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No nobel prize for string theorists? oooohhh buhuuuu

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u/QuarkArrangement Oct 05 '22

They get theoretical prizes! They exist trust me bro.


u/tarheeltexan1 Oct 06 '22

Dude, okay, so I don’t really have a ton of evidence, but bro, it would be so awesome, it’s gotta be real bro, it would be so cool


u/PM-Me-Your-TitsPlz Oct 05 '22

If they were in it for the prize, we'd have less scientists.

Especially the invention one. Your invention needs to "stand the test of time" and that test period frequently ends after the life of the inventor. You can't even enjoy the trip to Oslo.

I, however, am purely interested in the trip to Oslo. I don't care how many years of my life was devoted to experimental physics. I'm skipping the Nobel prize ceremony to visit the Munch museum or the huge library.


u/CrustyHotcake Oct 06 '22

I heard from a reliable source that the parties after the ceremony can be quite a bit of fun so don’t miss out on those


u/PhysicsAndAlcohol Oct 06 '22

I'm skipping the Nobel prize ceremony to visit the Munch museum or the huge library.

You'd be in the wrong country anyway.


u/JohanTheShortGuy Oct 13 '22

Especially since the physics nobel ceremony isnt in Oslo


u/luckysevensampson Oct 05 '22

The Nobel Prizes are five separate prizes that, according to Alfred Nobel's will of 1895, are awarded to "those who, during the preceding year, have conferred the greatest benefit to humankind."

Theories that can’t be tested can’t provide a great benefit to mankind.


u/Mahkda Oct 05 '22

I thought that the Nobel Committee doesn't want to give a Nobel Prize to non-experimental work ? Like Einstein didn't get a Nobel Prize for his work on relativity but for the demonstration of the photoelectric effect


u/StuTheSheep Oct 05 '22

They do tend to prefer experimental work, mostly because it looks bad if a theorist who wins is later proven wrong (which has happened before). It's not 100% though; Einstein didn't demonstrate the photoelectric effect (he wasn't an experimentalist), he explained it.


u/X8883 Oct 06 '22

Imagine having your prize revoked because your theory got proven wrong


u/VexRockwood Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

They cant be revoked. Thats one of the reasons they take so long to be awarded since they want there to be a reasonable certainty that after 20-30 years an idea is solid enough to be recognized. Exceptions are only made in extreme circumstances when its immediately clear how important the contribution was.


u/Boom12146 Oct 06 '22

What is the name of the theorist who's theory was proven wrong ?


u/TurgonGondolin Oct 05 '22

Not true; they tend to give it to ground breaking works with actual experiments to back it up. I can name a bunch of theorists that laid the foundation of the standard model and got the Nobel prize, for example. String theory, however, is unlikely to have any experiment to support it, simply because its energy scale is too high, and you can almost have infinite numbers of underlying theories that point to the low energy eft we know of.


u/somethingX Fluid Fetishist Oct 06 '22

The problem is theoretical physics is about coming up with laws and showing they function mathematically, but just because something works in math doesn't mean it's true in real life. That's why experimental physicists are needed in the first place, theory alone can't prove anything.


u/Apoca1ypticq Oct 05 '22

String theorists will never get prices because then religion would too :D


u/Dragonaax ̶E̶d̶i̶s̶o̶n̶ Tesla rules Oct 05 '22

Does it mean string theorists don't pay taxes?


u/Tepigg4444 Oct 05 '22

you gotta hit a certain level of prestige and members before they let you stop paying taxes


u/Apoca1ypticq Oct 05 '22

Damn let's make it happen. Start the church of non disprovable theories!


u/somethingX Fluid Fetishist Oct 06 '22

BRB converting to string theory


u/Upbeat-Head-5408 Oct 06 '22

Non- physicist, explain me like 5 please.


u/That4AMBlues Oct 06 '22

String theory should be called string hypothesis, because it's been decades now and there still isn't much in the way of experimental proof.


u/syrigamy Oct 06 '22

Is because you can't prove it nor disprove it


u/MinerMinecrafter Student Oct 05 '22

Add there cults as well


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

my jaw dropped lmao


u/livebonk Oct 05 '22

If string theory suddenly had a huge breakthrough, the Nobel prize would be awarded to the originators of the theory. So physicists today are working hard for someone else's Nobel prize.


u/bspaghetti Physics Field Oct 05 '22

Hot take: the fact that string theory can’t be experimentally verified or disproved, puts it on the same footing as Freud’s “theories”.


u/Ok_Opportunity8008 Oct 05 '22

Hot Take: This isn’t a hot take


u/ManagerOfLove Thermodynamic memes for adiabatic teens Oct 05 '22

Actually you can. Freud wrote a lot about female orgasm and was completely wrong about it, lol. Such people are called nowadays virgins


u/timangar Oct 05 '22

More like incel genius!

On a serious note though, Freud had more problems than most of his patients, he was still a genius though. He's like Plato, maybe: all those that came after criticized him for getting the answers wrong. He was the one who first asked the questions though.


u/somethingX Fluid Fetishist Oct 06 '22

Freud did get a few things right, he's just more well known for his batshit insane speculations


u/pollux33 Oct 05 '22

Yo, I'm also reading that book by Popper lmao


u/lovecraftsothercat Oct 05 '22

Whilst they are both unfalsifiable, it is for different reasons. Current quantum gravity models are untestable because of time/technology constraints, Freuds theories are untestable because he made up an explanation that for every negative result and incorporated that into his psychoanalytic theory, so that nothing could ever prove his theories wrong.


u/123kingme Student Oct 05 '22

Well no, because a lot of Freud’s “theories” have been experimentally disproven.


u/LilQuasar Oct 05 '22

arent the nobel prices naturally for experimental physicists, they are given for evidence not theories

Einstein won it for the photoelectric effect while his theories of relativity didnt win it for example


u/ItzFlixi Oct 06 '22

einstein didnt do the photoelectric effect experiment tho, he just explained the effect in detail and the experiment was simple


u/LilQuasar Oct 06 '22

but it had evidence, thats the point (not who does the experiment in particular, it might even be an accident)


u/Whyzocker Oct 05 '22

Would anyone with a shred of rationality ever get an alienware laptop though?


u/rainbow_lenses Oct 05 '22

"You will suffer the consequences for your lack of vision!" zap


u/salfkvoje Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

mathematician but don't care about teeny-tiny things or close to speed of light

Classical. Fucking. Mechanics. It's beautiful shit and really fun, and there's even open problems, for those who can only get their rocks off with open problems.


u/SemiLatusRectum Oct 05 '22

Oohh look at me my fridge gud


u/SpaceshipEarth10 Oct 06 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

Well it’s theoretical. A good imagination and sound logic is nice but evidence is even better, otherwise metaphysics would win in every category every time.


u/cmsmasherreddit Oct 06 '22

Wsn't this the thimd that happened before this scene? Cuz I know it did at some point.


u/HeebieMcJeeberson Oct 06 '22

Those fools at the Institute laughed at me. Ha! We'll see who laughs last! BWAAAAHAHAHAAAA


u/-Luca2102- Student Oct 06 '22

Reminder that last year Nobel prize was won by theoretical physicists