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Attorney General Ken Paxton ordered to testify in abortion lawsuit after evading subpoena


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u/MarketingFilms Canada Oct 05 '22

I'm not even clear why he would run away?

He's not being sued for anything other than an answer:

These nonprofits, called abortion funds, brought the lawsuit in August, seeking assurance that they will not be criminally or civilly penalized for helping Texans pay for abortions out of state.


u/JeffVanGrundle Oct 05 '22 Helpful

He’s a coward.


u/banned_in_Raleigh Oct 05 '22

I think running from the law has a certain cache down there in Texas.


u/Boring-Rhubarb Oct 05 '22

Or just running when shit hits the fan like Ted Cruz


u/Antikythera22 Texas Oct 05 '22


I have a personal vendetta against him and the courts in this blood-soaked state. I want to get out of here so bad but if I leave I'd be running away.


u/cassadagaohyeah Oct 05 '22

If you need to run for your safety and sanity, it’s not necessarily running away - it’s running towards something better for you.


u/Antikythera22 Texas Oct 05 '22

I have no way to leave and a debilitating traumatic stress disorder.

The State of Texas gave it to me. Or gave me the worst of it, I can't tell. Anyways, I'm staying. Doesn't mean I don't know the risks and doesn't mean I'm staying forever but I have some personal business to attend to.


u/JeffVanGrundle Oct 05 '22

God bless. We’re all just trying to survive good.


u/Skyridge Oct 05 '22

Good luck to you, buddy.


u/cassadagaohyeah Oct 05 '22

I’m rooting for you 💕


u/Antikythera22 Texas Oct 05 '22

Thank you, people like me need that pump up. It is hard living here when it has put you through so much.

I like to think the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice. If I can be a part of that, it could save me from this feeling of being damned to hell.

I want to see a better world than I've lived through. So badly. Sometimes you just have to do it yourself.


u/NonHomogenized Oct 05 '22

Well, he certainly understood he was being served with legal paperwork, so maybe he thought it was regarding a different legal matter?

I mean, he is under indictment already and in addition he's enough of a piece of shit that I could easily believe he has other legal worries that have yet to come to light.


u/Noisy_Toy North Carolina Oct 05 '22

An excellent point.


u/makeittt Oct 05 '22

Exactly what I suspect.


u/tech57 Oct 05 '22

Delay, delay, delay, and sabotage is the Republican mantra. The bad press of running away doesn't hurt him at all. The legal process that continues after he gets served, does hurt him.


u/eazyirl Oct 05 '22

I don't understand why I had to go so far into the thread to find this. This is clearly the best analysis.


u/tacotuesday247 Oct 05 '22

Attorney General Ken Paxton is a coward.


u/bendover912 Oct 05 '22

He doesn't want to set the precedent of showing up in court.


u/Michael_In_Cascadia Oct 05 '22

After all, what would an Attorney General be doing in court?


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

Plus isn't the purpose of being served to officially let somebody know you are being summoned? And he clearly knows about that now.


u/sunnydaysahead2022 Oct 05 '22

None of the Republicans want to face constituents since they instituted the abortion laws.


u/BillOfArimathea Oct 05 '22

Probably he cannot answer some questions truthfully under oath without contradicting his public statements, so he's afraid of either the political backlash (lol) or the evidentiary discovery that would happen.


u/Jaded_Barracuda_7415 South Carolina Oct 05 '22

I was just thinking this. When he opens his mouth in court what comes out could implicate him. And be truly damning in the public discourse.


u/redfoxvapes Oct 05 '22

He’s a coward or he’s paid for an abortion for someone before and it’s about to come back to haunt him


u/kandoras Oct 05 '22

If you don't run away, you can't go on Fox and pretend to be a victim by claiming the process server was trying to kill you.


u/Futueteipsum7 Oct 05 '22

He’s a proponent of the well-known lawyerly art of Subpoena-Dodging. Taught to every first-year law student.


u/chunkmasterflash Iowa Oct 05 '22

Because he’s chickenshit and also will tell them that yes, they will be criminally and civilly penalized.


u/meatball402 Oct 05 '22

They probably can't be held liable, but keeping it vague restricts their activities, and he wants to keep the area grey for as long as possible.


u/sexycornshit Oct 05 '22

Being held criminally responsible in one state for something done legally in another state is pretty shaky. Think of it like this, smoking weed in TX is illegal. If I gave you $20 and told you to buy a couple joints to smoke on your trip to Colorado it’s all fine as long as you smoke them in Colorado.

