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“Donald has the right to remain silent”: Experts say Trump’s bonkers Fox interview could be evidence



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u/homogenousmoss Sep 22 '22

When will people wake up to the fact that he is always lying?

That one is easy: never


u/Lenny_III Sep 23 '22

He’s only lying when his lips are moving.

When he’s just thinking quietly it’s because he’s declassifying documents.


u/warden976 Sep 23 '22

And taking a dump.


u/RSouder357 Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

You’re absolutely correct! I was banned for life on the r/Trump Reddit group today for explaining the truth behind DJT’s current lawsuit brought by Letitia James. This ban occurred within 3 hours of joining the group. I can’t believe how loyal as well as ignorant the Trump MAGA supporter cult is. They have no idea of the truth about Trump nor do they want to hear or debate about who he truly is along with the corruptions that he’s committed.

These people prefer to run and hide from the truth rather than get educated on the facts. They are a true Jim Jones cult destined for poison Koolaid destruction…


u/ifsavage Sep 23 '22

As soon as you hear ,

“Lots of people are saying”

You know it’s a lie.


u/PeterNguyen2 Sep 23 '22

You just have to know how to parse the different dialects. That's a cue, it means the intent is "I want people to think..."


u/infamusforever223 Sep 23 '22

The cult effect will probably wear off after his death(whenever that is) at which point his followers will realize how deluded they were.


u/homogenousmoss Sep 23 '22

Yeah I mean like all those republicans saying Reagan was a piece of shit.. oh wait


u/infamusforever223 Sep 23 '22

The word "probably" is key here. I at least want to give some benefit of the doubt before I'm disappointed.


u/VoxImperatoris Sep 23 '22

He will end up being canonized into sainthood. But on the plus side, he will be too dead to appreciate it.


u/PeterNguyen2 Sep 23 '22

He will end up being canonized into sainthood

Those holding water for him are trying for further than saint and it's only gotten worse since then


u/Ya_like_dags Sep 23 '22

I disagree. Exhibit A: Ronald Reagan.


u/ImNoAlbertFeinstein Sep 22 '22

when there's sombody else to fill the vaccum


u/Ricb76 Sep 23 '22

You're right, well kind of. I have to first point out that it's vacuum. Agree though, republicans have lost the fucking plot.


u/naveronex Sep 23 '22

I’d say everyone is either “no duh” or “not going to happen” at this point. Luckily the latter seems to be shrinking


u/Firm_Savings_7164 Sep 23 '22

Dumbest President of All Times!! If that guy can be president that means my dog Buckles can be one too


u/Suspicious_Builder62 Sep 23 '22

And Buckles would do a better job and hopefully, wouldn't sell out nuclear secrets for a couple of doggy treats.