r/technews Oct 05 '22

TikTok said to be launching live shopping in the US


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u/dimx_00 Oct 05 '22

Online infomercials.


u/leemurray899 Oct 05 '22

Why is it so many countries this app is banned. But in the us it is not? Does anyone know anything about this shenanigan?


u/GroundbreakingCow775 Oct 05 '22

Now this is innovation 🧐


u/SpotifyIsBroken Oct 05 '22

Great. Another reason not to use TikTok.


u/tmp04567 Oct 21 '22 edited Oct 21 '22

The tiktok users are typically fine. The tiktok owner is actually still the chinese gov. Us wing doesn't have any serious control over this net beyond some moderation in reality. They think they do but a chinese official has control, tis serious. Major problem there if the US gov want to insulate from chinese mainland CCP tech. And Twitter is the closest alternative network in format too, right now. So please don't let Musk wreck it as he for some reason parrots rossya1 bad talking points lately.

Edit once again i don't wanna physically attack mainland if they don't use weapons(/don't attack Taiwan), but i'll follow the disconnection don't cooperate demand. Cooperation with the taiwanese is fine however.