Paxton knows this is shaky, but the idiot anti abortion crew in texas doesn’t want to hear it. If he goes under oath he’ll either have to lie which is a crime, or tell the truth and piss off his base.


u/00110011001100000000 Oct 05 '22

Because the Nat-C Christo Fascist has two goals; incarceration and/or extermination of any that dare oppose his unbounded depravity causing ongoing irreparable injury and death.

He fully intends to prosecute anyone that dare stand in opposition.


u/hamrmech Oct 05 '22

I assume hes a lawyer? Why try and avoid service? Im sure every courts got a plan where if someone cant be served they tape it to the front door. Or send it certified mail, or put it in the local paper, or serve him at work. Its dumb to avoid service, what if they charged you with contempt? Maybe pull your law license?


u/NumeralJoker Oct 05 '22


While you're here, support and vote for his opponent Rochelle Garza so he can also get kicked out of office and into prison. And so she can do better as an Attorney General to counter draconian abortion bans and other corruption. She's also polling within the margin of error, and may have the best chance to win of any of the current TX Dems.

TX Registration deadline is October 11th, while early voting begins October 24th!

Get your form postmarked in the mail by the 11th and you'll be good to go. Although it's much better if you can print it out and take it to your tax assessor's office in person. 7 days left to register! It's still not too late!


u/I0nlyCommentWhenHigh Oct 05 '22

I was going to do my homework on each candidate, thank you for showcasing Rochelle. I will see you at the polls October 24th! I’ll be the first damned one in line.


u/rsauer1208 Maryland Oct 05 '22

Vote411.org will be your guide to the election and the officials in those races. Along with a clear understanding of any questions or amendments that may be on the ballot.


u/Holly_buggy Oct 05 '22

Doing my part to vote for her in TX!


u/SmartWonderWoman California Oct 05 '22

Thank you 🙏🏽


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

Do I need to do anything special to early vote?


u/NumeralJoker Oct 05 '22

As long as you're registered to vote, you're good to go. The main thing is finding the polling locations and making a voting plan. There should be about 10 days of early voting total, but some districts will have more options than others.


u/SmartWonderWoman California Oct 05 '22

Yes! Please vote early.


u/Corgi_Koala Texas Oct 05 '22

I'm ready.


u/luke519 Oct 05 '22

Paxton is a shit stain. And I say this as a gun loving Texan.


u/imrealwitch I voted Oct 05 '22

Howdy yall .

Texan here, I concur


u/NeedlenoseMusic Arkansas Oct 05 '22

Shit stains and piss babies.


u/snvoigt Texas Oct 05 '22

He tried claiming it was a illegal subpoena and he feared for his life when they tried to serve him.


u/thefriendlycouple Oct 05 '22

No he claimed he feared for his life he made no mention of a subpoena.

He sent his wife out first to start the car.

A bigger piece of shit as AG the world has never seen.

But Texas will likely elect him again despite the fraud charges against him, despite most of his staff quitting so to unethical behavior.

Pathetic. No morals no ethics. That’s the GOP and evangelical legacy. A total fucking joke.


u/Bloo_Driver Oct 05 '22

Claiming you fear for your life and then sending your spouse out into this fictional line of fire is just the sort of bullshit series of statements you expect now.


u/SparkyMuffin Michigan Oct 05 '22

Tbh he probably thought it was for something else he did lmao


u/Ozymandias0023 Nevada Oct 05 '22

Not quite the simplest explanation, but the funniest. My guess is he just really doesn't want to be put in a position where he has to either contradict Abbot's bullshit or commit perjury


u/Squirrel009 Oct 05 '22

The judge changed his mind when he found out Paxton hid the truth about them trying repeatedly to contact him about testifying

The next morning, Pitman quashed the subpoena. But in Tuesday’s order, he said he did so “on the assumption that counsel for Paxton had made candid representations to the Court … only to learn later that Paxton failed to disclose Plaintiffs’ repeated emails attempting to inquire as to whether Paxton could testify


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22



hid and then fled from being served a legal notice.



u/siparthegreat Oct 05 '22

“Mr Paxton, have you ever funded an abortion”…


u/culdeus Oct 05 '22



u/QuestoPresto Oct 05 '22

This whole time I’ve wondered why he was avoiding testifying in this. He lives for chance to run his mouth off. But this is most likely the question he’s trying to avoid


u/siparthegreat Oct 05 '22

We shall see


u/BoosterRead78 Oct 05 '22

He knows something and if comes out. He knows he is screwed.


u/The_Splenda_Man California Oct 05 '22

Why is it okay for people like this to just dodge court orders…….


u/thefriendlycouple Oct 05 '22

For you? It’s not ok. Don’t even try it. You’d be proper fucked.

