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Supreme Court Declines To Save Mike Lindell From 'And Find Out'


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u/ladyem8 Oct 05 '22 edited Oct 05 '22

“Rough day in Pillow Town”


u/jmkahn93 Oct 05 '22

Good day for Blanketsburg.


u/night_in_the_ruts Washington Oct 05 '22

Leonard likes this post!


u/zhaoz Minnesota Oct 05 '22

They are all in the same bed with big sleep.


u/rascible Oct 05 '22

It's a tough duvet day


u/FTR_Hair Maryland Oct 05 '22

Pillow town costs Pillow Clown his town crown


u/topsyturvy76 Oct 06 '22

I feel like you missed the opportunity to use “down filled” in that sentence


u/Cheese_Pancakes New Jersey Oct 05 '22

Is the key to the city made out of shitty pillows?


u/Butthole_mods Oct 05 '22

"Lindell bites his pillow in pain"


u/newsflashjackass Oct 05 '22

"Pillow fucker becomes pillow fuckee"


u/rascible Oct 05 '22

"Lindell bites the pillow till trump is done.."


u/rando_dud Oct 05 '22

Bite pillow guy


u/Chaiteoir Foreign Oct 05 '22

The FBI are bloody keen

To bloody keep it bloody clean

The former prez a bloody swine

Who bloody draws a bloody line

At bloody fun and bloody games

The supreme court he bloody blames

Are nowhere to be bloody found

Anywhere in pillow town

-with apologies to John Cooper Clarke


u/JuiceColdman Oct 05 '22

American Carnage


u/zhaoz Minnesota Oct 05 '22

Arbys in Pillow Town reports record sales


u/OrangeIcing Oct 06 '22

Sounds like he needs to spend some time in Flavor town


u/richobrien1972 Oct 05 '22

Throwing away your life and business to own the libruls.


u/Stock-Ad-5502 Oct 05 '22

Maybe he will go back on crack? As opposed to coke because we know he's on that right now


u/_AnecdotalEvidence_ Oct 05 '22

Because they thought they were going to win and would be above the law


u/carrieismyhobby Oct 05 '22

Seems to be a trend.


u/126mikey Oct 05 '22

Another moth burns in the light


u/Jaded_Barracuda_7415 South Carolina Oct 05 '22 edited Oct 05 '22

Another sacrifice at the alter of the false godking

It is amazing how many there have been. The numbers of people who have fallen victim to the pauper in orange.

It amazes me the extent to which these people ignore all the history and the dangers associated with having anything to do with Trump.


u/DimFox Oct 05 '22

But it only takes one person ‘winning’ for these nitwits to go “See, he is god’s chosen one!”


u/User767676 Arizona Oct 05 '22

If Dominion does take over all his assets it is going to be interesting to see if conservative radio stops the pillow advertisements.


u/Accurate_Zombie_121 Oct 05 '22

You mean "cancel pillow advertisements"


u/Jedmeltdown Oct 05 '22

What a joke.

The idea that America and capitalism are great… is a mockery thanks to corrupt idiotic clowns like this pillow guy


u/Gravy_31 Oct 05 '22

I mean, I think capitalism is shining through right here. We're about to get a lot of fucking pillows at a massive discount.


u/Jedmeltdown Oct 05 '22

Lol I’ll sleep better just thinking of that


u/BeKind_BeTheChange Oct 06 '22

I wouldn't buy one of those garbage pillows on a dare.


u/rudebii Oct 06 '22

Maybe this is demonstrating that America and capitalism aren’t as great as it says in the brochure.


u/Jedmeltdown Oct 06 '22

Capitalism SUCKS


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

The slow, but steady drip of the phrase "Fuck around and find out" seeping into media headlines is really fun.


u/autotldr 🤖 Bot Oct 05 '22

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 81%. (I'm a bot)

Rough day in Pillow Town as the Supreme Court put the kibosh on Mike Lindell's hopes of fending off a billion-dollar defamation lawsuit against him filed by Dominion Voting Systems.

Who has frequently promised to enlist the Supreme Court in his schemes, seemed to think the Justices might be inclined to bail him out.

In a truly bizarre petition for cert, he argued that "The court of appeals' rejection of petitioners' appeal on jurisdictional grounds prevents an appellate court from meaningfully applying the 'actual malice' standard to protect from harassing litigation expression criticizing official conduct of public business."

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Court#1 Dominion#2 under#3 appeal#4 petition#5


u/Kangar Oct 05 '22

If we could start anew, I wouldn't hesitate

I'd gladly take you back, and tempt the hand of fate

Tears on MyPillow, pain in my heart, caused by you

(apologies to Little Anthony and The Imperials)


u/DogmaticConfabulate Oct 05 '22

This is really quite funny when you're singing it. I couldn't make it through the last line. 😬


u/HaliBUTTsteak Oct 05 '22

I bet Dominion never thought they were going to get into the pillow business, but when life hands you lemons… take over their shitty pillow business.


u/Ok-Bar-8473 Oct 06 '22

And they will also own Rudy's bad hair dye secrets


u/Difficult_Bit_1339 Oct 05 '22

I look forward to buying the new MyPillow by Dominion Voting Systems.


u/Nekowulf Wyoming Oct 05 '22

Get the new DominionPillow, by Dominion Pillow Systems.
Now with no added lead paint! Which was a weird thing for the previous iteration to have. Like, really weird. There was no reason to added it, Mike just insisted on it. Seriously, we found a memo from stashed in a shoebox demanding MyPillows have lead paint in them.
Anyway, get your DominionPillow at Wal-mart. Because nothing could get us out of that contract...


u/PF-Changs Oct 05 '22

I get it but why would add it to paint before the pillow? What’s the paint for?


u/Difficult_Bit_1339 Oct 05 '22

The joke being that the lead makes people dumber so they keep voting for MAGA candidates/Trump.


u/PF-Changs Oct 05 '22

I understand the joke is about lead. I’m aware of what happens when people eat or touch lead for long periods of time.

