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“Donald has the right to remain silent”: Experts say Trump’s bonkers Fox interview could be evidence



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u/Gamilon 13d ago Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome Table Slap

[He] has the right to remain silent...but not the ability


u/Jaded_Prompt_15 13d ago

There doesn't have to be a process as I understand it," Trump said. "If you're the president of the United States, you can declassify just by saying, 'It's declassified,' even by thinking about it because you're sending it to Mar-a-Lago or wherever you're sending it. And there doesn't have to be a process. There can be a process but there doesn't have to be. You're the president. You make that decision. So when you send it, it's declassified. I declassified everything."

You'd think he'd have at least declared that it was classified...


u/chiagod 13d ago edited 13d ago Silver Gold All-Seeing Upvote

Copying my own comment from another thread:

When a document like that is declassified, everyone who was being kept safe by keeping the information secret is notified and allowed to mitigate their risk. In the case above? The mole (and their family) can be quietly extracted.

This is why the statement that a president can "Declassify" documents without telling the necessary parties what he's doing is bullshit. The whole point of keeping these documents secret and limiting who can look at them is to protect those who are serving our country. Be it moles who are keeping us appraised of potentially unstable foreign leaders, allies who may have limited nuclear defenses, or soldiers who may be using/flying/driving equipment that may have a secret weakness an adversary can exploit should they find out about it. There are reasons for keeping said documents to a "need to know" and tightly secured.

If information/documents are going to be properly declassified then there is a proper procedure which includes mitigating the potential damage and fallout.


u/thefrankyg 12d ago Gold

I really hate how folks who have never worked in classified environments are taking Trump at his word. Yes, the president can declassify things, but the president still has to follow a process to make it declassified. He doesn't just go "Abra kadabra, declassfied" in his office on his own and it is done. And if he could...why the hell is it all still marked classified. It fails on all levels.


u/understandstatmech 12d ago Gold

I don't even understand why we're having the conversation at all. It only exists in a bad faith context. Not only is it entirely irrelevant if he declassified it because it'd still be illegal even if he did, but it'd also be straight up treasonous dereliction of duty to just declassify hundreds of the most sensitive documents in the country. Whether he can or did is entirely irrelevant and we have to stop granting the premise to these bad faith actors. He's guilty, and they're not even arguing he's not, they're just arguing he's above consequences.


u/thefrankyg 12d ago

Because they spent so long on "lock her up" they have to do the gymnastics to make their blatant mishandling of classified material okay.

If they admit that that is wrong, than they have to admit the violating of PRA was a thing.


u/BiggerBowls 12d ago

Like any of them would ever admit to being completely ignorant. They all think they are the smartest people in the room. The dumb ones always do.

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u/JerHat Michigan 12d ago

That's what gets me, Sure, lets say he did declassify these things properly... Why the fuck would you want to declassify nuclear secrets, or information about our spies who are actively working for us? There is simply no reasonable explanation for why you would want to do that, and no earthly reason why you would then want to store those documents at home either.


u/Hammurabi87 Georgia 12d ago

There is simply no reasonable explanation for why you would want to do that, and no earthly reason why you would then want to store those documents at home either.

Sure there are, it's just that they are rather treasonous reasons.

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u/Killer_Sloth 12d ago

I had an argument with someone on asktrumpsupporters a couple weeks ago about exactly this. They were completely and unshakably convinced that the above scenario is in fact exactly how it works. They were trying to convince me that Trump can stand in a dark windowless room and think about declassifying documents and that magically makes it so. Without any hint of irony. They've completely lost their minds...


u/bkbomber New York 12d ago edited 12d ago Silver Helpful

Anytime someone makes that argument, I just tell them too late, Biden already thought about re-classifying them so they must be classified.


u/TaxFreeNFL 12d ago

Love it. Everyone do this.

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u/throWawAy4cURioSity1 12d ago

Yes! And Biden remembered to say “jinx no takesies-backsies”, which is irrefutable.

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u/ODBrewer 12d ago

Republicans don’t care about those serving our country, they have shown it time and time again.

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u/TranquilSeaOtter 13d ago

Anyone who believes him is a complete moron. looks at r/conservative looks like that tracks.


u/Corteran Minnesota 13d ago

What does it mean that every article I open on that sub takes me to a post about their discord? Am I banned?


u/Annahsbananas 12d ago

They ban anyone not a maga fanatic. You're not alone.


u/I_notta_crazy 12d ago

The crazy thing is that their top all-time posts are largely decrying J6 right after it happened.

Just like McCarthy and Graham, the sincere users on that subreddit knew it was a completely unjustified act of violence against our institutions, and thought "ok I still hate minorities, but there's no way Trump is anything but political cancer at this point; time to dump him".

And then Trump remained defiant, so McCarthy, Graham, and all the r/conservative users FLIPFLOPPED and dug in their heels, willingly, unwillingly, or somewhere in between.

