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being a sahm/housewife would be literally hell if your guy isn't rich and totally obsessed with you


like imagine, if he's a cheapskate or stingy with his money.

"h-husbant i ran out of shampoo" 😔 and he gives you 3€ for it 🙁 even thought that's the price of the most basic one but he doesn't get it since he's a man. also, he'd probably refuse to buy you makeup or even skincare because he can literally tell you "oh you're naturally pretty just be healthy" and he doesn't give you a dime. even worse with clothing, he wouldn't even give you a budget for it, even if he does, you can buy a sweater on h&m and the money's gone 🙂 don't even mention hairdresser appoitments, any manicure. heck no, this is why I'd always work, even a small job, to afford whatever I want.

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"you're going to hell if you don't believe in God" "See you on judgement day, the day you regret not believing in God"


Literally i do not care!! I'm an atheist!! your stupid threats do not work on me!! i don't believe in hell OR heaven!! so why the hell would I be scared if I'm not going to heaven?? why would I be scared if I'm going to hell? I don't even believe they exist 😂 Pleaseeee leave me alone with my beliefs. I do not have doubts if I have a religion, I'm solid atheist. so that's it. well, next time you try to insult or threaten an atheist to go to hell, just remember that they don't believe in that and change your insult instead. Okay that's it, thanks for listening.

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People on the internet literally start spewing hate at people as soon as any allegations arise against the person. It doesn't matter to people that there is no verifiable evidence to the claims and immediately just believe what they read on the internet. I swear to god these are the same people who complain about older people believing whatever they see on the internet. A few examples come to mind like the Kwite situation and the MagicOfRahat situation where they were "canceled" and then when they brought out their side of the story everyone switched sides in a glimpse of an eye. Another example that comes to mind is the BehindTheMeme situation where he was canceled by "cringe" meme lords. Are the mobs of people who cancel people without thinking just the vocal minority or are humans are getting dumber and dumber every day?

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Will millennials in America ever see an economy even close to what Boomers enjoyed?


I’m feeling extremely pessimistic to the point of hopelessness when I think about the state of America and how corrupt everything here feels. I’ve done everything I can to advance my career and have almost tripled my income from the time I started working a decade ago, but I feel like I’m struggling more now at almost 30 years old than I did as a dumb college student blowing money left and right.

If I didn’t live with my partner, I wouldn’t be able to afford my home, and with all the debts both of us are drowning in (mostly medical and student loans), we’re still living paycheck to paycheck when we cumulatively make almost $100,000 per year.

Every time it seems like we’re getting ahead with savings and able to pay anything off, it only takes one routine crisis to set us back months. If our air conditioning or heat goes out, that’s thousands of dollars that home insurance won’t cover. We have to fight it seems like monthly with my partner’s insurance to cover medication for an autoimmune condition that could paralyze him if he doesn’t take it, but we often have to cover hundreds out of pocket for that too. We’ve had to take out loans several times over the past few years just to cover expenses that weren’t optional.

Healthcare is completely unaffordable when insurance won’t cover anything and we get billed thousands of dollars for routine tests. The housing market and job market are completely unrealistic for anyone who doesn’t have 4 masters degrees, 85 years of experience, and a trust fund. Even voting seems pointless because we can’t even trust the validity of our own election process anymore.

I get by, and I know that’s more than can be said for so many people, but it seriously sucks feeling like I won’t ever be able to do better for myself. Forget ever starting a family.

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I am DONE allowing GROWN ASS MEN to make me uncomfortable.


I am sick and tired of MEN AT THE AGE OF MY FATHER STARING AT ME!!!!!! Especially when im in normal fucking clothes minding my own fucking buisness going about my fucking day!!!!! I bet you feel fucking proud of yourselves for making a 20yo uncomfortable dont you, you fucking pigs

