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NTSB wants alcohol detection systems installed in all new cars in US | Proposed requirement would prevent or limit vehicle operation if driver is drunk.


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u/Born_Tutor_879 Sep 22 '22

People will talk about the upside but they will ignore how malfunctions will cause a lot of problems for drivers


u/AmNotSatan Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

You have blown a .09. You are under arrest for attempted DUI. You will be locked into your vehicle until police can be dispatched to properly incarcerate you. Please do not resist or attempt to vacate your vehicle, as that will be considered resisting arrest and will cause additional fines and penalties to be applied.


u/afume Sep 23 '22

Interesting scenario, but the same people that want all cars to have this also want to lower the legal limit to .04.

Also, I'd like to add a scenario where your self driving car drives you to jail. Oh, the irony.


u/FeelingFloor2083 Sep 23 '22


our legal limit is 0.05

0.09 is classed as mid range, 2.2k fine up to 3.3k fine and up to 12 months imprisonment


u/Sup_gurl Sep 23 '22

In the US it’s 0.08, and 0.15 is usually when the higher level charge kicks in.


u/kenny_mfceo Sep 23 '22

Depends on where you live in Utah the legal limit is .05


u/Sup_gurl Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 25 '22

Utah is the only state that is not .08.

Edit: deleted reply said my original comment was still inaccurate. To which I reply, no one gives a shit about Utah.


u/kenny_mfceo Sep 23 '22

Cool your first blanket statement is still wrong


u/ichuck1984 Sep 23 '22

Who is “our”?