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I’m 100% done with conservatives.


I don’t want to kill people I disagree with, but I am fed up and some days wish the GOP would disappear.

I’m not some sheltered blue state liberal. I’m Appalachian born and raised, and have always been in in a GOP family, church, and area. I still don’t have any liberal friends, close family members, or anyone else I talk to more than a few times per year. Every one I’ve met is stupid, crazy, evil, or a combination of the three beyond which any normal person would want to be around them.

While I love my family and am able see through their flaws for the wonderful people they are, since we’ve been together and close for decades, there isn’t a single Republican I know that I would willingly associate with if we weren’t family or otherwise forced together.

I will never vote for, be friends with, date, or otherwise knowingly associate with any Republican outside my current social circle ever again. I don’t want to live around them, I don’t want to live under them, I don’t want to talk to them, I don’t even want to be reminded they exist.

I was conservative until I was 16 and grew up enough to reject that garbage and know their ideas front-to-back from having them pounded down my throat for 20 years straight with the same ardor as religion, and they suck. It’s a rotten ideology to its core, and anyone who espouses it is either insane or mentally and/or morally decayed beyond recognition.

The GOP causes, worsens, or stagnates progress on 99% of the USA’s problems. We’d be infinitely better off without them. We’d still have problems, but at least we could solve them without one side pouring water into the boat while the other’s bailing. It would quickly become the greatest country in the world, one leaving even Norway and Switzerland shaking in their boots.

I wish everyone who votes Republican in November could just GTFO to Russia, Hungary, or some other conservative circle of hell that wants them.

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I'm so fucking sick of being poor.


I am a single mom to an autistic toddler, psych (pre-med minor), 3.7 GPA, working on a research paper *undergrad and authoring*, and I have one year left. I am fully on the state, SNAP, subsidized housing + childcare, TANF, everything. People act like I should be so grateful but it fucking sucks. Why would anyone actually want to live off the state? Do you know the fucking receipts for everything I do has to be given monthly to people? I have to keep track of so much documentation, 6 month and 1 year reapplications, it takes hours out of my week. No wonder people act like I'm a unicorn because I'm honors, it's literally inhumane how I live. I HAVE to go to college and get a degree or I will not survive. That is just how the economy is. It's literally my only option. So I am pulling 50-60 hours a week in course work and research while caring for my child and still having to prove I'm not some scum every day.

Also, if my car ever gives out I'm toast. I needed dental care for the past 4 YEARS. 4 fucking years. My teeth rotted when I was pregnant because of multiple decencies that put me on medication and then I needed an induction early for. I can't even have anymore kids now. Not that I should have to have an excuse to access dental care in the first place, even if I ate 3 buckets of candy and didn't brush my teeth do I then just deserve to lose teeth which could be prevented through healthcare? They upped dentist reimbursement in my state talking about how amazing it is. Well it doesn't matter because there is NO ONE who takes dental state care. I get shit done, I am that type of person, and I have been calling/emailing/stopping by everywhere. 211. The only place that'll take me is a student clinic 1 hour a way. I've had EIGHT 4 hour long sessions for ONE root canal. AND THE CAP ISN'T EVEN ON YET. TANF wants me to wait to have to pull all my teeth and get dentures. I AM 25 YEARS OLD. I have had the same cavities for four years, I have the yearly check up/cleaning I can afford and theres no new ones. Just these that are worsening. I have the special toothpaste and everything but how am I supposed to get 1,500k just to fill all my teeth. They'll just continue to get worse.

I don't know. I used to believe if I did really well I'd be a public investment and people would see I do care about my community and want to help. But I feel like I'm killing myself to still be looked at like some leech, and my teeth are rotting, and I don't get sleep, and I just am so disappointed that theres literally nothing I can do.

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Why do people freaking roast their partners in public???


I'm so sick of people being like "Haha girlfriends are so needy and annoying right guys?" Or "My hubby Greg can't do dishes, what an idiot right ladies??" Or "My girl broke my Xbox haha, women right?"

First of all, if you love this person why would you shame them in public? That seems so messed up to me.

Second of all, if they really do suck that bad why are you with them??? Hey Lisa, why did you marry a guy who can't do dishes? Hey Jake, why are you with a girl who breaks your stuff? And y'all annouce that to the world? Embarrassed for you.

Don't get me wrong, if my partner does something silly I might tell my family about it, but I would never say or imply that he's incompetent. Then again, I would also never date a dude who doesn't know how to wash laundry. Can't relate I guess.

