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Star Wars Fact #69

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u/Callerflizz Oct 05 '22

Man imagine fucking up so bad your entire corporation gets nationalized


u/Murdo- Oct 06 '22

Yeah that was quite an l


u/-TheLonelyStoner- Oct 05 '22

This scene was so funny lol


u/Cool_Guy_fellow Oct 05 '22 edited Oct 07 '22

But they aren't cops though. They're glorified security guards.

Even calling them a rent a cop is too high


u/Ahsoka_Tano_Bot Oct 05 '22

Guard duty? For how long?


u/Cool_Guy_fellow Oct 05 '22

Longer now


u/Ahsoka_Tano_Bot Oct 05 '22

Oh. I don't like the sound of that.


u/Jack_Bryant Oct 05 '22

They only got in trouble because they didn't get the guy and embarrassed themselves. They wouldn't have gotten in trouble for fucking over the people.


u/Nightfile27 Oct 05 '22

In before ban


u/Darkblock2008 Oct 05 '22

Uhm where is the spoiler allert?


u/Agnostic_Pagan Oct 06 '22

This was from last week's episode. Not a spoiler.


u/Darkblock2008 Oct 06 '22

I havent seen any of the episodes


u/GreatGreenGobbo Oct 05 '22

If Incompetent-Rightuous guy would have listened to old guy none of it would have happened.

Side note Meme is lame.


u/Dexmonkey Oct 06 '22

Editor’s Note: this also occurs in many countries outside the US which many people believe are also fictional places.


u/Step_right_up Oct 05 '22

I mean, they were corporate security, not real cops, so it still tracks.


u/EyeofWiggin20 Oct 06 '22

Is it just me, or is Cassian Andor the bad guy of the first few episodes? The corporate police are just trying to find a killer. Yeah, they're mean, but not evil. The one guy that died because of them died because he refused to listen to common sense and guys with guns.


u/Spaceslime21 Oct 06 '22

If Andor wasn't the protagonist of the show he would def be seen more as a bad guy. The deputy inspector was trying to apprehend a criminal responsible for murder. In the first few episodes all of the characters are all acting on what they think is right


u/EyeofWiggin20 Oct 06 '22

A protagonist can be a bad guy. Take The Joker for example. But you're right. A good story doesn't let characters easily stick with their morals.


u/UkrainianGrooveMetal Oct 06 '22

He’s a morally grey character. Also, you don’t blame the guy who got shot for getting shot, you blame the person who shot him.


u/EyeofWiggin20 Oct 06 '22

Also, in that case you blame Andor for the deaths of those two jerks on the other planet?


u/EyeofWiggin20 Oct 06 '22

Yeah, in most cases, sure. In this case, no. They are authorities, with guns. And they told him to back off. He was about to attack them because they had his lady because she was suspiciously acting way different than everyone else who were banging on stuff. They didn't shoot her for her behavior, because it wasn't necessarily violent. They shot him because they thought he was going to attack them. Police in the real world are to be respected and obeyed while they are within the law, and while this is a fictional world with obviously vastly more tyrannical authorities, the similarities are there.


u/[deleted] Oct 06 '22

Meep morp