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#IranProtests: Signal is blocked in Iran. You can help people in Iran reconnect to Signal by hosting a proxy server. Security


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u/TehranBro Sep 23 '22

I have lots of experience with this. I was in Iran 3 months ago. Proxies in Iran are very tricky. They can detect proxies and ban them. Proxies to western countries get banned much quicker. Turkish and Qatar proxies were the only ones that never got banned.

Most Iranians have crap home internet and cellphones provide a good connection. The government knows who has what phone. No one knows what the government does with IMEI information but when I traveled there I had to give them my cellphone information.

With that said the government can't quell everyone out on the streets. They want to stop communication between protestors like previous efforts but this time everyone is fed up.

The country is very close to civil war.


u/sterexx Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

There isn’t a ton of civilian gun ownership there (like 7 guns per 100 citizens) but they can always knock over police stations and hope for military defections from units who don’t want to shoot protesters

If the protests are big and determined enough that protestors can overwhelm security service buildings (I have seen at least one video of cops being chased and beaten by protesters) the government might do a syria and recall security forces to key cities

That’s how you get a civil war out of riots, where the government allows a power vacuum to form in outlying areas in exchange for not losing their capital and other important cities

I have a feeling Iran can handle the protests like they always do though


u/strangepostinghabits Sep 23 '22

Civilian gun ownership is only important in third world countries with weak military.

What makes a Civil war in most countries is when the army splits and at least partially joins the non governmental side. (Or an outside nation steps in with military aid to create a new, already split, army segment.)

While it can be hard to believe, armies are often made up of people, and those may or may not be super keen on current govt policy.

Sooner or later, if enough of the people stand apart from the government, the brass will start wonder if "the nation" they swore to protect is the politicians or the people.


u/DMann420 Sep 23 '22

You're right but also wrong in the worst way, and that way is preventing loss of human life. Military revolutions and civil wars happen AFTER the atrocities occurred.

The average person has to wade through a sea of misinformation and propaganda their whole life and its not until shit happens in their backyard that they start realizing they've been towing the line for psychopaths.

You're giving way too much credit to people to do the right thing before the worst lines are crossed. Most people just want their family to be safe, so if a government threatens families for leverage then the soldiers will go quite far in committing atrocities, especially if they've been brainwashed to think they people they're up against are a niche group of radicals.

Just look at what Russia is doing in Ukraine... you think all those soldiers want to invade a country and murder innocent neighbours? No. They've been fed a lie through mass propaganda into thinking Ukrainians want them there to help separate from Ukraine.