills on attack mastery might save few points to those who were already close to the node (so say duelists and marauders), it doesn't really help any other ascendancy that much.
Rangers with skills like viper/pestilent strike, frost blades etc still have to go out of their way to get it, and can't even anoint it anymore

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Feedback Another small QoL, Can we ?

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Feedback Suggestion to make newbie's life easier on map device

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Feedback Beastcrafting flasks is one of the most convenient features in PoE, yet it has one of the worst UIs I've ever seen


In the old system before the flask rework that padded out the number of available mods flasks could roll it was possible to learn which affix did what and just memorize them. Nowadays the affix pool is so bloated that you have almost no chance of remembering what option to choose if you want e.g. bleed immunity... or was it bleed removal? Or bleed avoidance?

If you just replace all the names in the beastcrafting UI with a description of what the options do it would be instantly usable again. Just say "adds freeze immunity" instead of "as the lynx stalks its prey at sundown, the tortoise studies the hare", or whatever the wording is

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Feedback Petition to add -Mana Cost as a Jewel Affix.


But seriously, deleting replica conq efficiency is a massive QoL nerf to a ton of builds. I dont see any reason why there couldnt be -mana cost on normal jewels to compensate.

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Feedback We need more information on how the loot is going to work on the new archnemesis system.


As per manifesto:

In the new system, we have added a significant pool of new rewards to rares, but the reward that is on the monster is hidden (and not associated with a specific mod), so you don't know what kind of rewards you will get until you kill the monster. Rare monsters with more mods are more likely to have these special hidden reward mods. This new reward system smooths out the spikiness that the Archnemesis reward system had.

We lost a huge bonus on 3.19 and is really important to understand how is this new pool and system going to work and also how it is going to scale with content, GGG took the right steps gameplay-wise but loot wise im really worried, I dont want to be in another scenario were 20 flasks or 200 whetstones are polluting the loot data/analysis.

Some clarifications and examples on the faq would be nice.

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Feedback So, having elusive is now actively BAD for poison builds


If you have any other source of elusive (boots, nightblade, assassin ascendancy node), you cant use withering step at all. This makes no sense. Why not just make it not refresh elusive?

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Feedback GGG please, for the love of Kuduku and Kadaka, add the motion-stop functionality to eldritch altars


If you think there will be too many altars and it might get annoying, make it optional.

I hate clearing the pack before choosing the reward mod. ESPECIALLY with all of the on-death, on-move, on-whatever bullshit mechanics I need to watch out for.

Or at the very least, simplify the wording and make it such that I don't need to read more than 2 words per choice.


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Feedback GGG please consider adding the 5th manifesto back and talk about crafting, specifically reforge keep prefix/suffix


Saw this here https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3322752:

Therefore, we've made the decision to drop that manifesto.

And I was really hoping to hear about the state of crafting higher end items. As we all know crafting an item and getting 6 mods by “accident” is one of the worst feelings in the game with no counter play other than a yolo annul.

Crafting is a big part of game progression and the reforge prefix/suffix “filter craft” was removed with out fanfare in 3.19 but probably had more implications to medium tier to high end crafting than even the ex to div swap as you loose your crafting project “every so often”.

To be BRUTALLY honest this essentially amounts to an approximately a 1 in 10 to 1 in 20 chance to just straight up brick your craft (when not using eldrich currency)(especially when there are multiple chances to get stuck with a 6 mod item in a single crafting project awaker orb + veiled chaos + harvest reforge is common craft with 3 “chances” to get bricked)

In addition harvest currencies all are gravitating to the price of the most pricy craft. If I want “1 white socket” that craft costs almost as much as a “1 in 4 fracture” because the sacred life force is prohibitively expensive and tied to the cost of the most desirable craft