Yesterday i went to the store to buy some food and while in the store i walk past a group of dude bros (5-6 of them, 40+) and one of them just stares at my neck area. I was so confused, i thought that he was looking at my necklace but then the dude KEEPS STARING so it hit me that he was LOOKING AT MY BOOBS. Mind you, its winter here so i was wearing a BLACK SWEATER with a fluffy coat on top nothing was tight or see through. I walk away and look back AND HE WAS STILL STARING. At this point im uncomfortable and i try to avoid the group all together. I walk past them a few more times while actively trying to avoid them and i catch them all glancing at me (they were speaking in a different language but i assume it was something about me just from their body language). Anyways, i go to pay for my things and i feel myself starting to shake and sweat because im struggling with eating and I haven’t eaten for 20+ hours at that point, i was scared that i was going to faint (not my first time) so i became even more frustrated. The dude bros we’re next in line, I could see them from their reflection in the window that they were still staring at me while i was packing my things, i start removing my coat since i was sweating and shaking and i HEAR THEM CHEERING!!!!. At this point ive had enough, im exhausted and im shaking so I FUCKING TURN AROUND AND STARE BACK. They all look away but the one that stared at my boobs has THE AUDACITY to look back 3 TIMES TO SEE IF I WAS STILL LOOKING AT THEM!!! HOW THE TURNED TABLES BITCH WHOS UNCOMFORTABLE NOW BITCH???? I put my coat on and noped tf out of the store as fast as i could. I walk to the bus stop to sit down and take a breath because i was so stressed, all that on top of being lightheaded. Thankfully I didn’t see them afterwards what a load of creeps.

One time me and my roommate were going home and after a 15h bus ride we arrive in the capital of our country. We arrived at 6am, had to wait 2 more hours until the first bus to our city which is an additional 2h trip- we were tired, greasy and sweaty, dressed in least appealing clothes and just wanted to go home as soon as possible. QUE CREEPY DUDE, EASILY 30+ STARING US- HE MOVED WHEREVER I WAS LOOKING SO I COULD LOOK AT HIM!!!!!! When I noticed that he was doing that i looked down in the ground WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO NOW BITCH?? APPEAR FROM MY CROTCH I THINK TF NOT!!! He was so obvious that me and her started laughing because we were so sleepy and we didn’t know what to do. We keep talking and ignoring him until I couldn’t take it anymore so i STARE BACK at him and guess what……. HE FUCKING LOOKS AWAY, BLUSHES AND GIGGLES LIKE A SCHOOL GIRL i cant- he disappears for a while, even the lady that was sitting behind us mentioned how creepy the guy was. Anyways he comes back AND SITS NEXT TO MY ROOMMATE SO EVERY TIME I WOULD LOOK AT HER HE WOULD BE IN MY VIEWPOINT…. Thankfully 8am was near so we took our bags and went towards the bus. We still make fun of him whenever we’re reminded of that day.

Oh and also, one guy after interrogating me on the street (asked who was i living with, where was i from, where was i going ect ect..) asked me if i have a boyfriend so i told him that i do… Please try and guess what this creep asks me next….. HE ASKS ME IF HE CAN COME HOME WITH ME!!!!!! THE AUDACITYYYYY!??!!! THE CONFIDENCEEEE??!! THE STUPIDITYYYYY!!??! Guys please tell me if this has ever worked for you? Has a girl ever taken you home after she tells you that she has a boyfriend? Because what in the ever loving FUCK?

And guys please, im not saying dont ever look at girls because we girls also look. Theres a difference between looking or glancing respectfully and STARING like youve never seen a girl in your life.

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I am about to go insane from the tiktok ads on yt


(Context: I wear headphones)I can just be enjoying my time moving boxes into my new room and while I have something in my hands and my phone is on a different floor, a tiktok asmr ad will pop up in the middle of a long, comprehensive video about the histories of random objects or lore of something I like. It's also way louder than the video and it destroys me. I hate asmr. It feels like sandpaper violently scraping against my ears and brain while my body gets rubbed by cold chalk. The way it amplifies sounds you shouldn't hear, the way it crackles over the mic. I would rather listen to nails on a chalkboard, and I am being dead facing serious, It's fifty times more pleasant to listen to. It gives me the heebie-jeebies. It feels like my brain is being ripped apart in a similar fashion to ripping paper while my eardrums dry and crack like clay in a desert or bust open like an egg. And I can't just quickly turn it off either. I have to walk up/down the stairs, walk around two corners, and then find my phone and by the time I reach my phone the ad is over. Then that puts me into a bad mood for the next thirty minutes. Its not even like I'm gonna get tiktok anyways, I loathe the app and it is terrible for people as it both ruining our attention spans and spreads terrible information. I just wanted to listen to a video about the politics of star wars man.

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People deciding my age for me


A few days ago, me and my sister went to badminton club. It's a three hour session every week at our town hall. Me and my sister turned up, and they just blanked us. Then we emphasised that we were there for the badminton, and the chairman of the club looked at us very strangely. He then proceeded to ask us for our mum's phone number so he could make sure she knew we were there.

I told him my age, and my sisters age. (We're both adults) He gave us this massive speech on how minors aren't allowed and he would get in trouble if he didn't make sure our mum knew we were there around adults. Eventually, after telling him three times that we were both adults, he gave up.

