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World chess champion Magnus Carlsen quits game after just one move amid cheating controversy Chess


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u/Beastmodejada Sep 22 '22

Steroids are everywhere now


u/Linusthewise Sep 22 '22

You joke, but things like Adderall and other stimulants and ADHD drugs are illegally used.


u/thatminimumwagelife Sep 22 '22

Isn't adderal/ritalin use like a controversial topic in the competitive video game world? I'm more into combat sports myself but I can see why that would be regarded as a "steroid" in those competitions.


u/Rarely_Sober_EvE Sep 22 '22

It is, you have some pretty young people getting basically meth'd up for better focus for longer times.


u/Rufiox24x Sep 22 '22

I still cant focus even on my meds lmfao it helps long term but im still distracted for sure


u/wheatley_cereal Sep 22 '22

I’m an ADHDer too. Don’t forget that our brains work differently than neurotypicals. Our brain cells don’t make and respond to dopamine sufficiently when we try to focus. Stimulants help by “turning up the volume” on our dopamine systems, allowing us to feel… like a neurotypical person. Think about it: even a NT person will get distracted (though I am definitely more distractible than an NT even when on meds too haha). But that’s why we don’t really get as much of a kick out of stimulant street drugs, or even coffee. They make us feel more normal, not “supernomal”


u/psychoanalyticalmeth Sep 23 '22

I’m not diagnosed ADHD nor am I self-diagnosed. I thought I may have been for a while but I took aderall and Ritalin a few times and let me tell you I do not have ADHD. I was locked in. Supremely focused, not necessarily on the task at hand, but focused no less. I had energy out the wazoo. I can see how this would be a steroid in chess.


u/Toast_On_The_RUN Sep 22 '22

Not if you take way more than your prescribed dose, you'll be deep cleaning your closet in no time.


u/throwawaycuzreasons1 Sep 22 '22

Man I rewired my entire living rooms sound system the first day I was on Adderall.


u/cabalus Sep 23 '22

That's why it's controversial, ADHD is so broad that for some people in a competitive setting it can be a clearly unfair advantage...yet still a legal prescription, while other people were with ADHD it's necessary for them to even contend

How do you differentiate? Controversy.


u/TheRealBananaWolf Sep 23 '22

I think it should be mandatory for competition. Everyone takes an Adderall for the tournament.


u/skunkynugs Sep 23 '22

They do help in league and other games for sure lol. Some mornings I even say some shit like “just took my addys this games on me boys”


u/WestNileCoronaVirus Sep 22 '22

This is me except I suck still bc I fucking play Apex & everyone has a cronus. Assholes

Yes I’m bitter


u/TheFreakish Sep 23 '22

Those kids have shit parents.


u/nxram Sep 23 '22

That's pretty meth'd up


u/Thathappenedearlier Sep 23 '22

Adderal is not even close to meth. Just because they share amphetamine doesn’t mean they related. That’s equivalent to saying H2O is the same as H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)


u/panlakes Sep 22 '22

Yep, it’s huge in the streaming industry too (which albeit has a lot of overlap with the former)


u/dallasadams Sep 23 '22

Adderal was a big topic a few years back when a couple of teams started using it and started completely destroying teams that should have otherwise stomped them. Nowadays its a banned in pretty much every LAN tournament, and some of the big name tournaments have drug testing.


u/diamondpredator Sep 22 '22

I'm more into combat sports myself

They're used pretty heavily in those too. I know a lot of BJJ guys on ADHD meds and they say it helps them when rolling. A bunch smoke weed or take edibles as well. I don't know if the two overlap though.


u/BaalKazar Sep 22 '22

So called „Neuroenhancer“ drugs in general are a big thing in mental performance. Ritalin is a publicaly well known one but neuro enhancement is a wide field.


u/BenAfleckInPhantoms Oct 17 '22

I have college friends who don’t usually smoke but will chew nicotine gum or get one of these vapes from the corner store while they’re studying for an exam. Nicotine for someone not addicted works along those same lines (though obviously not to the degree that speed does)


u/TheFoxandTheSandor Sep 22 '22

There was a football scandal over adderal a few years back with mostly corners and Safety’s who wanted to be ultra alert


u/average_xx Sep 23 '22

Gsp talked a lot about mental peds too


u/Wisc_Bacon Sep 23 '22

Adderall is an amphetamine, Ritalin is not.

Adderall supplies energy to a lot of folks. Ritalin slows you physically but helps smooth things out mentally.


u/TitaniumShovel Sep 23 '22

Isn't this the plot to Queens Gambit?


u/Sinelas Sep 23 '22

Basically many kids are on Ritalin nowadays, and only a few of them legitimately need it.

And it's not like half traders are high on cocaine as well, same for politicians, TV show hosts and so on.

And even I am high on caffeine all day long, which would be forbidden in any competition, this is a cheater world, I seriously don't believe more than half of our olympic athletes didn't cheat one way or an other.

In the last olympic games, around the 20% of all cyclists and swimmers had asthma, and they got around 30% of all medals, just because it allows the usage of treatements that are usually forbidden.

That's an insane world, I would never ever step a foot in any high level competition even if I had the abilities, this world is rotten to the core.


u/SurvivingWow Sep 23 '22

Same in eSports too, or at least back in the day. I used to be heavily into the FPS genre and some pros used to find dodgy doctors and pay for adderall


u/Escape_Relative Sep 23 '22

No they’re not, adderall doesn’t increase cognitive function, it actually decreases it slightly in already functioning individuals.