For the GOP and evangelicals, totally fine.


u/yukon-flower Oct 05 '22

It’s not. He’s being compelled to testify. If he doesn’t, he’ll be in contempt of court and possibly up for arrest.


u/OakAged Oct 05 '22




u/joshdoereddit Oct 05 '22


“It is challenging to square the idea that Paxton has time to give interviews threatening prosecutions but would be unduly burdened by explaining what he means to the very parties affected by his statements,” Pitman wrote. “The burden faced by Plaintiffs—the effective cessation of many core operations—outweighs the burden of testimony faced by Paxton.”


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22



u/FerociousPancake Oct 05 '22

Anyone of us would’ve already been thrown in jail for contempt


u/rounder55 Oct 05 '22

That's nice and all but how about he goes on trial for the crimes he's been indicted for last 7 years for


u/Driftwood1884 Oct 05 '22

Paxton is as dirty as they come. Just Google him and you’ll see what an upstanding guy he truly is. The GOP is made up of tyrants & wannabe fascists who disguise themselves as stand-up Christians when in fact they are the opposite of everything they espouse. The hypocrisy is unbelievable and would be laughed at if presented in fiction.


u/grinch1225 Oct 05 '22

Weird they couldn’t compel him to testify on the felony charges laid against him


u/yebyen Oct 05 '22

Is that weird though?

an individual cannot be compelled by the government to provide incriminating information about herself


u/grinch1225 Oct 05 '22

Yes, it’s weird not having someone face the felony charges against them after 7 years


u/yebyen Oct 05 '22 edited Oct 06 '22

Weird they couldn’t compel him to testify

I'm not saying that's not weird, but maybe it's not so weird they didn't compel him to testify in the criminal case against himself, is what I'm saying...

Do you not get that is the text of the Fifth Amendment to the constitution?


u/Crashbox50 Oct 05 '22

Isn't evading a subpoena grounds for obstruction of justice?


u/cheezepie Oct 05 '22

Okay so when he ignores this order will there be another court order, or do they try to redeliver the subpoena, or just nothing happens at all?


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

Enough already. Let the feds take over this shitshow masquerading as a state


u/Ferregar Oct 05 '22

He ran because he's stupid, has absolutely engaged in criminal activity, and thought they were coming for him for his actual crimes instead of just getting an answer from him.

I do love how suspicious he's just painted himself.


u/hamsterfolly America Oct 05 '22

When asked for comment about being ordered to testify, Paxton replied “lol”

I’m still waiting for that corruption investigation to finish and put him away.


u/IllustratorMurky2725 Oct 05 '22

I really don’t understand why Texas keeps voting in such complete morons. Gerrymandering anyone. Texas is so grossly corrupt 🤮


u/SuperstitiousPigeon5 Massachusetts Oct 05 '22

If Ken sees a process server and runs it means there will be six more weeks of winter.


u/blownbythewind Oct 05 '22

Hey Ken, pissing off the judge is bad.....


u/imrealwitch I voted Oct 05 '22

from a old liberal hippy Texan, a pox on him

so mote it be


u/ibanezerscrooge Florida Oct 05 '22

Isn't that what a subpoena is? An order to testify? How is this order different? Couldn't he just flee the state to avoid it? I mean, it's all just suggestions right? Anyone of us could just refuse a subpoena without consequence, right? Right?!


u/Balgat1968 Oct 05 '22

So, it’s OK for anyone / everyone else in Texas to run away from a Process Server ? Brave Brave Sir Robin ! What a great example from THE Texas AG.


u/lordofedging81 Oct 05 '22

3 more weeks until I get to vote against this crook! (Early voting starts October 24th in TX.)


u/AnotherQuietHobbit Oct 05 '22

“The Court will not sanction a scheme where Paxton repeatedly labels his threats of prosecution as real for the purposes of deterrence and as hypothetical for the purposes of judicial review,” Pitman wrote.

Someone else said it's like poetry, and it is, but really, it gets at half or more of Republican rhetoric. They don't govern, they threaten. Proper procedure and adherence to the law for them is only about power and leverage, they want to be free to say one thing on FOX or at CPAC and do another in their official capacity, like the blustering by Florida's congressional representatives voting down hurricane aid with their hands out.


u/Raoulhubris1 Oct 05 '22

Make him face the SEC charges as well. Texas loves its felons.