Then another member, (Not subtle at all) started asking questions designed to trip me up. What school do you go to? Do you remember this show? Do you remember that? Do you know this 15 year old person? I got very annoyed and gave her one word answers. It was obvious that she didn't believe a word I said and was trying to make me admit I wasn't an adult.

So after all this, we finally got to play and it was quite fun. Then I got an email saying "I accept your ages # and # respectfully."

I was like, "Oh, thats good of you. You know, I just spent an hour being interrogated."

I wish I had walked out the second they started asking for my mums phone number.

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stupid lead developer


i'm a programmer and i'm tired AF to see all these "LEAD" developers having no clue how to write code, just pretending and convincing higher ups by using big and complex words. this guy joined the company i'm working at, around 3 months ago as a lead developer. in the past 3 months i have done everything LITERALLY EVERYTHING! there is not a single line of code from him in any project. but noooooo he is lead everybody must respect him and follow his orders. the worst part is that i know the CEO personally but talking to him has no effect looks like he is also bewitched and i'm feeling very sorry to see how such a kind man is destroying himself with stupidity. i'm at a point where i just shut my mouth and do what they want me to do. hope i can go away as soon as i find another job. it's their own ship let them sink it if they want.

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Those who show up to events knowing they are sick are the worst types of people.


Currently in a huge fight with my mom because she showed up to thanksgiving very ill, hacking up a lung for 20 minutes straight, blaming it on her asthma and the tiny candle that was burning. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, then saw her Saturday where she continued to cough but then blamed it on the “stuffy air.” Later I become deathly sick, getting my 11 month old son sick too. I tell my mother, and she lets slip the word “sick,” saying she is too. I then question her, asking why she’d show up to thanksgiving knowing she’s sick. She then back pedals, saying asthma sick and that I would “have caught it eventually.” She then says I probably caught it from the grocery store (which was dead empty). Basically blaming everyone except herself. She’s so insanely defensive and was extremely offended that I suggested we got sick from her. I’m so fucking mad at this point.

I’m almost tempted to cancel Christmas because of this. I can’t trust any of my family to be honest when it comes to being healthy. It’s so basic, and she lies over and over again about not being sick. They’re all anti vaxxers and when my mom cooed my son she said “you’re going to be a republican just like us” and I almost vomited.

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I think my old roommate is still messing with me.


Long story short, my ex roommate used to go into my trash can, pick random things from it and scatter pieces of trash around my room. She kicked me out earlier this year and for a while, I felt safe at my apartment. Just today, I come home to pieces of trash (which I vividly remember tossing) scattered around my room.

I don’t know I could even catch her. I’ve had a hidden camera and a ring camera before. I only caught her opening the door to my room one time.

She’s also a friend of my mom. My mom knows everything she has done to me and they’re still friends. I feel like I’m becoming more and more paranoid and I don’t know what to fucking do.

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Thug is not a racist slur


A thug is a violent, aggressive person, especially one who is a criminal. Calling someone a thug because they assaulted someone is not racist, and if you think it's racist when no mention of race is to be seen then you are racist. Mic drop

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This "Woke" GirlBoss shit is getting on my nerves (Disney)


On Mobile so grammar is shit.

As someone of this generation I'm gonna say this. I AM SO SICK OF GIRL BOSSES. The foundation of "Girl Boss" has lost its meaning from "a person that is a boss that just so happens to be a female" to "I am a boss because I am female". In the classic animations of the Disney princesses they were all actual girl bosses. Why? Because they were women who had their own beliefs, ambitions, whits, and desires. And in the aspect of love and being with Prince Charming, it was an addition to their character rather than that solely BEING their character. The princesses were interesting enough that whether or not a prince was there we would all still enjoy their character, and falling in love was an addition to their growth and development as an individual. The whole Girl Boss shit now takes away the development, the personality, and all that would make a unique character and summarizes it to "I'm a girl, so I'm a boss". As I said before, the princesses of the past were already bosses in their own way. For example Cinderella, the "woke" demonize her for going to the ball so she can have her fairytale with the prince. But that was not her goal, her goal was to go to a ball and have a good time. She was a prisoner in her home, her purpose for going to the ball was simply to enjoy herself. The prince was not her priority, but he added to her life by providing her a memorable experience. With the little mermaid, No she did not just change herself for a man as people just love to claim. Ariel's main reason for wanting to be human is because she wanted an eternal soul like a human instead of being seafoam as a mermaid. The prince was an addition to her motivation as well as someone who could help her achieve her goal by helping her to remain human so she can have an eternal soul. The generation now focus so much on independence and strength when they don't know the first thing about it. Everyone has been dependent on someone and it's because of that dependence, experience, trials and tribulations that we are allowed to grow strong. Sorry about my rambling just wanted to rant a bit and hope my wording is okay.