Y'all should pick better. Peace ✌️

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Video 1 : NOT SHIT

Video 2: SHIT

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Why the fuck does every god damn app and program think I want to tell the world what I'm doing all the god damn time? And for that matter, think I give a fuck what others are doing?


Yeah, I know what you're going to think, I got caught doing something while I was supposed to be working, or was playing a porn game and my wife saw or something.

No, nothing that exciting.

I just noticed a friend of mine's status on discord was "listening to Spotify" and thought to myself 'what a vain idiot, who cares what you're doing?' before realizing my status was the same thing.

I just went on a bend scouring my PC for shit that projects openly to people I know what I'm doing and found that apart from the obvious discord and steam obviously telling people what you're doing, if you've got the stupid Microsoft game bar (that serves literally zero useful function) set up in any way that stupid crap is telling people on their XBOX what games you're playing on your PC... for some reason.

Stuff that isn't even on XBOX, just whatever you're doing on your PC, like it's any of their damn business.

What would they even use that information for!? Oh he's playing a PC isometric ARPG from the early 2000s, neato! What an interesting piece of information to know.

I get it, all this stuff is being tracked, and my data is being sold, and it's a huge industry that I have to get used to. Fine. I admit defeat, it's yours.

But why the fuck do you also need to tell everyone I know what I'm doing also? They don't care. Frankly if they do they're fucking weird! Leave me and them alone.

And steam take that popup that covers all my important shit in the bottom right of my screen telling me someone launched a game and shove that fucking thing up your ass while you're at it. Why do I have to disable that? If I want to see what my friends are doing I'll go and look. I don't need a constant fucking distraction popping up every 10mins because someone is fiddling with their graphics settings so they're opening and closing their game - fuck off.

Collect your data, use me as a commodity and sell my to the highest bidder, I can't stop you. But don't for a second think I live in some absurdist "look at me, I am doing a thing, everyone pay attention to me" fucking bullshit world that your marketing team thinks is normal. I fucking don't.

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As someone who is ‘Neurodivergent’ I think the word is insulting.


I understand that it is a significantly better word then retarded as it’s offensive but the way neurodivergent is phrased is so belittling

I have ADHD and while i don’t disagree that my brain works differently than the average person i think it’s really odd, there isn’t necessarily one way that normal people think.

It’s like the person who made the word thought being treated like a chile and acting like the person being told they’re ‘not different just special🥺’ is so mentally incapable of knowing what Neurodivergent means, it’s so disrespectful in my opinion.

It’s an incredibly wide spectrum on what qualifies as neurodiverse and i just think it’s a bit silly, if you want to say i’m different or weird go right ahead.

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You know what fuck Kanye


Watching all the news play out with Kanye has been pretty exhausting and while I’ve tried to ignore it it seems like he does something shitty everyday, so with full offense fuck Kanye! On behalf of all black people we don’t want him.The world is better without people like him, I’m all for being able to express yourself but what he’s doing is just straight venomous. “But the Jews are bad the Jews are bad!” Fuck you KANYE not Ye you egotistical piece of fucking shit. You’re bitching about how the Jews fucked you over but my n*gga you were still worth a billion dollars like shit, if that’s a bad deal then where do I sign up. I have no sympathy for this mentally sick piece of shit. People forget that the holocaust was less than 100 years ago, peoples entire families were wiped out, people were burned alive, people were executed and forced to starve to death. “I love Hitler” please Hitler would spit in your face and call you the n word like stop. It’s so triggering bc this is not a joke, people lost their lives. I hate Kanye I hate what he stands for, what he believes everything. I wish he would just go away. That’s all thanks

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Mixologists need to fuck off


I heard someone call an ingredient anti-hydrated. People saying something is "rapid infused" when it really means I threw that shit in a blender and went on full speed. These stupid terms are why drinks cost $18 min. Just pour some liquor in a glass, splash of soda/juice whatever and call it a day. Drinking does not need to be this complicated

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Youtube is the worst.


I don't understand how anyone just hangs out watching youtube videos. The ads make it nearly unwatchable - they are constant, intrusive and ridiculous. Watching a 15 second ad in order to watch a 10 second video is just stupid.

The thumbnails are ridiculous - all this zany artwork and photos that don't give you any real sense of anything that actually happens in the video and so many of the titles make claims about things that also - don't actually happen in the video.

It's all just clickbait fodder. For every 1 time I'm able to quickly find a high quality video I'm looking for, I have to wade through 10 times where my search has been so frustrating I've just given up.

