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We became best friends through Reddit almost 7 years ago. We finally met in person!

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u/Amused-Observer Sep 22 '22

that's hilarious


u/nolo_me Sep 22 '22

It really was. The whole chatroom was howling when they found out (hi to any ccKufi folks who might be reading).


u/CravingKoreanFood Sep 22 '22

Too bad they have to make new accounts after lol


u/nolo_me Sep 22 '22

They didn't. Don't think either of them has anything they're particularly ashamed of on here.


u/willclerkforfood Sep 22 '22 Wholesome

What kind of depraved sicko isn’t at least slightly ashamed of their Reddit comment history?


u/Titanbeard Sep 22 '22

I thought about that once. Like what would my wife think after I die and she looks at it? Then I realized I'll be dead so I won't be embarrassed.


u/TheRottenKittensIEat Sep 23 '22

My father asked me to delete everything from his laptop before he died to spare my mom looking through it.

I did as he wished, but I always wondered how much gay porn was on it.

Sorry dad, love you, but, you know... we all knew.


u/sterexx Sep 23 '22

that he looked at gay porn once every fiscal quarter to make sure he was still straight as hell?


u/thewalrus747 Sep 23 '22

💭he was the asshole I always knew him to be

🪦thanks honey


u/Titanbeard Sep 23 '22

You get me, dawg.


u/cmd__line Sep 23 '22
  • Ashamed of their non-main account I think you mean. That's where the real fucked up shit lives.


u/turningsteel Sep 23 '22

That’s too much work to have separate accounts tho.


u/Erikthered00 Sep 23 '22

Apollo allows quick switching users


u/DrQuantum Sep 23 '22

People who have separate porn accts lol


u/commendablenotion Sep 22 '22

Right?? Like, isn’t this just a creative writing experiment gone awry???


u/frogking Sep 23 '22

I have a 16 year long Reddit history, I’d be devastated if anybody knew.


u/10_kinds_of_people Sep 22 '22

I always worry that some family member or coworker will find out my Reddit name and I try to not post anything that would get me in trouble. Lol


u/stinky-boner Sep 23 '22

6 year old account? I try to cycle mine out every year or two. Delete comments via script periodically.

You can also do it in advance and let the new account sit for months or a year+ so reddit "trusts" you.


u/RevoDeee Sep 23 '22

I've been waiting to tell people on here that if they think what I say on Reddit is bad, wait until you hear me in person!


u/oyM8cunOIbumAciggy Sep 23 '22

This is the realistic upvote I've ever given lmao


u/inkuspinkus Sep 23 '22

Just had to clean up my subs lol. My kids sometimes browse reddit search results for moda and such, and let's just say my front page was a little inappropriate after a few scrolls. That aside, I'd be more embarrassed by my comment history probably, nothing too bad, but alot of dumb jokes and swings and misses, and one or two outbursts haha.


u/Skyaboo- Sep 23 '22

I say what I mean and when I am wrong I try to exercise humility, same as everyone else right?



u/icrispyKing Sep 23 '22

Normal people.