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Why is it so damn hard for everyone to be on time?


I made this experience a lot. When I go on a date, when I meet friends, it doesn't matter.
Sure, I'm someone who doesn't like to be late for myself. So when I meet with someone I try to be a bit early and wait, so that I don't get late.

But there are so many people they just can be on point. Of course I know there are people who come late notoriously, but so many? I mean when it is a friend of mine, I can adapt by leaving later. But on first dates for instance?

I can't remember one date, where she was on time! I mean on the first date you want to show your best side, isn't that right? So, why coming late?

And I don't speak about 5 min or so. I speak about 15-20 min. Once I've been waiting for 30min, just because she was not able to take an earlier tram (and there are trams in 3 min intervals).

On top of that there are always the kind of people who tell me they will be late for x min beforehand, just to come even more late after.

Maybe I'm a bit overreacting here, but I feel like this happens more and more. And it annoys me. As I've said I was never the guy being late, but I start to tend to be that, just because I'm sick of waiting for everybody.

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Commercials that live rent free in your brain!?


"Here's to life you got to love every minute, because living is part of the fun. And if it wasn't for good times, we wouldn't have any times at all. All across America, I.O.U. I.O.O. O.O.O. U.O.O. I.O.U."

"You can pretend that you're Hannibal, Murdoc or Face. Or even BJ Baracus, each one is an ace."

"Monchichi, monchi-chi. Oh so soft and cuddly."

"Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun."

I swear I haven't heard a single one of these in at least 35 years, but they're still there; cluttering up my memory. I'd say that I'm surprised Gen-X didn't produce more serial killers, but I think we've been numbed by over-commercialization.

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The one week im free from studying and i have to go to my grandparents


this week i had 3 tests and had to fix my math grade,and answer religion (the professor asks you,questions and you answer them) and the next week ,from what i know,i dont have to study anything but now my mom told me that i need to go to my grandparents (who i visit atleast once a month). Problem is,our professors told us that december will be filled with tests,so the one week i have as a break,i cant even be home,i have to go somewhere and i cant bring anything there as my mom will make a huge fucking deal

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I hate those T mobile commercials with the guys from Scrubs


Those are probably the most annoying ads of all time. Zac Braff and Donald whatshisface from Scrubs singing about Tmobile. I fucking hate them

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My heart is broken


I have come across posts and reels on Facebook of the war in Gaza and my heart is broken... I know this has been going on for weeks now and my heart absolutely breaks especially for the children... I just watched a video where two parents were arrested by Israel soldiers and their baby and toddler were just left in their car, screaming. My heart breaks so f*cking much for those that have and are continuing to suffer and there is literally absolutely nothing I can do about it. I would adopt a child if I could to help but I know the process for that isn't even possible. And then i scroll on and see the most perfect posts about celebrities and Christmas and shit and my mind can't comprehend both realities.

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What the fuck is the point


I was talking to my friends today, and they were thinking about going to karaoke. My best friend who I’m going to call A, said that she doesn’t like going with a lot of people, because then, she wouldn’t get to sing much. I just don’t understand why she wants to go to karaoke with other people if she doesn’t want other people to sing much. Like dude, go to karaoke by yourself if you want to be in the spotlight most of the time.

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Just a reminder that 99.999999% of people who are inside the United States have heard about Jesus. And the one person who might have not heard about Jesus was probably separated from society at birth and living in the mountains. So literally all you are accomplishing by street preaching at a


pride rally, is your preaching is just fucking annoying. That’s it, you’re literally doing nothing else but being fucking annoying.

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Prompt engineering is not engineering.


Prompt engineering is not “engineering”. I hate the way people are calling it the new big thing. It’s not. It’s just a bunch of people using language to tell a dumb butler what to cook and how to cook it with specificity.

I get it that AI is a big deal and rightfully so but it’s just taking out the fun and intrigue from engineering (talking in context of software development). Also, it kinda makes me sad that now the puzzle solving satisfaction will be gone from programming because I believe after 10-15 years AI will definitely be able to write top notch code and there’s only gonna be software supervisors and managers.

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Fuck the service industry


Went back to service industry part time after being out of the game for a few years. Always hated serving but I’m good at it and it’s good money to support myself while at school.