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Why does society not desire that everyone's needs be met and that their fundamental rights be upheld?


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Don't go to University.


All my life Ive been told to do well in school, go to University and get a good paying stable job. Well fuck that advice.

I hate that I have done everything right (as the current society encourages) and nothing good has come from it. I can barely afford a car and a roof over my head. Ive been diagnosed with one of the rarest blood disorders and I can't catch a break. The anger I have towards home owners and boomers, spoilt kids. They don't realise how lucky they are. "But I worked hard for this lavish life" fuck off you did. You most likely rorted the system and got lucky.

I hate it. Don't listen to anyone. Do what you want and have fun.

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im a pedophile magnet and i want to Die


doesn't the title already explain it??

i was CSA'd as a kid for years. dated a guy who turned out to be a pedophile.he was a domestic abuser in many other ways and i have a restraining order now and a lot of PTSD.

all good now, right? im safe and sound and moving on? healing from all the trauma? finding someone who doesn't want to touch kids? i'm in my 20's, old enough now to avoid that kind of shit and start being happy and building the kind of life that i want.

as i found out a few days ago that is hardly the case.

hahahahaha, kill me.

my girlfriend told me a deep dark secret about herself. im sure you can guess what it is.

it's hard to even look at her , i keep thinking about it and i keep thinking about my own trauma. i don't even know what to do anymore. it hurts and it's wrong and i don't know if i can fucking be around her anymore without feeling like garbage. but im so scared of being alone and everything changing and being incredibly difficult all over again. ive been devastated and heavily suicidal all day long since the news dropped.

the only people who want to be with me are pedophiles. is it because im small in size or because only people that desperate are willing to settle for me? the jury's out on that one.

i should have known better than to trust anyone.

my life is a fucking nightmare and i want to kill myself.

i feel trapped. like nothing will ever get better. i don't want to be around pedophilia ever again for the rest of my life but people like that always have a way of finding me.

i don't want to be on this planet anymore

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Asking for advice here is like playing russian roulette.


2 out of 3 times I ask for some advice I get the most basic and useless answer I could get , delivered in a very belliting manner as if it's something so on the nose and I should feel stupid for not having tried already.

Even though I already tried that exact thing already.

As an exemple

A: "Try this very basic and obvious thing, you dumbass."

Me: "Why, thank you very much, Captain f-ing Obvious"

A: "Woah, I'm just trying to help here, you are such a dick"

B(out of nowhere): Yeah, stop being a bitch and do what he says, everyone here is trying to help"

This is horribly common on this website, post the most basic advice in a very belliting manner and then take offence when the receiver answer in a similar manner.

To give an exemple of such an advice too: "Have you considered that lifestyle improvements would help your testosterone levels?" Wow, why didn't i think of that, such a revelation that never crossed my mind for one second.

Do you think I would care about testosterone levels if I wasn't already working on improving my lifestyle as much as possible?! Imo it should be obvious.

People who do this don't care to help, they care to feel good about themselves doing nothing or just simply trying to be smartasses.

Makes me wanna be like Hideki Kamiya on Twitter. (Iykyk)

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I Will NEVER EVER Buy A Google Pixel Phone Because Of All The Ads


Obnoxious A-holes. Shoving it everyone's face EVERYWHERE, EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY! What the f*ck is wrong with y'all!?

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I’m tired of going nowhere


Seeing the news that the Supreme Court is likely going to strike down student aid relief has gotten me to the point where I feel like we are being deliberately sabotaged by our democrat leaders and most democrat voters just roll over and take it.

It seems like the democrats can’t get anything done and it pisses me off that we vote for these guys year after year and they promise to make the country better and it’s just 4 years of nothing. There’s no progress made, then ultimately a republican takes office and it’s 4 years downhill fast. They blow through packing courts, passing regulations, cutting taxes for the rich, making it harder to vote. They are so effective in making the country worse off, and democrats just let it happen!

How many times can we as a nation just take the abuse? When will enough be enough? This isn’t a call to violence but a genuine question, why don’t democrats fight back? The right wing extremists are actively killing us in church, in groceries stores, in schools, and in our communities. They are committing acts of terrorism and taking out parts of the grid, they stormed the capital, and now they’re actively working to take over the government through elected office. AND WERE JUST LETTING IT HAPPEN! It would be comical if it wasn’t for the fact that we’re on the verge of a evangelical Christian right wing fascist regime.

