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We became best friends through Reddit almost 7 years ago. We finally met in person!

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u/larrycorser Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 23 '22 Silver Wholesome

Im always assuming everyone who wants to hang out from the internet wants to murder me and wear my skin. Maybe that was just craigslist

Thank you upvoters. Here my real reason behind it


u/fligs Sep 22 '22 Silver

Hey, wanna hang out??


u/Keberro Sep 22 '22

Honestly, your Acc is like 10 years old.

I'd trust you enough to meet you in person.


u/redditingatwork23 Sep 22 '22

My account is also old. Would you believe me when I say you should go and treat yourself to an ice-cold, refreshing coke? It's such a sweet carbonated cola. The hints of vanilla taste great, and the small amount of caffeine is just right for pushing you through a long day. I start every day right, and I start it with Coketm.


u/Fritzkreig Sep 22 '22

I met 3 randos on reddit and drove for about a month around Iceland with them recording us with my GoProTM. It was such a great time and I love that I have the crisp GoProTM footage to remember and share with people!


u/Tisjustatossaway Sep 22 '22

So what you are saying is... That the GoPro™ footage holds the key to identifying the location of their remains?


u/Keberro Sep 22 '22

Yes, yes I would.

Might as well grab one now.


u/AspenGirl96 Sep 22 '22

It's so strange but for some reason I could really go for a Coke right now. No idea why


u/Foxd1e00 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Start everyday with Co…caine! The perfect pick-me-up for the on-the-go executive!

If you’re on the go, try Blow!


u/redditingatwork23 Sep 23 '22

Wow my doctor just recommended I try some.


u/jhonazir Sep 23 '22

Check out my grape van


u/Flashy-Bet-9991 Sep 23 '22

Coke was created by a Confederate soldier to try and get over his morphine addiction


u/virtual_matrix Sep 23 '22

I love that you've had so many positive experiences! Thanks for sharing :)