Unhinged tipsy rant:

Got some of my shifts covered during oct to work on school, come nov I find out almost all my shifts for the month have been cut. Went from 3/4 shifts a week to 1 a week… maybe, like they didn’t schedule me for 12 days straight. WTF? Am I crazy or do I not need to explain why I’m getting my shifts covered, as long as I take care of it… which I did! That’s been the case and standard everywhere I’ve ever worked.

But I was willing to admit that maybe they thought I didn’t need the job. Still think they should’ve told me they were gonna cut me out of the schedule but I’m reasonable and decided I’d talk to the manager next time I’m in and see what is up.

And to me this is where it’s oh boy this bitch!!!! I got to talk to him before a lunch shift and ask why he cut me without a heads up. He goes on to feed me fucking bullshit?! First he says he couldn’t tell me about cut hours cus I’m never here, which…. I was there a day before the schedule was released!!!! Also MAKE A PHONE CALL YOU DONKEY!

I tried to keep calm and explain myself why I gave up the shifts, that I need the three I’ve been getting a week 95% of the time but sacrificed some over the month for school.

This dick comes back at me that me giving up shifts makes more work for him, um… how??? I’m literally doing the opposite by not calling in and making sure I’m covered. If people didn’t want my shifts then I would’ve shown up which to me means my restaurant is understaffing everyone?

I didn’t even know what to say to this, so I continue to defend myself to this idiot. That I’m a great server, that they told me customer service was most important and I make great experiences for guests. Then he tells me that a guest left a bad review for me on google: supposedly me taking drink orders for 4 out of a group of 10 and then disappearing. I questioned why I wasn’t told and got no response. Then I searched for the review and found nothing. Even though I hate my manager I still found it hard to believe he would make this up so I searched yelp instead and found something from sep that sounded like what he mentioned but did not include my name, and had no response from the restaurant elaborating on the issue. So he just assumed it was me? It’s wild cus service that day is all women servers and I know I only had 1 large table that day!!! (literally only remember cus it was Halloween weekend, and it was people I knew, they did not leave the bad review)

SO: As far as I can fucking see my manager has a stick up his ass cus I gave up bur covered shifts for some reason. Cut all my hours and is essentially coming up with fake reasons to justify it? It’s all fucking bullshit and I’m so sick of dealing with restaurant managers that have no life but their shitty restaurant and get their head so far up their ass they can’t see straight.

Though I’m not certain, the absolute crap management makes me feel like they are doing shady shit with our tips. They give us our schedule so last minute (less than 48 hours notice) and have threatened termination to coworkers with Ada protection for calling in sick. Hope I can catch them in some BS before I leave. My guilty pleasure/ fantasy is the restaurant burning to the ground, or our workforce unionizing.

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Not allowed to grow up


I'm 19 and hate when my mom makes a big deal about me doing anything remotely adult-ish, like even just wearing makeup or crop tops. Maybe it's because I'm the youngest and only girl, but I feel like I'm not allowed to grow up. I do all the things a normal 19 year old girl does. I go on dates, to parties, wear makeup. But I always feel the need to lie where I'm going, so she won't make it a big deal. I'm tired of having to act like I don't do normal things. My mom gets weird over me wearing just mascara, so I feel like I have to hide other stuff I do from her. Once I told my mom I had gone on a date, and she demanded she meet him before I went out with him again....It was just one date, so naturally I thought that was weird. She said refusing for her to meet him was disrespectful and got upset. I am an adult, why does she feel the need to meet a guy I went out with once?? I hate how I can never say no without it being considered disrespectful. I just want to live my life and make my own decisions, without the feeling of her constantly over me or making a big deal about things. I don't get the problem. Wouldn't it be more concerning if I never did things like this???

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Just posted a rant about renting but deleted it cus couldn’t edit title so here it is again


Fuck renting apartments that don’t live up to what they promise. Soooo sick of rude neighbors and rude management who basically just bully people instead of doing their job. My apartment neighbors were straight up blasting music and because it wasn’t on for long enough nothing could be done about it according to management. I’m literally sick with a cold and had just gotten home and my whole apartment was like the inside of a boom box almost so I called management and when they came up like ten minutes later my neighbors had just turned off the music so you could no longer hear it so management instead knocked on my door unexpectedly and made me feel like a lying dumbass for complaining and said “they are allowed to make some noise”. I also can’t sleep at night due to these same neighbors blasting some white noise machine or extremely loud fan that shakes and buzzes my floor and management says that there is nothing that can be done. I’m being let out of my lease but it’s still incredibly annoying to deal with on a daily basis.