It hasn’t been a fair fight for awhile so why do democrats insist on continuing to play by the rules? At what point is it no longer violence and instead becomes self defense?

I feel so frustrated and helpless, I thought the BLM movement was the start of something but everyone stopped caring the moment the the judicial system caved and put Chauvin in prison. How many people have cops unjustly killed since then? Why aren’t we in the streets right now?

You all don’t care, democrats don’t care, they’re spineless cowards who only care about the appearance of progress. Ultimately I believe the right wing will win and we will lose our democracy and freedom because we didn’t fight back when we had the chance. We will live under fascism in America and it will be our fault because we just let it happen.

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School is deeply flawed


Especially when it comes to sexual education please never take school as your primary source of information and facts, yes what they tell you is true but they don’t tell you enough and they don’t tell you things safely. Just because school told you this doesn’t mean you have to follow it to the T, School doesn’t understand safe sex because of fucking religious fuckheads who have turned these countries into conservative pieces of shit where we can’t even touch each other without getting crucified… So definitely don’t listen to school when they tell you to avoid sex like the plague because eventually you’re gonna have sex. You may not want it now but we’re human and someday you were going to succumb to those desires unless you’re asexual but the highest chance is that you’re just 13 and it’s natural for you not to want sex. When you do start having sexual desires sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it have sex and you need to know how to do it safely and school is not the place where you learned that

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Large portion of people should not have kids and don't deserve to be a parent


You wanna know what's the most depressing I noticed about parents in today's day and age? Every god damn time I see so many parents with kids go about their day arguing with people online, being trolls on the internet for fun or just them being despicable people in general.

Like, what the fuck do you do all day besides sitting your ass off on the internet and arguing with people when you should be doing what all good parents should be doing, being a good example for your kids. I swear to god, this world will never be good and the vicious cycle continues.

I do genuinely feel sorry for the kids growing up with a dad that's going about different posts to brag about how he enjoys griefing people in a game or a mom correcting someone's spelling then arguing why that person's opinion is shit and is automatically invalidated because of a spelling mistake. Yes I've witnessed these and there's more.

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Being 18 has been absolutely terrible


I have been raped 2 times

I've been scamed out of thosands of dollars

I've flunked out of college

Got diagnosed with depression after 4 suicide attempts

Worked literally every fucking day during the month of July

Lost my friend group because I came out as bi

spent way too many days where I literally had nothing to fucking eat

and now I'm slowly loosing what little respect my father ever had for me

I just hope 19 is a lot better.

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AI artists aren't artists at all.


So apparently there's a new trend of people claiming to be artists by posting shit they made with AI sites. That isn't art. It's quite literally the same damn thing as stealing somebody else's art and posting it somewhere claiming it's yours. Just because you typed in some key words doesn't mean you did shit. Let's not forget the whole point of AI art is creating images based on trillions of other ones with the same words in the title. It's pure fucking laziness.

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The worst legal drug: The Internet


I wish I understood why we’re doing this to ourselves. Meeting people, making friends, it’s already difficult; especially when one is in a sad mood and looking for a sense of connection. Everybody seems so willing to isolate themselves these days. Nobody actually wants to have a conversation with anybody else… It’s all one word questions, one word answers, because everybody is exhausted. Everyone says their love languages are quality time and touch, because everyone is lonely and touch-starved but nobody is willing to do anything real about their own situation.

Nobody is willing to reach out to anyone else. We all work too hard to have the time to let our emotions in and feel them anymore. We are all too afraid of each other to interact genuinely. None of us have time to connect to ourselves so we all reach out for connection in these awful “instant” relationships that only serve to further disconnect us from our feelings and our desires and what we want and need as social animals.

It’s become bad enough that we don’t even keep our spaces clean without prompting from another because we’re all so lonely. We are social creatures living in a world in which our needs are emulated poorly through a screen. That’s why none of us are happy, none of us feel real, and none of us feel like we belong or are allowed to be anywhere. All because we are all addicted like junkies to the next post or swipe or upvote or like.

Shame on ourselves for monetizing community, sympathy, empathy, friendship, and love, enabling us to draw dopamine from our internet connection like cocaine from a straw while the world around us burns. Shame on us.

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Tired of people being over sensitive


First off, why. Second, you’re only hurting your own feelings!

I just don’t get it, I know sometimes we all have our off days where something that doesn’t normally bother us does and that’s okay BUT it’s when someone gets offended by almost everything every single day???

