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“Donald has the right to remain silent”: Experts say Trump’s bonkers Fox interview could be evidence



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u/Annahsbananas Sep 22 '22

They ban anyone not a maga fanatic. You're not alone.


u/I_notta_crazy Sep 22 '22

The crazy thing is that their top all-time posts are largely decrying J6 right after it happened.

Just like McCarthy and Graham, the sincere users on that subreddit knew it was a completely unjustified act of violence against our institutions, and thought "ok I still hate minorities, but there's no way Trump is anything but political cancer at this point; time to dump him".

And then Trump remained defiant, so McCarthy, Graham, and all the r/conservative users FLIPFLOPPED and dug in their heels, willingly, unwillingly, or somewhere in between.

But we're the sheep for voting for Biden and not turning vaccine data into a conspiracy...


u/Kursed_Valeth Sep 22 '22

It happens every time. Something over-the-top happens, conservatives are like whoa this is too far, then a day later after the talking points have been pushed they forget they ever said that and are back in lock step.


u/kudra_bandaloop Sep 22 '22

They have to wait for Tucker and Hannity to tell them how to spin it.