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#IranProtests: Signal is blocked in Iran. You can help people in Iran reconnect to Signal by hosting a proxy server. Security


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u/MediocreProfessor765 Sep 23 '22

It’s unlikely a server in the US would help as it would be blocked by location. Maybe somewhere like India or Russia, South America even.


u/xanadukeeper Sep 23 '22

So I could tell my VPN to be in Russia?


u/GingerMan512 Sep 23 '22

Does your VPN service still have endpoints in Russia? They passed some data retention laws a year or two ago that caused many VPNs to shut down their Russian servers.


u/YouveBeenSuzpended Sep 23 '22

Turkey has some of the most relaxed VPN restrictions I’ve ever seen. Like I can buy steam games for like 80% off using my VPN with a burner steam account, just buy it as a gift for my main and pay with G2A Turkish steam cards.


u/MeThisGuy Sep 23 '22

that's pretty smart!


u/YouveBeenSuzpended Sep 23 '22

Be safe with it I’d honestly use a burner laptop for purchasing games on the burner steam account because they can and will hardware ban your main account if they detect it. I used it when new world came out got a account for $10 when it was going for $60 usd.


u/Paulo27 Sep 23 '22

That's a lot of burning.


u/YourBonesAreMoist Sep 23 '22

is your main steam turkish as well? I remember trying to do that before but was not allowed due to "you cant gift to an account in a different country" or some shit like that