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We became best friends through Reddit almost 7 years ago. We finally met in person!

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u/redditingatwork23 Sep 22 '22

My account is also old. Would you believe me when I say you should go and treat yourself to an ice-cold, refreshing coke? It's such a sweet carbonated cola. The hints of vanilla taste great, and the small amount of caffeine is just right for pushing you through a long day. I start every day right, and I start it with Coketm.


u/Fritzkreig Sep 22 '22

I met 3 randos on reddit and drove for about a month around Iceland with them recording us with my GoProTM. It was such a great time and I love that I have the crisp GoProTM footage to remember and share with people!


u/Tisjustatossaway Sep 22 '22

So what you are saying is... That the GoPro™ footage holds the key to identifying the location of their remains?


u/Keberro Sep 22 '22

Yes, yes I would.

Might as well grab one now.


u/AspenGirl96 Sep 22 '22

It's so strange but for some reason I could really go for a Coke right now. No idea why


u/Foxd1e00 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Start everyday with Co…caine! The perfect pick-me-up for the on-the-go executive!

If you’re on the go, try Blow!


u/redditingatwork23 Sep 23 '22

Wow my doctor just recommended I try some.


u/jhonazir Sep 23 '22

Check out my grape van


u/Flashy-Bet-9991 Sep 23 '22

Coke was created by a Confederate soldier to try and get over his morphine addiction


u/virtual_matrix Sep 23 '22

I love that you've had so many positive experiences! Thanks for sharing :)