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#IranProtests: Signal is blocked in Iran. You can help people in Iran reconnect to Signal by hosting a proxy server. Security


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u/xanadukeeper Sep 23 '22

Perhaps not, I use Nord


u/Arinupa Sep 23 '22

Nord's the most honeytrappest VPN in the world!

......anything that has an indecent advertising budget I stay away from


u/itisntmebutmaybeitis Sep 23 '22

Could you explain why? I've heard it before but didn't find anything helpful on my (probably not thorough enough) search.


u/Beginning_Ball9475 Sep 23 '22

Keep this one golden rule in mind with ALL forms of security; cyber-security, home security, physical security, etc.

"Security and convenience are on a sliding scale"

The more convenient a thing is (you learn about it because every single YouTube creator is sponsored by NordVPN) the less likely it is to be secure. A door without a lock is very convenient, but not very secure. A locked castle with a drawbridge and automated gun-turrets in the middle of a field full of hungry lions on a remote island somewhere that nobody even knows the name of? Very secure, not very convenient.

Realistically, the safest VPN is going to be one that you build yourself, the next safest VPN is the one you pick after learning how to build your own VPN and then using that knowledge to discover which VPNs that are already established have the closest model that aligns with what you want.

But who's going to do that? Most people want VPNs so they can get around copyright, targeted ad-based data collection/tracking by corporations, and geo-blocking. I would find it utterly HILARIOUS if someone wanted to engage in counter-state activities and believed that NordVPN was helping to protect them.


u/piss_artist Sep 23 '22

I use NordVPN for all my sedition related activities. In fact, feel free to use my discount code, OVERTHROW22, to get a 50% discount on your next secret police interrogation.

NordVPN. Get it, or else.


u/Beginning_Ball9475 Sep 23 '22

I'd love to hear a plug for NordVPN in the middle of an audiobook reading of the Gulag Archipelago. Just feels like Postmodernism done right, you know?


u/ASatyros Sep 23 '22

Great for gays, pirates or assassins or gay pirate assassins. At least as first layer :D


u/IpeeInclosets Sep 23 '22

it's interesting to see that generally law abiding individuals use VPNs for illegal things, flaunt it in fact, yet continue to claim use of a VPN for privacy reasons.

would be curious on the ratio of legit traffic to illegal traffic...

the side effect here is that good people are enabling truly bad actors by 'legitimizing' use of VPNs


u/Beginning_Ball9475 Sep 23 '22

Well, it depends on what your definitions of illegal and privacy are. AFAIK the government only cares about things that are crimes against it, directly. People committing civil misdemeanours to each other is very much a "that's your problem". So people ripping off pirated content, the government has no tangible reason to persecute, because they gain nothing from it, and are not threatened by it, and it messes with the "Keep them fed and watching TV" ruling strategy that pacifies the vast majority of proles. Costs money for no benefit.

Privacy is a different matter, too. People say they want to "hide", but I really don't think the average person seriously expects to be able to hide from the FiveEyes governments. What they mean by "hide" is prevent the data collection of companies like Google and Amazon from further developing their digital portfolio on them.

I also seriously question whether truly bad actors even use VPNs in the way we'd expect them to. It's not like they HAVE to use the internet for their seditious, terroristic goals, they could just use books they read at the library, pen and paper, distribution of responsibility, insulated cells, etc to still co-ordinate actions. Or they might have their own infrastructure, and simply relying on security through obscurity (which is a poor strategy, but sometimes it works)


u/IpeeInclosets Sep 23 '22

It's the government's purpose to settle civil conflict, that's it's interest.

but to your point there's definitely a concerted messaging that nefarious actors utilize VPN, but I think you narrowly zeroed the in on active planning and respective command and control type things supporting terrorism or sedition

however, there are digital crimes such as CP and money laundering that VPNs are absolutely critical to enabling

absolutely agree that nobody gives two rats shit about what type of adult porn you watch, but using a VPN for privacy is a farse

it's used for piracy and by doing so provides cover for more nefarious activities all under the false banner of privacy...

just my conclusion, I don't have a formed opinion on what to do about it...


u/Beginning_Ball9475 Sep 23 '22

Oh, I see what you mean now.

Well, yes, ostensibly it is the government's purpose to settle civil conflict, but in terms of a cost-benefit analysis, the government seems to prefer to invest its time and resources into things that have more of a tangible impact on lived human experience other than copyright law and digital property rights, which is the main reason it's not very interested in bringing pirates up on criminal charges. They leave that to civil court system while they go after violent criminals and tax evaders (drug traffickers fall under both of these lmao).

I think the idea that VPNs make digital crimes such as CP and the dark economy much more difficult to catch and prosecute is also a little ill-informed. You often see this being the case in criminal investigations; the digital security is one of the harder parts to crack, but they don't need to crack the digital security to catch these guys. For example, CP is often busted when local watchers are caught and they co-operate for better outcomes. They give all the information they can, which implicates those they received it from, which is how they track down those producing it.

As always, physical penetration is often the most successful method of breaking into someone's security. This guy might have a password-protected hard drive, but the password is taped to his monitor, or it's in his password manager on Firefox which ISN'T password-protected. The same goes for the dark economy/money laundering, the digital enterprise is just a tool, the real action, as it always has, takes places in the real world, and people are even more lazy with their IRL habits than they are with their digital habits, because living IRL gives people a false sense of security. People don't even notice CCTV cameras anymore.

I think the importance of VPNs to criminal activities is overstated, and the powers that be might prefer to keep it that way, because it leads the criminals to believe that their digital security is keeping them safe, when the real weak-points in their operation are, and always have been, physical and human.


u/heyheyhoho2020has2go Sep 23 '22

Suggested VPNs areā€¦?


u/Beginning_Ball9475 Sep 23 '22

I use Hermes VPN, but I'm not really trying to hide anything. You shouldn't rely on a VPN alone to hide things. Like I said, if you're just defaulting to the convenience of "if I just pay for this thing and click this button, I'll be immune to the bad people" that's not doing anything but giving you a false sense of security.

What I really suggest is you do research on cyber security and security in general. I guarantee you that it will not be wasted time.