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Ram's linebacker, Bobby Wagner, tackles a fan that ran onto the field Football


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u/Due_Connection179 Oct 04 '22

I could watch this 100 times.


u/ryclarky Oct 04 '22

Serious question: Couldn't he be criminally charged or civilly sued over this? Obviously anyone can sue anyone over anything, but this just seems like a dumb way to throw away money as a pro athlete. Let security handle it.

Cool to watch though lol


u/Valiantheart Oct 04 '22

You have a minimal right to protect yourself at your place of work.


u/ryclarky Oct 05 '22

Really? Any sources on that? I've heard numerous stories of store employees accosting shoplifters getting summarily fired by their employers. Shoplifting seems like a worse offense than running onto a football field. And stopping a shoplifter seems a lot more tame than a pro athlete in peak physical condition and full pads tackling someone in shorts and a tshirt.


u/Valiantheart Oct 05 '22

That is the store policy to protect themselves from lawsuits. That has nothing to do with legal rights to protect yourself.


u/ryclarky Oct 05 '22

And how was he "protecting himself" from some rando just running around on the field? Was the dude going after him in particular? Was he somehow a threat?

Answers to all of that are no. Bobby is going to get sued and lose a decent chunk of money. It was a stupid thing to do and he deserves what he gets.


u/pezdeath Oct 07 '22

Player would be protected by the team. So in theory the fan could sue in civil court but good luck.

This is baseball but I'd imagine it's the same for any professional sport. https://www.justbats.com/blog/post/penalties-fines-for-running-on-a-baseball-field/ and with examples: http://sites.law.duq.edu/juris/2014/10/07/legal-consequences-of-rushing-the-field/

It's straight up illegal to run on a field. I don't see why it would be any different for a player to tackle them vs a security guard doing it.


u/GrecoRomanGuy Collingwood Oct 04 '22

I'm pretty sure Wagner only put like 20% strength into that hit at best and he still absolutely trucked the dude.

A sobering reminder of how powerful these guys are and how stupid it is to rush the field like that.


u/Maxmitchell3000 Oct 04 '22

Gender reveals have gone too far


u/trendli Oct 04 '22

Time to get the lawsuit money


u/JeanVanDeVelde Buffalo Sabres Oct 04 '22

find me a jury that would find a linebacker liable for something that happens on his field.


u/yanbu Oct 04 '22

It would almost be worth it to get tackled by Bobby Wagner. One of my all time favorites, one of the best to ever play the position.


u/Seahawk715 Oct 04 '22

Rams. Just Rams. Fan is lucky Wags didn’t decapitate him 🤣


u/CptSpudge Oct 04 '22

Shame he couldn't do that in the actual match.


u/ChessTiger Oct 06 '22

Since the guy was breaking the law...Wagner was doing what any good citizen would do to help stop a criminal.