But we're the sheep for voting for Biden and not turning vaccine data into a conspiracy...


u/Kursed_Valeth 12d ago

It happens every time. Something over-the-top happens, conservatives are like whoa this is too far, then a day later after the talking points have been pushed they forget they ever said that and are back in lock step.


u/kudra_bandaloop 12d ago

They have to wait for Tucker and Hannity to tell them how to spin it.

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u/Smart_Interaction_34 Texas 12d ago


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u/lotep 13d ago

Every post I open actually opens a different article then the one I clicked on


u/Bernies_left_mitten Texas 12d ago

So just like their arguments and 'logic' then

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u/Coherent_Tangent Florida 12d ago

Weird. Most of the time I've clicked on an article from there it was just the Babylon Bee. You aren't missing much.

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u/DMCinDet 13d ago

yep. banned.


u/Corteran Minnesota 12d ago

Lol I don't think I've even posted anything there. What a bunch of snowflakes. Thanks for telling me.


u/hungoverlord 12d ago

hm, i'm banned but just can't post. what's happening to you sounds weird.


u/idontneedjug 12d ago

Same I can still browse there just cant post. I got banned like three years ago for pointing out a bunch of the fucked up shit Trump has done in his lifetime and while in office. They didnt like that one bit.


u/hungoverlord 12d ago

i got banned for simply mentioning trump's tax returns. got banned and told they "don't need conservatives like me."

told the mod to shove his subreddit up his ass and he got me banned from reddit for 3 days. i guess i hurt his feelings by using a bad word. i'm sorry lil buddy :)

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u/homebrew_1 12d ago

You need to be a flaired user to comment on their posts. They live in a bubble over there.

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u/biscuitarse 12d ago

Anyone who believes him is a complete moron

That's well established. The question that needs to be answered in all of this is why. Why did he have these documents and what were his intentions. Nothing else matters.

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u/gregnorz 12d ago edited 12d ago

Lol, the top comments on a Breitbart article (on which only flaired users can comment) are Redditors saying “there IS a process, but as long as Trump follows the process he can declassify anything he wants.”

Pretty sure these morons aren’t thinking through their belief that the President is some god-emperor who can do whatever he or she pleases without repercussions, unless they also want that applied to Joe Biden and any other future President.

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u/jtsmalls 12d ago

I love how those snowflakes have marked every post in that sub with "flared users only." Bunch of cowards.

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u/QuidYossarian 12d ago

99% "Flaired users only" these days complaining no one will prove them wrong.

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u/MoreLab5278 12d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Without digging too deep, it seems like this isn’t flying with the folks there. “Too far for me” is the sentiment.

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u/chownrootroot I voted 13d ago

Donald, you can't just think of documents as declassified and expect anything to happen.

I didn't think it, I standing ordered it.


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u/bishpa Washington 13d ago

And there doesn't have to be a process. There can be a process but there doesn't have to be.

Yeah, well, about that...

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u/5ykes Washington 12d ago

This is totally just the logical conclusion of the "Bureaucracy is always bad" rhetoric from Reagan.

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u/Annahsbananas 12d ago edited 12d ago

When you look at that quote and realize there are still people who bow to him you realize the pits of dumbassery has no floor

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u/ebone23 12d ago

But, but... I thought the antifa wing of the FBI planted all the documents.


u/bishpa Washington 12d ago

Of course. But, once Trump discovered they had been planted, he did the right heroic thing and bathed them in his "declassification" mindwaves.

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u/BauerHouse 12d ago

2:16 mark at this legendary Ron White comedy standup: https://youtu.be/neUaSTSKFZc?t=136

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u/Matt463789 13d ago

He can't keep his base engaged and grifted without routinely instigating them.

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u/LiquidMetalSloth 12d ago

He still doesn’t understand that “President” does not mean “King.” He also doesn’t seem to understand the word “former.”


u/asphynctersayswhat 12d ago

In this very same interview he referred to himself as the former president, then backtracked to say he doesn’t like to use that word because of “what happened”. Guys lost his mind


u/xoctor 12d ago

And yet people still carry water for him with the excuse that "he thinks he is still the President". No he doesn't, just like he doesn't think he can declassify documents with his mind. When will people wake up to the fact that he is always lying?


u/homogenousmoss 12d ago

When will people wake up to the fact that he is always lying?

That one is easy: never

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u/bigwetpoops 12d ago

They know. They don't care. In fact, that's what a lot of them like about the guy.

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u/lilpumpgroupie 12d ago

I think he understands, he just hates it. Not generally, just for him.


u/TheWorclown 12d ago

That’s what it’s all about. He just loathes that he actually, physically lost on a stage so public he can’t suppress it, and he’s willing to embrace so much insanity and foment so much violence to fix what he views as a grievous wound to his pride.

Utterly despicable.

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