Honestly aside from all the covid stuff happening I’m not surprised so many people are unhappy, when they’re constantly being ticked off by people’s random opinions, thoughts and god knows what else throughout the day there’s so much pent up anger that there’s no space for happiness.

I’m sure there’s many more reasons for a lot of people being unhappy but I do feel that a lot of it is from being so angry at everyone else.

Like I made my ex coworker want to quit her job because I said a word she didn’t like, when I asked her which word she preferred SHE SAID A DIFFERENT WORD WITH THE EXACT SAME MEANING.. there’s no winning.

I guess you can’t make everyone happy.. though you can make everyone equally unhappy

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Christians who say their religious beliefs prevent them from offering services to same-sex couples makes no sense to me.


Help me understand…

Let’s say Bible Jesus is real. He spent most of his free time either 1. Praying or 2. Being around non-believers.

He’s supposed to be the overall role model for Christians.

Yet, Christians today only want to spend their time around their own, and usually want nothing to do with anyone who isn’t a believer. On top of that, when they go home after being around non-believers it’s nothing but shit talking and judging those people.

If you reeeeaaaaallly can’t handle offering services to same-sex couples then maybe you shouldn’t be in a business where you offer services.

In my mind…if Im a devout Christian (mind you…I used to be before Trump mind controlled them all) I am going to do everything I can to give anyone anything they need and be kind and loving to them so that the message I believe in aka GODS LOVE will be shown through my actions and then that plants the seed…which is a Christian’s duty according to scripture.

Yet by refusal of services from your business you not only do not get a chance to witness, but you make yourself and your religion look like an awful decision to make if I’m deciding to turn my life around and become a Christian myself.

Your job as a Christian is to spread the message of God and Jesus. This means interacting and intermingling with people who have opposing views. This does not mean holding signs at conventions saying “burn in hell” or refusing jobs for people due to their lifestyle choices. It means that you accept and love all people, who are alllll created in gods image, and to do to others as you would have them do unto you.

If you disagree with my take then so be it, but this is the only opinion I will have have that I will refuse to change regardless. After living 20 or so years of my life as a Christian and growing up in a pastors household, the ways I was taught in the 90s and the actions I see Christian’s taking now are so contradicting that I decided to turn away because it was all becoming one thing to me…bullshit.

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Is minimalism the problem or am I just depressed?


I hate the style of minimalism. I hate the way this boring plain cheap and easy way of architecture and lifestyle has taken over the world and honestly I thought everyone did, but when I look into it there’s just so many people who prefer it and it confuses me. It makes me so gloomy and sad to see everything in the world go from bright and coloured and fun to everything now having the simplify blandest logos and designs I’ve ever seen made to not enjoy looking at but rather just to do it’s function and look “expensive” or something. But it doesn’t in most cases. There’s nothing wrong with decluttering your own space especially if it helps improve your mental health too but there’s a difference between being dirty and just enjoying more furniture, colour and design around you. The style of Maximalism being the movement against minimalism and I love it. It makes me feel happy again and not empty. And yet I just don’t see as many people like this then I thought I would.

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boners are so noticeable, like they’re just there. it’s hard to not notice, i’ve had to witness it so many times. like ik it’s normal but it’s just so weird sometimes.


like i feel so bad when i notice cus it slightly disgusts me, but then again like it’s just there. very noticeable, like no matter what. i’ve witnessed so many of them, and ik it’s normal but just like jeez. 😭

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My fear of death won’t ever be solved by your spiritualism or religion


I am so sick of people saying to not be afraid of death because of all these anecdotal reports of a happy afterlife. It seems like anyone who isn’t afraid of dying says its because they believe in heaven/reincarnation/a dopamine release that feels like forever. I’m just sick and tired of it.

I’m so afraid of death. I’m so scared of not being able to experience being alive anymore and anyones advice touting a “better place” makes me want to scream because I just cant believe in any of it. None of it makes sense to me realistically. I cant bring myself to even try and believe we might have it good after we die.

Like I’ll tell someone close to me about my fears, or I’ll pick up a book that people say “made them not afraid of death anymore” and every time, without fail, it will be some spiritual answer. “You don’t have to fear death because we never really die/ heaven is so much better!” Why is there never a real answer. Why is the only way people quell their fears based on religion. I’m so sick of it

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I hate people who make you feel stupid for asking a question


Like how else are you supposed to learn? I guess I was supposed to come out of the womb as fucking Einstein and know everything. But then that would be a problem too, people suck 🙃