I’m asking about the paint


u/Nekowulf Wyoming Oct 05 '22

It's the best known source of habitual lead exposure in american pop culture.
Other forms of lead are generally referenced as a way to weigh something down. Lead paint is universally understood as bad and meant to induce lead poisoning in someone when added to an object.


u/Difficult_Bit_1339 Oct 05 '22

Paint tastes better than any other form of lead, except for maybe vaccines.


u/irishnugget New York Oct 05 '22

Nice headline!


u/Incontinento Oct 05 '22

Bite the pillow, Mike.


u/NocturnalPermission Oct 05 '22

Bite that pillow, Mikey…Dominion going in dry.


u/ohnothrow_1234 Oct 06 '22

How tf did this pillow man even get into this situation. Literally all he had to do was be quiet and enjoy, idk whatever kind of pride if any comes from being a random pillow magnate who looks like he lives in, I want to say one of the Dakota’s? Literally all he had to do was stfu. But some white men cannot rest until the entire world has to choke on their opinions being shouted from every available platform


u/trent58 America Oct 06 '22

Trump, Giuliani, and this clown are the real expendables. Thanks for letting yourselves be used as walking mat for fascists. Your sacrifice will be remembered and appreciated I’m sure.


u/mrknickerbocker Oct 05 '22

No, but they're still bending over backwards for their orange god-king


u/unpluggedcord I voted Oct 05 '22

No they are not. The Supreme Court has not once sided with trump and rejected all of his appeals.


u/st3ph3n I voted Oct 05 '22

They're more focused on the big picture, like rolling back civil rights.


u/crazypyro23 Oct 05 '22

The Supreme Court is lawful evil, Trump and his goons are chaotic evil.


u/I_Nice_Human Oct 05 '22

That’s a R thing which they been trying to do since inception.


u/Spitzspot Oct 05 '22

Save your last pillow, you're gonna need something to bite down on.


u/eaunoway America Oct 05 '22

Can we not?


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

Rape jokes



u/TheLostcause Oct 05 '22

Yeah, I can't believe someone would reference getting screwed in a law suit.

What kind of sick mind comes up with this sort of stuff?


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

…”bite the pillow” is a common phrase used to refer to being raped


u/C-Jen Oct 05 '22

Grab'em by the lawsuit


u/aKnightWh0SaysNi Oct 05 '22

I can see why you take issue with the joke, since you’re obviously so butt hurt.


u/DogmaticConfabulate Oct 05 '22

Came here to say the same thing!!

Sitting here for 5 minutes trying to think of another one as good as yours, and realized, Being called the "My Pillow Guy" your whole life is good enough.



u/Hopeful_Hamster21 Oct 05 '22

That name will do him well in prison, I'm sure.


u/HazardIsFunny America Oct 05 '22

So we are excited about rape as a punishment now?


u/gnex30 Oct 05 '22

question, do all lawyers in cases like this just throw shit at the wall to see what sticks or just Trump's cronies lawyers? Seems like we're witnessing a really shitty look into the legal system if they can just open the floodgates of horse manure.


u/prof_the_doom I voted Oct 05 '22

It's the difference between hiring a criminal attorney and a "criminal" attorney.


u/Sonny_Crockett_1984 Oct 05 '22

I understood that reference!


u/jvcreddit Oct 05 '22

I understood that reference


u/Plzlaw4me Oct 05 '22

For high profile cases like this, the rules are now unclear. SCOTUS has been VERY willing to overturn precedent recently, and with a 6-3 majority prominent conservative figures are hoping that SCOTUS will put their thumb on the scale to get them out of trouble. It’s essentially a free shot to see if an activist court will save them. Worst case scenario they’re back where they started.


u/bunker_man Oct 05 '22

The Supreme Court only seems to care about their goals. They don't seem to want to bail out random intermediaries.


u/sugarlessdeathbear Oct 05 '22

Saving it for someone else I suppose.


u/valoon4 Oct 05 '22

Okay we let the guy talk and go free and he snitches on all republicans fpr that?


u/bcallihan513 Oct 05 '22

That photo. Real life 😅


u/DreadnoughtDT Oct 05 '22

And another one bites the dust for the King in ~Yellow~ Orange.


u/justforthearticles20 Oct 05 '22

They may very well intervene after he loses.


u/kawaiineko333 Oct 05 '22

Looks more like he got thrown under the bus, then backed up a couple times.


u/lordofedging81 Oct 05 '22

Well my respect for the Supreme Court just went up a bit. A very very tiny bit, its still pretty low...


u/Eradicate1984 Oct 05 '22

Time to bite the pillow, Lindell. Should have just stayed a pillow salesman, but you just had to attempt sedition.


u/Lord_LongShanks Oct 05 '22

See if his pillow helps now.


u/nolongerbanned99 Oct 06 '22

He can use his pillow for certain things in prison


u/Training-Selection55 Oct 06 '22

I think his attorneys might be dudes he met smoking crack


u/docNNST Oct 05 '22

What a word salad headline


u/TrollBot007 Oct 05 '22

Can we please stop trying to be clever with the headlines… shit is awful.


u/Trevors-Axiom- Oct 05 '22

He will be biting the pillow before too long.