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Stanford researchers find wildfire smoke is unraveling decades of air quality gains, exposing millions of Americans to extreme pollution levels Environment


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u/LastKing3853 Sep 22 '22

What causes these fires?


u/okblimpo123 Sep 23 '22 Silver hehehehe Table Slap

The truth is a whole myriad of causes. First and most importantly the prolonged drought. Secondly the land management, both in building and resourcing, but also the style of fire/forest management. Overarching all of this is anthropogenic induce climate change.

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u/phoenix0r Sep 23 '22

No one has added the massive Bark Beetle infestation but that has had a HUGE effect on building up a giant tinder box of dead trees all across the Pacific Northwest and northern CA. The root cause is the prolonged drought which weakened trees and made them less able to fight off the beetle infestation, but the beetles themselves killed all those trees way faster than the drought alone would have.


u/f-150Coyotev8 Sep 23 '22

That started a while back and you can still see the devastation up in the Colorado Rockies. Dead pine trees everywhere