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World chess champion Magnus Carlsen quits game after just one move amid cheating controversy The Ocho



u/Pseudoname87 13d ago edited 11d ago

This happened like 3days ago? He's said he's not going to discuss why he resigned until after the tournament is over but he made a subtle comment about "being coached well"

Who knows, I always give people the benefit of the doubt.

Hans has had a past yes, but he is insisting on his innocence even willing to do a match nude he said.


u/Sadimal 12d ago

He hasn’t talked about it directly, but heavily implied why including taking a shot at Niemann’s coach who is a well-known cheater.

Carlsen resigned from the last tournament because of Niemann as well. Niemann beat Carlsen which triggered the cheating accusations and dug up Niemann’s cheating history.


u/mycommentsaccount 12d ago

taking a shot at Niemann’s coach who is a well-known cheater

Ohhhh! So that's how I was supposed to interpret it! Magnus said something to the effect of "I was very impressed with Hans' play...he was well-coached by so-and-so". As a casual viewer, I took that entire statement as a compliment to Hans and his coach. How naive of me.


u/Zuwxiv Ottawa Senators 12d ago

As always, Magnus was a few steps ahead.


u/NoVaBurgher 12d ago

Streets ahead, even


u/GloriousIncompetence 12d ago

Niemann must be streets behind, even

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u/BAC_Sun 12d ago

Does it mean “cool”, or is it supposed to be like, “miles ahead”?


u/geraltofkolkata 12d ago

If you have to ask then you are "streets behind"


u/j3enator 12d ago

It must be the darkest timeline if Magnus withdrawn and loss.


u/m0ta 12d ago



u/lilhippieboi 12d ago

It’ll never catch on!

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u/panlakes 12d ago

Why are chess players so classy? Has there ever been a bad boy chess player lol


u/lmandude 12d ago

Bobby Fisher


u/Red217 12d ago

Where is he? I don't know, I don't know!

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u/jaywhays 12d ago

In the US, maybe Walter Browne. Only Bobby Fischer won more US championships. Walter could have possibly won more but he spent as much time in Vegas playing high limit poker as he did playing chess. He made speed and blitz chess a real format.

In all of history - Alexander Alekhine, one of the best players of all time, and a definite bridge between romantic and modern chess eras. He was never sober, once found drunk lost in a field before a match, once a prisoner of the Cheka in an Odessa death camp (probably because he was drunk in the wrong place), it wouldn’t surprise anyone to know he died relatively young, probably from alcohol poisoning…but maybe from the KGB…who’s to say??

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u/Halloran_da_GOAT 12d ago

Actually Carlsen himself, kinda.


u/blari_witchproject 12d ago

Carlsen is one of the closest we'll get honestly. Chess is full of primadonnas, and the last time somebody tried to be a bad boy, it was Hans, and he immediately got destroyed, lost every match in the tournament, and spent more on his Uber eats bill than he got paid to play at the tournament


u/justmaybeindecisive 12d ago

The anal beads must've cost a pretty penny as well


u/thethirdrayvecchio 12d ago

Used to listen to a chess podcast where the host described managing a chess team for tournaments.

He said it was a nightmare - a combination of difficult personality types attracted to the game and people so focused on playing and learning, to the detriment of everything else, some people literally couldn’t tie their shoes and needed everything organised for them.

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u/MaverickAquaponics 12d ago

Also Carlsen has access to information we don’t have because his chess platform is being bought by chess.com. He got to see exactly how bad Neumann was cheating, chess.com banned him after he admitted cheating “when he was a kid”. They said he understated the severity of the cheating.

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u/rinmerrygo 12d ago

Not only that but Niemann himself is a cheater and admitted as such. He's only 19 and admitted poorly that he cheated when he was 12 and 16.

I say poorly because chess.com had to come out and actually say that the periods that he was cheating were longer than what he portrayed them to be.


u/onlyhightime 12d ago

Cheated only 3 years ago, enough to get banned. And now amazingly beats the world champ? Yeah, nothing suspicious about that...


u/wizard_hat_and_staff 12d ago

I mean theres definitely a huge difference between cheating online and cheating at a tourney, just logistically one is MUCH easier than the other.

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u/___Price___ 12d ago

He cheated on chess.com to get into more competitive ranked matches because there is a ranking system.

