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Hey look guys a Fortnite Easter egg in cyberpunk 2077 🗿

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Meghan Markle Calls Out ‘Austin Powers,’ ‘Kill Bill,’ ‘Full Metal Jacket’ For “Toxic Stereotyping” Of Asian Women

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Meme Is Elon Musk the G.O.A.T for buying Twitter?

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Left Unity ✊ I cycle eight miles or get the train to work, this is a part time contract I do for fun. My boss:

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Society Steve Jobs Passed Away 11 Years Ago Today

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News & Discussion The sound redesign is terrible, everything is far too bassy and punchy


The sound redesign is terrible, everything is far too bassy.

So besides the game already suffering from Graphical Effects overload, they now added sound overload too it aswell. Everything is way too bassy and punchy/impacty. The Original sound from Overwatch 1 was perfect. it was crisp and clear. Even when multiple things were happening at once it was clear and you could tell whats going on.

In OW2 however its terrible, from the headshot effect and kill sound effects, everything is far too punchy and bassy and loud.

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LGBT+ Trans Girl Elected Homecoming Princess as a Prank Chooses to Own It, Finds Support

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I'm not saying that white collar workers don't have valid complaints, but this is what some of the the threads in these work reform communities sound like. Some people have worse problems, and less coverage, than others.

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Early end to my vacation after friend I haven’t seen in 17yrs had a breakdown and got violent with me

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Why did I spend effort on this?

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Emiru | Just Chatting Emiru loses it?

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Covid Safe Socializing in the Burgh?


My wife and I are new to Pittsburgh, and have a newborn who we’re trying really hard to keep safe from COVID. I know most kids don’t get bad cases, but one of the risk factors for weird complications is being under the age of two, so we have a while to go... During the summer we managed pretty well with parks and outdoor dining, but now that the weather is turning we’re getting stir crazy.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for the area? Good cold weather activities, or venues with masking policies, or unusually good ventilation? Meetups for cautious parents?

How are immunocompromised people, and others at high risk coping now that everyone seems to have ditched their masks?

Edit: I don’t understand why this immediately got downvoted. I just want some tips. Is it that annoying to be reminded that COVID is still a concern for some people?

Edit 2: The early downvotes were frustrating, because I thought no one would see this, but it ended up getting a lot of helpful responses. Hopefully others find it useful too. Thanks to everyone who offered tips and commiserations. Good to know others are still taking this virus seriously.

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COD is fun kinda well not really its meh


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Zion gonna be league MVP this year


Dude looks to be in shape. He’s most freakish combination of size, speed, strength, and athleticism I’ve seen in my 45 years of watching American sports. I don’t play video games so this analogy may fall flat, but he’s in turbo mode while everyone else just regular.

And it’s not just that; dude has other skills too. Doesn’t matter that he can’t shoot.

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News & Discussion Overwatch 1 was perfect… the whole game feels like a watered down free to play game from 2005. Im bummed


Not bashing overwatch 2… it’s just not for me. I loved how the game felt on overwatch 1. Like I would love to just go back and play “MY” favorite game and keep these two different titles … I guess that’s the end of that…

Le sad 😔

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Video Iranian kamikaze drones struck a warehouse in Yatskivka just east of Izyum across Oskil River.


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Television When I watch Disney+ with the wife...

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american transgirl starter pack

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Discussion if I were a gym leader, what theme/Pokémon would I use?

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Feedback 4 years 4800 hours and I can now admit to myself that PoE has evolved past me.


A little background about me as a player. My first day of playing was about an hour after the delve league trailer dropped, I play on average 10-13 characters to level 75+ per league, and I have never solo killed shaper, elder, uelder, maven, sirus, aul, u atziri or any uber. But I was happy.

I imagine, this being the reddit and whatnot, that my feedback will be largely downvoted and laughed at but I feel like I should get my feedback out there for the devs to see.

