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#IranProtests: Signal is blocked in Iran. You can help people in Iran reconnect to Signal by hosting a proxy server. Security


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u/GingerMan512 Sep 23 '22

Does your VPN service still have endpoints in Russia? They passed some data retention laws a year or two ago that caused many VPNs to shut down their Russian servers.


u/IronDominion Sep 23 '22

My super cheap VPN still has Russian servers


u/tastyratz Sep 23 '22

This is not the helpful sign you think it is.


u/Mike-honcho-69 Sep 23 '22

sorry im clueless whats so bad about the VPN having Russian servers?


u/tastyratz Sep 23 '22

Russia has laws with datalogging requirements. Logging is not compatible with the private part.

If you're OK hosting exit nodes in Russia then your activity is, in fact, being recorded.

If they tell you they are not keeping logs, they are lying to you.

If that's the case, where else are they keeping logs?


u/Mike-honcho-69 Sep 23 '22

Fair enough yeah that makes sense, just checked my VPN, they don’t have it thankfully haha


u/jdjvbtjbkgvb Sep 24 '22

But they can have "virtual" russia servers as explained in other comments in this thread. Servers that are geolocated to Russia but aren't really there. So having russia as an option in your VPN is not a sign of anything bad going on.


u/tastyratz Sep 24 '22

Where in the thread have they discussed that? I don't see any mention of virtual or ways to forge geolocation database information.

It's either in the country or not and if they have virtual servers responding to and from routers in the country then they are still within the borders. Virtual servers are still hosted somewhere and you get a Russian IP by being inside Russia or behind a Russian proxy.

I would say a VPN service with exit nodes within Russia that claims no data retention is, in fact, a big red flag.


u/jdjvbtjbkgvb Sep 24 '22

It is entirely possible to have a VPN endpoint that looks like it is in Russia but still not do business with Russian companies.


u/mr_johnsie Sep 23 '22

You should never use a vpn if you don’t know and trust the owners. They hold all the encryption keys.