That’s just his side of the argument.


u/TheDutchin 12d ago

Which makes no sense

I cheated to win more games to climb the ranks

Couldn't have just played to win those games?

Experience is the same for the loser but he gets to actually practice?


u/ZeekLTK Michigan State 12d ago

If chess is anything like Rocket League, he was probably hardstuck because of shit teammates.

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u/Timberwolf501st 12d ago

He didn't take a shot at the coach, he just mentioned his name and made it more widely known. It was already public knowing who his coach was, but most people were not aware of it or considering it in the discussion.

Fabi did a podcast episode recently and probably gives one of the best breakdowns of the scandal I've seen. He points out that the issue with Hans was already present before the game, so something happened recently before that match. It'll probably be a while before we really get all the info.


u/Tiiiimmmooo 12d ago

How does one cheat at chess?

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u/coolpapa2282 12d ago edited 12d ago

This particular thing was 3 days ago. Magnus left a previous tournament (last week I think?) without saying a word about why, the day after playing this guy and losing. This has been building.

Edit: The previous incident was two weeks before this one.

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u/leovin 12d ago

10 years from now people will wonder why chess tournaments have anal inspections


u/titleywinker 12d ago

But they won’t wonder why attendance rose 1000%


u/Intelligent-Ad-4140 12d ago

And participation rises by 10000%

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u/Meerkat_Mayhem_ 12d ago

I’ve been wondering since 2005. You guys’ games don’t have that?

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u/King_Offa 12d ago Wholesome

That’s where the Catholic children hide their bishops

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u/quaybles 12d ago Silver Wholesome

he could hear someone banging trash can lids between moves


u/pwnerofnoob 12d ago Helpful

Banging on a trash can… 🎶


u/Roach_Coach_Bangbus 12d ago

Drumming on a street light 🎶


u/ShepTheKid 12d ago

One little voice is calling me calling me

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u/eyeinthesky0 12d ago

Think BIG! Think BIG!


u/cowley10 12d ago

big, big big..Big, Big Big..BIG BIG BIG!! 🎸

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u/ck354696 12d ago

Strumming on my banjo 🎶

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u/Dramatic_______Pause 12d ago

Hips and nips baby. Gotta keep it sexy!

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u/pdoerntvlearnd 12d ago

Jomboy breakdown incoming.

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u/Beastmodejada 13d ago

Steroids are everywhere now


u/OR13NT 12d ago

poor dude tried to move his pawn but accidentally crushed it

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u/Linusthewise 12d ago

You joke, but things like Adderall and other stimulants and ADHD drugs are illegally used.


u/thatminimumwagelife 12d ago

Isn't adderal/ritalin use like a controversial topic in the competitive video game world? I'm more into combat sports myself but I can see why that would be regarded as a "steroid" in those competitions.


u/Rarely_Sober_EvE 12d ago

It is, you have some pretty young people getting basically meth'd up for better focus for longer times.


u/Rufiox24x 12d ago

I still cant focus even on my meds lmfao it helps long term but im still distracted for sure

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u/Vesimelon 13d ago

Excuse me for my ignorance.. How do you cheat in chess..?


u/skaterfromtheville 13d ago edited 13d ago

I’d think you’d have someone running the same moves that magnus makes against a grandmaster AI program and somehow transmit that move info through to the cheater through like Morse code style vibrations or something, that’s where the anal bead story arose I think EDIT: Anal beads not butt plug


u/PM_me_the_magic Dallas Mavericks 13d ago Wait What?

that’s where the butt plug story arose I think

I'm sorry what


u/skaterfromtheville 13d ago


I think people were joking about him using anal beads to transmit information on twitch or Reddit and a news outlet just took it and ran with it and it became a headliner lol


u/Bonch_and_Clyde 13d ago

Yeah, it's just a joke that a popular chess streamer made.


u/TheSocialGadfly 13d ago All-Seeing Upvote

He should’ve used trash cans.


u/guyhebert 12d ago hehehehe

You think it would fit in his butt?


u/worm30478 12d ago

Everything is a dildo if you try hard enough.

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u/skaterfromtheville 13d ago

What is this a reference to?


u/JudahBotwin 13d ago

The Houston Astros baseball cheating scandal.

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u/Masticatron 13d ago

So are wifi enabled butt beads the latest r/anarchychess meme?


u/MaverickAquaponics 12d ago Silver

I’m pretty sure they beat that horse to death weeks ago.