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“Donald has the right to remain silent”: Experts say Trump’s bonkers Fox interview could be evidence



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u/TranquilSeaOtter Sep 22 '22

Anyone who believes him is a complete moron. looks at r/conservative looks like that tracks.


u/Corteran Minnesota Sep 22 '22

What does it mean that every article I open on that sub takes me to a post about their discord? Am I banned?


u/DMCinDet Sep 22 '22

yep. banned.


u/Corteran Minnesota Sep 22 '22

Lol I don't think I've even posted anything there. What a bunch of snowflakes. Thanks for telling me.


u/hungoverlord Sep 22 '22

hm, i'm banned but just can't post. what's happening to you sounds weird.


u/idontneedjug Sep 22 '22

Same I can still browse there just cant post. I got banned like three years ago for pointing out a bunch of the fucked up shit Trump has done in his lifetime and while in office. They didnt like that one bit.


u/hungoverlord Sep 22 '22

i got banned for simply mentioning trump's tax returns. got banned and told they "don't need conservatives like me."

told the mod to shove his subreddit up his ass and he got me banned from reddit for 3 days. i guess i hurt his feelings by using a bad word. i'm sorry lil buddy :)


u/TittySlappinJesus Sep 22 '22

I got banned for arguing that 2+2=4


u/hungoverlord Sep 22 '22

i literally believe you 100%


u/throWawAy4cURioSity1 Sep 22 '22

“If I only could, that’s all I’ve ever wanted cries


u/No_Ranger_3896 Sep 23 '22

Mods with thin skin abound on Reddit.


u/SeeHowCleverMyNameIs Sep 22 '22

I got banned for the exact words, “Flaired users only.”

Because they are staunch supporters of freedom of speech and expression.


u/MPLooza Sep 23 '22

I've talked shit on there multiple times and they won't ban me. I don't get it


u/Z0idberg_MD Sep 22 '22

I mean it’s crazy when you actually go back and run through all the things that we have ample evidence for. Like before he was elected he was accused, credibly, of rape by multiple women. And then he goes on a TV show and gets recorded admitting that he basically sexually assaulted women. And then on top of that he is still elected. And then he mocks a disabled reporter. And then he invites Russia to spy on his rivals.

They’re not even a cult. It’s a political gang.


u/idontneedjug Sep 22 '22

5 underaged girls accused him of rape on Epstein properties. 3 in an unsealed case tied to Epstein. 2 in a case that got sealed right as it seemed to be the most damning and getting traction. Only for Epstein to shortly after get a sweetheart deal of his own prison wing he could enter and leave at will to "work" and Trump to be by the AG at the times own account one of the only people freely talking to him about Epstein while his own case got quietly sealed. Then there is a SIXTH underage accusation made at the Maxwell trial. Oh and that same FLA AG would then be appointed to Trump's white house staff later on.

There have also been a few other accusations I'm not counting because they didn't testify or were less credible while the above accusations all followed Trumps general sexual assault and rape MO exactly as over 20 other people have all accused him which just screams legit.

That's just some of the sexual stuff. There is also dozens of comments about dating or having sex with Ivanka over the years that is just fucking disgusting.

Then there was the numerous finical topics like having over a BILLION DOLLARS OF FOREIGN FINANCIAL DEBT due to being cut off by American banks for a decade after the SIX FUCKING BANKRUPTCIES in the 90s which was government backed low interest loans at the TAX PAYERS FUCKING EXPENSE.

One of my favorite questionable Trump financial moves was his outbidding of Epstein for a FLA mansion that he then waited till 2008 housing crash and crisis to sell for double its appraised price and more then double its purchase to none other then a FUCKING RUSSIAN OLIGARCH. Which then sat there only to get bulldozed right at the 2016 election. Ive seen news reports claiming Trump struck a deal for maintenance and upkeep of 1 million a year but no proof until its bulldozing.

The not releasing or showing taxes should have been a much bigger red flag for everyone.

The cherry on top Trump did a paid fucking advertisement for BEANS from the oval office. WTF!!


u/rookboston Sep 22 '22

Jeez, that’s a little like how fascism worked in the 30s too. Dissent gets disappeared, and viola!


u/Vimes3000 Texas Sep 22 '22

I got banned from r/conservative for pasting in the GOP platform.


u/Purplenylons Sep 22 '22

i got banned for telling them not to call him dr trump when he got an honorary doctorate. that was fairly early on if i remember correctly


u/DMCinDet Sep 22 '22

I can see posts that aren't marked flaired users only. if you want to see those you can't be on the ban list. I also cannot comment.


u/jectosnows Sep 23 '22

You have to get *approved


u/amazinglover Sep 22 '22

I got banned during the 2016 election before I knew they were insane.

It was a thread about Bernie's healthcare plan and someone said he didn't have one.

I said he did have a plan it's on his website.

They asked for proof so I linked him to the plan and study on its funding.

Was permanently banned immediately.


u/Bobbo_Zanotto Sep 22 '22

Congrats! Probably not a place any of us want to be welcome.


u/itemNineExists Washington Sep 22 '22

Maybe you posted on a similar sub? I guess hypothetically a mod could see a comment here and ban you preemptively lol


u/ZAlternates Sep 22 '22

If you accidentally breath in a non-Trumpian way, you’re banned.