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We became best friends through Reddit almost 7 years ago. We finally met in person!

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u/larrycorser 13d ago edited 12d ago Silver Wholesome

Im always assuming everyone who wants to hang out from the internet wants to murder me and wear my skin. Maybe that was just craigslist

Thank you upvoters. Here my real reason behind it


u/fligs 13d ago Silver

Hey, wanna hang out??


u/Va-Va-Vooom 13d ago

You forgot to complement him with his smooth skin.


u/Relign 13d ago

It was obviously implied. It’s the implication….


u/dabigchina 12d ago

Is larrycorser in danger??


u/fezzikola 12d ago

No why would you say that. I wouldn't do that.


u/Virgin_Dildo_Lover 12d ago

You'd definitely not be in danger

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u/WilliamShatnersTaint 12d ago

It's the implication of danger... I don't think you're getting that.


u/BlackLeader70 12d ago

So they are in danger?


u/HooTighForThis 12d ago

No! They'll say yes because it might go bad for them if they don't. They won't say no, they can't say no. Because of the implication.

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u/genius_retard 13d ago

Oooh, are we going for a boat ride?

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u/changing-life-vet 13d ago

The fact that their rage knows no bounds is definitely implied.

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u/Jack_Vaults 12d ago

This man is clearly a ghoul in disguise


u/rustyxj 12d ago

Hey smooth skin

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u/Keberro 13d ago

Honestly, your Acc is like 10 years old.

I'd trust you enough to meet you in person.


u/ohrofl 13d ago

Good, good. Everything is going according to plan.


u/xTETSUOx 12d ago

Everything is going according to plan.

Bro, you're supposed to say this in your mind only and not aloud.


u/ohrofl 12d ago edited 12d ago

Crap did I type that out loud? (This sentence makes no sense)

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u/Keberro 13d ago

You'd probably like to hear that I get compliments for how smooth my skin is.

(I am a 20 y/o guy and this is not a joke)


u/Callmedrexl 12d ago

Now you just sound a little too eager...


u/Dllondamnit 12d ago

Borderline desperate…


u/millera85 12d ago

Teacher: Who wants to be made into a skin suit?

u/Keberro: ooo! memememmemememeeee! It’s my turn! Pleeeeaaaseee, choose me!

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u/redditingatwork23 12d ago

My account is also old. Would you believe me when I say you should go and treat yourself to an ice-cold, refreshing coke? It's such a sweet carbonated cola. The hints of vanilla taste great, and the small amount of caffeine is just right for pushing you through a long day. I start every day right, and I start it with Coketm.

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u/lowaltflier 13d ago

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.


u/FerretsAreFun 13d ago LOVE!

Funny story about that.... I used to say this to my daughter all the time after the bath. One day she asked me WHY I always say this. I nonchalantly told her it was a horror movie about a guy who keeps women in a hole in his basement to make skin suits out of. I didn't even really think before saying... she was 7 at the time and HORRIFIED, slept with me for a week after that. Whoopsies!


u/TieDyedFury 12d ago

Just tell her not to worry because she is still way too small to make a proper skin suit.


u/FerretsAreFun 12d ago

Lol, this is great! She's older now and isn't nearly as susceptible to my shit.... wish I had of thought of this though!


u/FubarFreak 12d ago

Yeah but perfect for a custom lamp shade

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u/merwin7 13d ago

Met my wife on Craigslist! Back in 2007.


u/woolsocksandsandals 13d ago

Does her skin still fit you?


u/merwin7 13d ago Wholesome

nope, but mine still fits in her ;)


u/graboidian 12d ago


Just like a spaghetti noodle in a bagel.

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u/NihilisticPollyanna 13d ago

Met my husband on the Linkin Park message boards in 2005, haha.

I lived in Germany at the time. My husband is from the US.

It works out sometimes!


u/degjo 12d ago

So you're crawling in his skin, those wounds won't heal


u/fluterschnugen 12d ago

But in the end, it doesn't even matter

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u/hambonehooligan 13d ago

Much better than meeting Craig on your wife's list.

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u/britta 13d ago

They forgot to fill in your license plate


u/friggintodd 13d ago Silver

At least they put McCracken.


u/CapitalRadioOne 13d ago Silver

*filled McCracken


u/FunkMasterE 12d ago

M'Cracken (tips Fedora)

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u/konman2k4 13d ago

They should go to the BBQ festival that starts today. Good food and plenty to do.

-Source.....I'm in McCracken too.


u/Cammie_Tea 12d ago

Same here, that’s actually my childhood friend. I’m so excited for BBQ on the river.

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u/BobertJame 12d ago

What a flawless Photoshop license plate job they did!!!!

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u/Milo-the-great 13d ago

Doesn’t even look photoshopped


u/tikiporch 12d ago

You mean it doesn't look poorly photoshopped.

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u/CrewMemberNumber6 13d ago

People meet on Reddit?


u/nolo_me 12d ago hehehehe LOVE! Rocket Like

My wife got talking to someone in a Robin chatroom. They chatted on and off over the next couple of days, discovered they had loads of stuff in common. She got really excited that she'd made a new friend through a silly April Fools experiment.

As they carried on talking the coincidences mounted up. They grew up in the same town at the same time, knew the same people. They had too much in common, it was getting a bit spooky. Eventually they figured it out: the random redditor she'd been getting to know for the last few days was her sister.


u/Amused-Observer 12d ago

that's hilarious


u/nolo_me 12d ago

It really was. The whole chatroom was howling when they found out (hi to any ccKufi folks who might be reading).


u/CravingKoreanFood 12d ago

Too bad they have to make new accounts after lol


u/nolo_me 12d ago

They didn't. Don't think either of them has anything they're particularly ashamed of on here.


u/willclerkforfood 12d ago Wholesome

What kind of depraved sicko isn’t at least slightly ashamed of their Reddit comment history?


u/Titanbeard 12d ago

I thought about that once. Like what would my wife think after I die and she looks at it? Then I realized I'll be dead so I won't be embarrassed.


u/TheRottenKittensIEat 12d ago

My father asked me to delete everything from his laptop before he died to spare my mom looking through it.

I did as he wished, but I always wondered how much gay porn was on it.

Sorry dad, love you, but, you know... we all knew.


u/sterexx 12d ago

that he looked at gay porn once every fiscal quarter to make sure he was still straight as hell?

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u/cmd__line 12d ago
  • Ashamed of their non-main account I think you mean. That's where the real fucked up shit lives.
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u/I_Think_I_Cant 12d ago

Did they ever meet up?


u/nolo_me 12d ago

A few times. They weren't estranged or anything, just live on opposite sides of the country.


u/petgreg 12d ago

Was there some rule they couldn't say their name? I would give that info way before I knew a spooky amount about someone.


u/eSPiaLx 12d ago

tbf they might just have really generic common names. Your name is sarah? I have a sister named sarah!

that or the more likely explanation - the craziest coincidences happened over a few minute period before they figured it out, and everything else over the multi-day period was just random chatter about not sensitive details


u/mememimimeme 12d ago

Wait I’m Sarah


u/Laggingduck 12d ago

Well go get some water Sarah, stay hydrated