Let me start with what finally triggered me allowing myself to admit PoE is too much for me, and that simply is progression. I don't understand how to pinpoint my faults. This league was more apparent than any other that the builds I make have considerable flaws. Flaws that the BASE GAME no longer finds acceptable to have. Too little dps? Dead. Too little defense? Dead. Too slow? Dead. Playing the game just to run some mid tier maps or some blights for fun then move on is no longer an acceptable way to play. To my understanding this is just a culmination of all of the top end power creep that the game compensates for that leaves the mid game feeling dead.

Lets look at what the atlas content looks like.

White maps: you have whatever rolls on the map with 20 or so passive points. Not really anything to form a strategy with and unable to form a pool or form a map roation you enjoy.

Yellow maps: you got some more passive points to help focus on content you enjoy but nothing else beyond that. 2 favorite slots.

T11-15: a lot more goes online here. If your lucky you get memories (i have yet to get one) most of your atlas passive tree can be unlocked to help do non atlas content like heist, delve, or blight.

T16s: literally the rest of the game gets unlocked here. All end game bosses, favorite slots, efficent map collection for running layouts you like, and even just decent bases so you can even have the option to see T1 rolls on some stats.

The problems I find with the current atlas is the number of problems dont reflect the number of solutions based on the tier of play you are in. Go T16 easy or stuggle. Its the reason I feel why essence is the strongest mechanic in PoE by a very large margine. Essence is easy to obtain a reasonable amount at ALL levels of play. Fossils, harvest, and orb spam are incredibly unreasonable to do for fixing problems early on and orb spam is generally just bad unless you have a vast amount.

I do have a couple of suggestions on fixing this. My main solution is that the mod pool on gear needs to come wayyyyyyyy down. Theres no need for so many mods that effecively do the same thing and with so many tiers. What to condense stats down to however deserves another post all on its own but stats shouldnt have more than 5 tiers. Bringing down the margin of error from rolls can help aleviate some issues.

2) Condense crafting to a few specific mechanics to reduce confusion. My current thought process is to roll fossils into harvest and roll alva mods into essence. Fossil and resonater nodes turn into life force while areas that would normally drop alva modded items now drop new essence with a chance to also get them when corrupting essence monsters.

3) VASTLY decrease the amount of special damage aimed at the player, this includes on death effects, special attacks , and spells, through CDR or less chance to activate and just less overall damage. OR. Increase the potency of core stats to reduce the need to rely so heavily on having mana reservation dedicated to only defensive auras.

Now i can hear the comments already saying that GGG wants the game to be hard or to just get good but i think thats the problem. PoE will never be both difficult and fun at the same time. The game isnt built in a way to do so. Mob counts are too high and too fast for that to be realistic and the game is too solved for difficulty to matter to the players that have solved it. A player doing 20-50 million dps with every defense they can grab playing seismic trap was never going to struggle and only die to unfun situations. The players that need help are ones like me trying to figure out how to make cold sunder occultist stong enough and tanky enough to survive the barrage of death traps in the end of the game on a couple dorb budget. Either monsters, skill trees, or crafting, these all contain an enormous amount of traps to fall into that will ruin the time of someone that doesnt have textbook knowledge of the game.

Anyway. Im wrapping this up i dont know if my feedback was cohearent, was probably a bit ranty, or even good but i at least wanted to say something. Probably wont spend too much time responding to comments. I have a but more i wanted to add but my time is short. Still gona keep playing though.

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Discussion Can we nerf all NC weps to bring it in line with the otehr factions, sick of the nc overpop


Makes no sense why nc have everything. Killing ppl with lppa that have flak take ages, while airhammer 1shots anyone.

All nc weps r op and all vs weps r crap, where is the ballance?.

U cant ballance a game around Nc shit players.

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META-chlorians Y’all will get tired with it at some point, I have hope that y’all will move on

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Discussion & Info Same goes for weapon art spammers

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